Meilan M1 GPS Cycling Computer.

Meilan M1 GPS Navigation Bike Computer Review

Meilan M1 GPS Navigation Bike Computer.


Buttons are on the front and the sides, left is the On/Off button, Right is the Up/Down the menu button, and the front Left is the Return button, Middle is for the Start/pause and Download button. Right is for moving on in the menu system... sound like a lot to take in, but it becomes clear when you scroll through the menu's, the Meilan is capable of a lot of connections vie Bluetooth, to Heart rate monitor, Cadence, Power Meter.
Mapping is with the Kamoot mapping system, so you will need to download the App on to your mobile phone for turn by turn direction's, there is a charge for full mapping system, see the App for more price details on your regions.
Data upload is possible to your Garmin and Strava accounts, so no problem with missing out on the KOM...

Meilan use the Komoot mapping system.
On your Android or I phone download the Kamoot mapping system.

Here you can create a profile and upload your rides to your Garmin Strava accounts etc, also plan routes to Bluetooth over to the M1.


I am pleased to share with you all a GPS Navigation cycle computer with great feature that you only find in the high end GPS market of cycling computers from the leading names from around the world.

Upload data to Garmin, Strava Komoot.
GPS Tracking.
Data Recording.

Turn By Turn Mapping feature.
Power Meter capability.

Heart Rate Monitor.
Speed and Cadence Data,

Whats in the box:

1 X M1 Navigation Computer.
1 X USB charge lead.
2 X Tie wraps.
1 X Solid GPS Mount.
1 X Stem bar mount plus rubber cushion.
1 X Instruction Booklet.

One great benefit to the Meilan M1 is the way they have used the same Garmin mount system, so it is  possible to use any Garmin mount you may already have on your bike.


I personally found the Meilan M1 easy to operate, On/Off button is on the left side, on the very first start up push it on and it takes you to the welcome message on the screen and to the Language setting, use the Right side buttons to go up or down to the desired language.

Press Arrow button to take you to the next menu.

Time menu, use the side button to go up or down in the desired time difference.

Use the Arrow button to take you to the Distance menu, right button to then go up or down in measurement size.

Arrow will then take you to the Temperature setting, side button to change between C/F.

Arrow will then take you to the next menu, the Weight setting in LBS or KG, use the right buttons to change between LBS and KG, add your weight then with the side buttons.
Now you are ready to record a ride.

Data on the main screen can be made to show more or less information by using the side buttons

Five different information can be changed on the screen by using the side buttons 

Dust cover for the USB cable (Supplied) 
Charging is simple, on the rear of M1 is a dust cover, lift this and insert the correct end of the USB cable, then plug into PC or phone charger. there is a battery indicator on the screen when it is charging, goes to "Full" when it is fully charged.

Nice big screen.

Meilan M1 comes with its own out front mount plus another bar mount.

Out on a ride you can simply change between the information screens, use the right side buttons to make the information bigger or smaller.

Large Data Screen, Speed and Time.
Add caption
Speed, Time, Distance, Calories Burned, HRM. (if connected)
More Info.

As you can see a great range of screen settings.
Easy change of the view on the M1 screen using the right hand side buttons.

So far so good.
Out on the road the M1 is a easy to use cycle computer once you get used to the button layout, so I would suggest a good play to get used to the way it can be set up, a lot safer than trying it whilst you are cycling.

All worked great out on the ride, and I found it easy enough to upload vie my PC to the Garmin and Strava sites for further ride details when I was at home.


The GPS on the M1 was a frustrating thing for me, as the instruction for the route directions just would not work on my phone, so I can not give my verdict on Turn for Turn directions, I think this is due to my ZTE Mobile phone more than the Meilan M1 computer, as the bluetooth did not stay linked up to the M1 for long, this also happens when I'm at home on the Wifi, so I am presuming it is my ZTE, if I get around to updating the phone then I will give it another go, as this was the main reason for the review.
Battery Life was OK, it lasted all day on a couple of rides, and over a few days between rides, but that was with no mapping or HRM Speed Cadence linked up, so battery life may be shorter with theses linked up.
Mounts, Meilan M1 uses the Garmin mount system, so If you have a Garmin mount on your bike the M1 will fit it, Meilian has put a charge cable and Out front mount along with a stem mount in with the M1 box.

At the time of this review on the M1, the M1 did not link up to ANT+ system, But the new updated M1 now does, any question contact Meilan vie Twitter, or there Instagram links.

Meilan on Twitter: 
Meilan Website:

Is The M1 Worth Buying?

If you are after a Cycling computer that will give you more details than the basic model out on the market, I would say give it a consideration, Price wise its on Amazon for £99.98 with free delivery and if you have used Amazon before you will know there is a No Messing returns policy, so it would be worth trying it out, check out the link, so the answer is a "Yes" from me... 

Meilan also make a range of other Cycling Computers and bike light's, so check out there website for details, want to stock Meilan products, drop me a line and I'll pass on the details.. 

Update date : 

I have managed to get the m1 to Bluetooth to my phone finally, must have been a recent update on a Bluetooth patch, so this now make the routing system work, must add this is with the phone placed in my handle bar bag on the front of the bars, ideal when I’m going off road, I will give it a test with my mobile in my rear pocket to see if the Bluetooth still connects with the M1 on my ZTE mobile, update to follow.

Nice large Ahead Arrow.


Update 12/06/2020.

Since last update I have been out on some great off route rides which needed a gps direction guide, I simply planned the route on the Komoot mapping App, saved it to off line to use when I’m going out, I simply turn on the M1 and go to my Komoot app and search the planned routes, make sure you switch on the Bluetooth On your phone.

