ORP Light/Horn Review Now with Remorp!

Welcome to ORP LAND as ORP put it on there website!

We have a Horn Light to review..... Or is it..... We have a Light Horn to review!

Confused!....... don't be, it is a really nice looking cycle light with an integral horn made by ORP!

It materialized from the mighty Kick Starter program,  the ORP was designed by a chap called Tory Orzeck, an industrial designer from Portland, Oregon, USA read his full story on the link below.



"The Review"

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the ORP bike Light Horn or bike Horn Light!

                                                      The Smart Horn
What's in the box

1 X OPR light horn
1 X USB charge cable
1 X Rubber strip
1 X ORP Sticker, (we love stickers here)

This is one of the easiest Lights/Horns we have come across by the way of design and use, it is so simple to use once charged, firstly all you have to do is push the button to power it up, then press it again to make the ORP strobe flash slowly, then press it once again to make the strobe light flash in fast mode, then again to have the ORP on constant light, and finally press the button a last time to turn the strobe off, hey presto you have all the directions for use!

  • Press down for 3 seconds to power up, Orp’s Horn is then ready
  • Press again for battery status and the LEDs go into Slow Strobe mode
  • Press again for battery status and LEDs go into Fast Strobe mode
  • Press again for battery status  and LEDs go into Constant On mode
  • Press for 3 second to completely power down

                                                           Side view left
                                                            Rear Tail!
                                                     Side view right
                                                 Opening of the ORP strap 
                                                  ORP Strap wide open
                                               ORP USB charging point

To charge up the ORP plug the USB cable into the socket at the rear of the ORP, then plug into your PC, this will then display a red light at the top of the ORP
                                           ORP in charge mode connected to PC

                               When the ORP is charged, the light turns to Green

Fitting to you bike is easy, just pull the rear strap apart, and clamp the light around your handle bars in a position so as to get to the rear tail, and rejoin the strap.

You have 2 levels of noise from the ORP horn, one is known as a friendly noise at a level of 76dB, and secondly a much louder level of 96dB, both are sounded by either pressing the rear tail of the ORP, or pulling it upwards, by doing this the light will also go into strobe mode!

                                                                       ORP fitted
                          Rubber housing keeps it firm on the handle bars


Here is a short video on the ORP smart horn


Above is the ORP website

 Amazon link is here http://www.amazon.com/ORP-Smart-Horn-Light/dp/B00L3NJZQ8

All in all it's a great little light, not quite bright enough to be used as a full stand alone at night time, but good enough to have on flash during the day, and to use as a second night light, to use on or around dusk. Worth having on any bike though, even if it is just to alert the pedestrians and other cyclists there is a bike trying to get past them! also a perfect light/horn for a child's bike, as it is compact and unobtrusive.

And Finally their Face Book feed can be found here


We have just received the ORP Remorp!

Remorp!....... What is this you may ask? it is the new addition to the ORP Smart Horn family. To the layman, it's a remote control in it's simplest form...... one button.
This will allow you to operate your ORP simply with no need to take your hands off your handle bars, thus making it safer to operate whilst riding.

                                                                The REMORP                

In the box was the Remorp and a lead that needs to be connected to the ORP Smart Horn.

                                       Remorp connected to the ORP Smart Horn

                             The  Remorp is made out of some form of rubber
For the Remorp to work it needs to be connected to the ORP Smart Horn by the lead supplied, you will need to connect the female end on the ORP [on the right hand side under a small round tab], lift the tab to expose the slot for the male end to connect into, when you removing the Remorp lead, simply press the tab back into place, this will protect the ORP from the elements.

 The Remorp will fit both flat and upright handle bars, so should fit most bikes.
                                          Simply just plug the ORP Remorp in.
                                               Details for drop handle bar fitting

                                                        Side of the box!

 I found the best place for me was on the right hand side.
 ORP Mustache
 The ORP Remorp has a flattish type cable leading from the switch to the male end, I found this was ideal to allow tighter fitting around the handle bars

The Remorp remote switch fitted to the grip.

I found once connected the Remorp gave the ORP Smart horn became safer to operate, in that you can now operate the ORP Smart Horn with out taking your hands off the handle bars. The Remorp is a lovely and well thought out switch, so simple and very effective. To operate simply put your thumb gently on the Remorp button and give it a light push, and the Remorp kicks into life, activating the 76db noise with a flash of  light. Push the Remorp switch as little harder and it then  switches into the loud 96db noise with the light flashing away! Don't forget you will need to have the ORP Smart Horn turned on at the main switch for the operation to work, not forgetting to turn it off when not in use.  The Remorp fitted and plugged in, you are still able to work the tail light to the setting you need from the top main switch on the ORP Smart Horn.


The ORP Smart Horn just got a bit smarter with the Remorp fitted to it, it takes to a whole new level, yes it is great to press or pull the main tail of the ORP, but we feel this is a much safer way to let people know you are in the vicinity!  

ORP Out on the road 

We have some great news on the ORP Smart Horn

We can now pass you a Discount Promo Code, so dont delay and check out the offer now! 

So go to the website now, and add this Promo Code for your discount,


Pick the colour Orp you would like, and at the check out just add the code, simple as that, for a great 20% Discount! 

Let us know here how you get on, if you order one, we may well try to get discount codes for other products.

Does not apply to the Remorps as theses are discounted at the moment. 

Foot Note.... This is not a Paid Advertisement for ORP

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