Lezyne AV 11 Multi Tool Review with Chain Splitter

                                                                            What is this? 

 This my fellow Cyclists is the must have multi tool from LEZYNE! 

We had the chance to do a review on the SV11 Multi tool, and it packs a lot of punch for its size.

The easiest way to describe it is, as Lezyne's updated answer to the Leatherman for cyclists, the compact SV11 folding tool has what is needed for most road and mountain bike repairs. Its aluminum body holds ten tools including: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen wrenches, a flat head screwdriver, a chain tool, plus T25 and T30 Torx bits.

SV 11: 
WEIGHT: 105g
DIMENSIONS: 48W × 63L × 12H (mm)
- Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
- Star Shaped T25, T30

- Flat Head
Chain Breaker: (9/10/11 speed)

Where shall we start, lets have a look at the Chain splitter, this is what caught my eye the most on the AV 11
                                           The Chain Splitter folds neatly away 

Here we have tried it on a old chain supplied by our local friendly cycle shop (thank you https://www.leevalleycycles.co.uk/ for the old used chain ) we picked the worst one out that had been very neglected, and the links were very scuffed up and not well looked after! so we thought it was a perfect candidate for our review test to see if the AV 11 would split the chain.

                                      The Chain Splitter open and ready to be used.

                                   Chain sits perfectly in the grove of the SV 11

                      Once the pin of the chain is lined up use the chain tool of the AV 11 to push the rivet through, the reason we have done this is for clarity of the photos, it may be better out on the road to stop short of pushing the pin all the way out, that way you may have a chance of getting the pin back in if you do not have a spare link with you.

 We found it easy to hold the chain splitter while you turn the main tool to push the pin out, and
as you can see it has worked, we had to use a fair amount of pressure to get the pin to finally move, but at no time did we feel the tool was at its breaking point!

Verdict on the Chain Splitter

A very useful bit of kit to have with you at all times.

Next we tried out the numerous tools on a Ribble bike that I had just purchased, so this would be the ideal test for the Lezyne AV 11 Multi tool

 The best thing about the tools are the way they are held on the main frame, this has been forged from stainless steel before being CNC machined, and because each tool pivots in the center it makes the ease of use superb, some other tools we have tested have the metal bent in to a circle to stay on the mounting pivot, but the Lezyne is made a lot better than that!  you just open up a tool to use it, and the main case fits prfically in your hand, allowing a good grip to rotate the multi tool with.
                                      A nice and neat 2 and a 2.5mm Hex bits!
                                Very nice lay out, easy to gain access the item required

 When it is packed up and it is in its leatherette case it is slim and compact, ideal for the pocket and of course the seat bag. We have in fact replaced our usual compact tool with this one, and the seat bag is a lot emptier and lighter now, the Lezyne AV 11 may save you  a long walk back when out on the road or trails!

                             We tested the AV 11 on a header bolt with no problems
 Next  was the seat post, same again no problems and the Lezyne AV 11 felt comfortable in the hands.
                                Feels like a nice grip with the Lezyne AV 11

                           Even the pedals were no problem to remove and replace!

          Every bolt and screw we needed to undo or remove, the AV 11 Multi tool did it all!
We found  when using the 2 and 2.5 Hex key in certain spaces it was only possible to get a quarter turn on it, it just took a little bit longer than if we had done it with a work shop tool, but out on the road you just dont have  work shop tools, so this has worked a treat!
                   (Garmin mount can be found on our Raceway Direct Review Blog)

We thought another initiative thing about the Lezyne AV 11 was the way you can maneuver the body around to get into tight and awkward spaces,
I could go on and on showing you all photos of the Lezyne AV 11 undoing, and re tightening up of bolts on the bike, but you may get bored!

Our Verdict on the Lezyne AV 11

Simply throw away all your other bike multi tools, you only need the one, and this is it! The cyclist answer to the Leatherman....

Light weight.
Benefit of having a Chain splitter.
Endless tools
Well designed and engineered.
A Multi tool not just for the bike, small enough to fit in your trouser pocket.

Don't leave home without one!

Lezyne web site link 


Check out your local cycle shops for stock suck as




Finally came up against a "Fix It" situation the Lezyne AV11 Multi Tool could not handle! 
A Very small Philip's screw, see the photo.

 A Small Philip's screw needed to be tightened up on the gear lever, I found the Lezyne did not have one at all, this is the first time I have not been able to complete a breakdown out on the ride with the Lezyne AV 11 Multi Tool, lucky enough there was another rider with one on him, so all was not lost! 

Still a Great product in my eyes,  it is small and compact, I dont go out on  many rides on my own to be left high and dry by the AV 11.

Please  Note,  This is not a Paid Advertisement for  LEZYNE


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