TrackR Bravo tracking device

 Bravo Tracking Device from TrackR.

How easy is it to find a lost item, like a bag, or even a bike...................

Cant be that hard if you have a tracking device fitted, or can it, I am going to find out, I have a tracking device from a USA company called TrackR, they clam that you can find any lost, misplaced, stolen item fitted with one of there tracking devices, the one I have to test is there Bravo model, a small model about the size of a small coin, so will fit most places discretely.

The Test Part One: Here we go with a few details on a test to find a misplaced item, the App is downloaded on to my Android phone and the Bravo is now linked up to my phone vie Bluetooth, works perfectly even has the location on the map of the TrackR, and part one of the test is all done....
The Bravo can ring your phone if you misplace it, you just press the small button on the Bravo, and also your phone can ring the Bravo to locate your car keys or bag for example.
The Test Part Two: Part two I will lose the device as if it is fitted to my bike, or it could even have been my phone, bag etc, and  now I cannot locate it, it has gone, been hidden by a friend, and the hunt is on!
With the Bluetooth set to on,  I will have the App track my misplaced bike... (I say a bike, but it could be anything lost or stolen, but as I am interested to see if it would find a stolen bike then I am using a bike for this test.)

Here you can see the App is searching for my lost bike.

On the Map of the App it has given me the last location of my item, and the time and Date it was last seen, this is nice and clear, how accurate this location will be I will find out later when the Bike is found.

Test Three: TrackR say I need to link up my phone app to the Crowd GPS which can be found on the App, how easy is this, I found it a nightmare to do and had to resort to Twitter  & Facebook plus Email to ask for help, TrackR came back with a "Can you Email hanna@thetrackr" to ask for help, and still waiting as I write for a reply!

TrackR do not know as yet of my review on the Bravo tracking device at this time.

  TrackR has made a video on there Bravo tracking device.

I have asked people in my cycling group to download the app to help find the lost bike, also other cycling groups as I feel if this works to get my item back, it will work for them if ever there cherished bike gets stolen, link to the TrackR app can be found here.

Android App:
I-Phone App:

One way to improve Crowd GPS is detailed here on this link.


27/08/2016 19:25

TrackR got back to me on Twitter, basically everyone down loads the App and when they get within 100 yards of the device it trigger the phone,

UPDATE: 30/08/2016
Email sent in from TrackR,

They need to have the Bluetooth on as well as having the TrackR App open on there phone or running in the background, They will also need to get within 100 feet of the item in order for it to send me a location update!

As yet still no location update has come through..

UPDATE: 05/11/2016
As yet still no location update on the missing item! 

UPDATE: 05/03/2017
As yet still no sign of the missing item!

UPDATE: 24/06/2017
As yet still no sign of the missing item!

UPDATE: 22/11/2018
As yet still no sign of the missing item, I must now presume that the battery is dead in the Tracker device..

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BTR Direct Mobile phone bike bag with rain cover review

BTR Direct Bike Bag Phone Holder Review with Rain Cover.

 New from the BTR Direct team is a updated version of one of BTR's best selling bag's, the phone holder bike bag.

What does it do: It is very  handy bag that fits securely on the top bar of any bike with 3 velcro strap's and also has a  quick release toggle around the handlebar stem. The size is good, easily being enough for a few nibbles or puncture kit and more. It comes with a waterproof cover and an extender cable for headphones. 

Where to buy: 



BTR Direct: 

Price from £11.99 to £14.99 so will pay to shop around as it is a bag well worth having on a ride. 

No thrills packaging.

Delivery was right on time.

Fresh out the plastic bag, and the BTR Bike bag looks fresh.

Added detail of the BTR logo on the first class zip opener.

On inspection found there to be now 3 straps added to the bike bag, still with the strap and velcro.

On the head of the bike bag BTR have added a extra elastic fixing strap.

Unzip the zip to reveal a set of leads and two extra clasps fitted.

Head phone extension lead.

Elasticated strap and a flap will hold your mobile in place firmly in the top cover.

Elasticated inner buckle.

Internal key ring holder.
SPECIALIZED ALLEZ: Fitting was straight forward.
The Mobile phone holder bag sits on the top bar.

Specalized road bike.

Fitting is simple and straight forward, place it on the top bar. use the three straps and secure.

Make sure the straps do not hinder the brake cables.

Fitting the straps in place with the Velcro.

Front strap is a long one, handy for fitting to other bike frames, I found it a bit to long for the road bike top rail but managed to secure it to the front fitting strap.

On fitting just have to secure the Velcro to the front strap, or even leave it not in use, I prefer to use the strap as it makes the bag more secure.

Front strap a bit on the long side for some bike frames.

Only trouble was with the front strap, was too long for the Allez frame, I had to tie the strap to the front strap with the Velcro.

Elasticated toggle strap.

Rear exit hole for the headphone extension cable.

Waterproof cover.

Velcro strap holds the waterproof cover in place.
RIBBLE FULL CARBON ROAD BIKE: The Ribble has a more flatter top bar so the BTR Bike bag fitted very well, hardly moved on the ride.
Tested on a Ribble Carbon road bike.

No real problems with the BTR Bike bag om the Ribble.

Out on a ride on both bike found the bag to move now and again, not enough to get in the way of your legs as you pedal, the front extra strap helps keep the BTR tight on the frame.

Trek 29er Hardtail: The 29er frame is ideal for the BTR bike bag, it fit's on the top tube perfectly, use the three straps and it is held in place so it hardly moves on a ride out.