Update: 7/9/2020. 
Have added a Heart rate strap to the M1 vie the Bluetooth setting, nice and clear on the screen, also I’ve added a cadence sensor as well, so lot of information now available on the M1. 

Battery needs to be charged up if it it left for mor than a day on your shelf between rides, and found I’ve had to clear the memory on the M1 to let me record more rides, I need to remove the ride as soon as I have uploaded ti to Garmin and Strava. 

Directions can be a bit vague on a ride as you can easily ride past the turn you need to take, I find I need to keep looking at the map on my phone to get me in the right direction. 

I find I have this on my bike more times than the Garmin, the information screen is better and a lot clear than the Garmin. 

I feel still worth a check if you need a gps cycle computer that can record a lot of information. 

Update 21/05/2021.

Meilan have brought out a App to use with the M1 model, only problem is it cannot be used with models prior to 2020, so I am sorry to say I cannot tell you anything about the App and it’s functionality, if you have a newer model go the Meilian website, or the App Store and download the App.. 

If I get any updates I’ll let you know. 

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Interflon Fin Super Dry Film Lubricant

Interflon Fin Super  

Priced around £9.99 for a 100ml  Aerosol can.

A Review on a simple bike chain oil...... Well its not a Oil, the product is a High performance dry-film lubricant with Micpol® technology, and this is the clever part, (Bear with me a while longer) let me tell you what Micpol ® technology is........

MicPol® technology: MicPol® technology has been developed by Interflon. Small microscopically nano scoops are treated in such a way that they adhere to surfaces and provide a smooth, lubricious surface.

Its all here on the Interflon website, it explains it much better than I ever can, take a look, but do pop back here for the rest of my review blog.....

I do like this at the bottom of there Technologhy section ----  MicPol® Technology leads to unique lubricants with extremely high lubricant and protective properties. This ensures that Interflon products can continue to reduce friction even more than conventional oils and greases, with moisture and dirt barely affecting the lubrication. I think that explain;s it in easy to understand terms. 

My Review on the Fin Super by Interflon.... 

I have been using the Fin Super for a while now, at first I thought it was like that famous WD40 you get in a can, because it comes in a aerosol can with a small Red tube to insert into the head of the nozzle on the can to direct the lube to any place you need to, makes it a finer area to spray. 

You will need to clean your chain, cog, Jockey wheels etc, get a good chain cleaner as its the only way to get that new look chain again as featured in my Chain Cleaner review's Link here....
A cheap effective chain cleaning device link here...

Now you have a Nice clean chain, the next step is to apply the Fin Super, the can I have came with a red thin tube, you insert it into the nozzle and press the cap and apply, easy enough, I got a bit carried away at my first attempt, was not really thinking ahead, and I just simply pointed the red tube to the chain and gave the cap a push! Big mistake as it went all over the frame and rear wheel, so had to clean it all up, best way I found was to have the rear wheel suspended in air, or have your bike in the Bike maintenance stand, grab a paper towel in one hand and lightly grip the chain and point the nozzle and run it along the chain as you grip and pull the chain to a section not treated, just keep on until the chain is complete, I also went up and down the gears as well to get the rear cog covered, leave it over night to soak in and there you have it, one treated chain with Interflon Fin Super, or if you need to apply before the ride simply apply and wipe off the excess lubricant.

Interflon Fin Super coated. 

Notice the Fin Super has soaked in 100%.

All before the ride photos with Fin Super applied.

Apply the lube.

My first attempt at application.
Red plastic tube fitted to the actuator.

I found it a lot easier to use a paper towle under the chain while I applied the Fin Super.

Once applied I left the bike over night for the Fin Super to soak in to the chain.

My Verdict.

On my first ride with the Fin Super applied to my bike chain I noticed that the gear change felt a lot smother straight away! so that was a big surprise to me, out on the ride I decided to go along the towpath where dirt and debris will cling to the chain and get caught up in the rear cogs etc, a stony muddy path, with sections of dust, water, and mud! usually when I return on a ride along this section my chain has picked up some sort of dirt and grit along the way, on this ride I had no collection on the cogs or jockey wheels to report on, all was in a clean manor.

I noticed after a rides there started to get a collection of what I can only describe as "Grinding Paste" on the jockey wheels! So I contacted Interflon to ask why this was happening.

Notice build up of grit.

Interflon answer was a very simple one, and one I must admit was obvious, now I know what I do, "You Applied Too Much" was the answer from Interflon! and I had to agree with them, basically you can use a lot less Fin Super to the chain, so I set about cleaning the chain and starting again with less Fin Super applied. and I found that this was the way to go, end of the collection of grinding paste, and the chain felt like it had a coating on it, I've had the Fin Super on my bike for over a month now, and apart from the first miss application have not needed to apply any more Fin Super to the chain as It is still coated with the lubricant.
Priced around the £9.99 mark, its not cheap, but then you will not need to apply it on every ride, so will work out cheaper.
I like it, its clean, and dont get oil all over my hands and lege either, so that keeps the wife "Happy" 

Take a quick look at the way I applied the Fin Super.

Where to buy Fin Super.

Ask your Local Bike Shop, they may stock it, or check out Amazon.

14 Ways to use Fin Super 

Fin Super has been applied to my squeaky bathroom door when I first had the Fin Super to play with, and the door has not squeaked since! 

Outside pad lock has been easy to open since I gave it a spray down the lock.
Gate latch easy to open, and even feels like it has a coating on the metal slider.
Lots of ways you can use the Fin Super..

Coming Soon Shop Stockist. Watch This Space.

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