K-EDGE Garmin Adjustable Stem Mount Review

                                  K-EDGE Garmin Adjustable Stem Mount Review

                                                           From the USA.

We will be reviewing the Garmin adjustable stem mount from a company in the USA called K-EDGE,
A little quick intro on how the name K-EDGE came about.


For those of you that do not wish to click the link and read their story, here is a quick run down on it!
The story began when Joe Savola's wife [Olympic Cyclist with Team USA] Kristin Armstrong,  dropped a chain during the Beijing Olympic Time Trial, Joe Savola decided to help her, so she wouldn’t miss out on her chances of winning a Gold Medal.

Joe loved a challenge and so two weeks later, Kristin Armstrong had the chain stay fitted to her bike and went on to win a Gold Medal! in Beijing.
The following spring, Pro Tour Team Garmin-Slipstream called asking for 45 of the “Kristin’s Edge Chain Catchers,” for Paris Roubaix, the story of this product got took up by Velo News, who ran the story, and the rest as they say is history!

What I am saying is that the Precision that Ace Co made with that first chain catcher still lives on now with K-EDGE Products, and if you check out there website, you will find they have got some pretty good mounts, not only for Garmin, but also for Go-Pro as well, but we are looking at the K-EDGE Garmin Adjustable Mount.

The mount looked like a well designed sturdy piece of aluminum, it seemed to be well made and this mount can be used with any of The Garmin 200, 500, 510, 800, 810, 310XT cycle computers.

How easy was it to fit.

                                                            Remove top cap

We found it a very easy accessory to fit, simply remove the top cap, and place the K-EDGE mount on to the top stem, [make sure the bolt is long enough] and tighten to the required amount of torque. Fitting instructions and technical details can be found here on this link


                                                                Bolt Cap Mount
                                                      Cap removed

                                          Bolt Cap Mount all in place!
                                                     Adjustable angel
                                              Alan Key allow for the tightening
                               Garmin fitted, centered  where you need it!

 Our Verdict on the K=EDGE Garmin mount.

The mount looks a very nice piece of kit, solid, well designed, and holds the Garmin nice and firm as it should, it is easy to fit to your stem. We had no problems fitting it and although you could take it to your our local bike shop just to make sure it is fitted securely if you are not confident, we did not need to replace the above the stem spacer.
We test drove this attached to a mountain bike, and as they say it did what it said on the label, it was secure and was not intrusive, unlike some mounts it didn't need adjusting after hitting a few ruts and bumps.
Only thing we could really comment on, and that is where the mount sits on the top stem, we feel  maybe over time it may mark or scratch the stem.

Nice Mount, will let you know if we get any problems with it, after it has been attached to the bike for more that a few weeks, if you fancy one yourself, check out the link below.

UK stockist are Madison http://www.madison.co.uk/

Own a bike shop, fancy stocking the K=EDGE then try this link it will tell you your nearest stockist.


Paid a visit to our local cycle shop to check with them if the K=EDGE was fitted right,  I found out there were too many spacers fitted to the headset, so I let Lee Valley Cycles work his magic and allowed him to fit the K-EDGE for me, that way I knew it would be right!                                          ( https://www.leevalleycycles.co.uk/ )

This is the correct way to fit the K=EDGE Mount, the tube extending a small way to place the mount on top, and then the cap.

 Thicker spacer replaced with a thiner one, around 50p from your local cycle shop

Photo showing the smaller spacer in position

Just a simple case of replacing the head c and tightening up the bolt

A Big thank you to Lee Valley Cycles and to Madison UK in the helping with this review.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for K-EDGE or Madison UK


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