Note the way the straps tuck under the cables, the reason the front strap is so long is simply so it can be fitted to this type of frame.
My Verdict: BTR Direct have made great improvements on a great product, I had no problems with there old version of this bike bag, but compare the new with the old and you see just how good the new bag is, great for the energy bars, money, spare tools etc for your ride out, quick easy on off fitting and with a waterproof cover as well.

10 out of 10.. Top marks.

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TiGr Mini Bike Lock


TiGr Lightweight Mini Bike Lock


Mini TiGr Bike Lock

Handmade in the in USA from Titanium.

Successfully raised $52,487 with 410 backers and the rest as they say is History! 

Who are TiGr Locks: This link will explain all about TiGr and how they came about to make a incredible strong light range of bike locks.... 

I came across the name TiGr Locks from there Twitter feed, based in the USA, and made in the USA by hand it caught my eye as being something completely different to any other bike lock I have come across. 
My review here is on the Mini bike lock, its small and light weight, comes with a set of keys and a bike mount.
The review is not going to be a destructive one, as I feel that any bike lock can be compromised, this will be a more "How easy to use"  review.
Security mark: TrGr have ART certified certificate on the range of locks, tested in Europe under real life circumstances.
Check out the Youtube video on a attack against a TrGr lock. 
Keys can be registered at  the TiGr website to register the number.

Titanium lock barrel.

TiGr Mini.
The Mini arrived from the USA in a great designed box, the Mini fitted in the box a treat and was not damaged in any way on transit. 
Once out of the box the Mini felt light and smooth thanks to the clear PVC coating that TrGr have used as a sleeve to protect against scratching your bike frame,

 Fitting to your bike: The Mini comes with a frame mount fitting bracket that uses the water bottle mounting holes on your frame if you have one.

Fitting: If your bike has a bottle holder, this will need to be removed to mount the TrGr holder, easy enough to do, but before you do remove the bottle holder I would recommend just holding up the TiGr Mini in its mount to see if it will fit in the area, I found on a couple of bike it was not possible to fit the TiGr to the frame, do not let this put you off though, if your a commuter you may ride with a back pack, or even panniers, so well worth checking out TiGr locks on there website as the Mini is light enough to slip in your bag.

Mini mounted in the mount.

Barrel of the TiGr Mini is held in place securely by the barrel at the bottom of the Bracket mount.

Remove bottle holder.

Offer up the Mini.

 The bike I have used here is a road bike from Specialized, the mighty Allez, a typical road bike.
On fitting the mount I had no problems at all, was a easy quick fit, mounting bracket is well designed and made.

Hooks on both side of mount to hold the Mini in place.


Next I take the TrGr Mini for a test lock: Once fitted to the Allez I then popped out to my local sports center as I know there are several bike fitting post there.

Plenty of bike parking, and locks as well!

Bike to be locked.

Easy fitting, remove the Mini from holder and unlock the barrel to allow the placement to the bike and bike hoop.

Fits well, but I wanted to see if I could also have the front wheel in the bow of the Mini TiGr lock.

Front wheel removed and it was possible to get it to fit the bow of the Mini.

All secure.

Fitted nice to the bike hoop.

On the serch for a bike park came across this old kind of design, not well suited for a road bike and the TiGr Mini.

Looks like a "Medieval" torture contraption, but in fact it is a "Bike Security park"!

Had to walk away from this bike park system, not at all well suited for my road bike, was not possible to use the Mini on this one, I would not be happy leaving my bike here with any lock, so no refection on the Mini.

This is more like it, looks like a normal bike hoop to me!

Surprised at the way some of theses bike were locked up, no front wheel secured, and a long lock was used.
TiGr have a solution for this with there "Long" lock, check the website out for this lock.

Allez fitted in well.

Nice and secure.

Front wheel also secure.

A Tight fit, but it would make it harder to get a saw or bolt cutters in to the bow.

On to the next type of bike park.

Easy to use this bike hoop.

Not too keen on the design of this bike hoop, square cut metal made to a loop, so not very bike friendly I feel, had no real problem locking the bike, but had to be very careful not to chip my bike frame on the hoop!

Front wheel removed and fitted to the TiGr Mini lock

I think the idea of this bike park is to sit the front wheel between the bars, this I found was impossible with my road bike!

All secured.

Not my bike, but came across a bike using the hoops to mount the front wheel, take a look at the spokes!

Such a bad design yet again for a bike secure park!

Found I could not use the drinks holder with the TiGr Mini fitted to my road frame on the seat tube.

Metal cage held in place, bottle will not fit.

Good news the TiGr would fit on to the frame of the Ribble bike.

Full suspension bike the Mini fit the frame.

A 29er hardtail, found on the seat tube the Mini did not fit.

Fits perfectly on the down tube of the 29er.
One way you could fit the TiGr to your seat post using there SKS bottle cage adapter available on the TiGr website 
The SKS could be used on the seat post with the Mini mount fixed to it, depending on the type of bike you ride this could also be used on the front fitted around the headset, it may be possible, you will need to play with this as I have not included the SKS in my review here.

My Verdict: The TiGr Mini is a nice light weight bike lock, it does what it is designed to do, the Mini feels lighter and stronger than a lot of locks I have tried,
If you cycle to work and park your bike at a bike hoop, leave it there locked to the hoop for the next time you park your bike there, will save you carrying it about with you, personally I would not leave home with out it if I knoew I had to lock my bike up any where, it is just too good to leave at home!

Check out Bikefix London for stock if your near.

When you check out the Bike Fix London website and TiGr Lock, take a look at the range here ...

Bike Fix London website:

Bike Fix London Twitter feed:

Register your TiGr lock on the website here at this link:


  A Quick Video on just how easy the Tigr Lock is to carry with you. 

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