CycleLights Wheel Light Review

We were approached to do a review on Wheel Lights from the USA, as christmas was on the horizon  we could not refuse!

We love wheel lights here at HCPG, always brings a smile to our faces and makes for a joyful ride out, especially as the evenings are now darker.

The review here is on just two of the different colored wheel lights, the first one red, and the other white.

                                                   Red Cycle Lights by CycleLights
                                                   White Cycle Lights by CycleLights

What is in the box!

Cable ties
Roll of Led Lights and a battery compartment comprising On/Off switch
Small instruction card
The instruction you will find printed on the inside of the box, AA battery's are not included.

                                                              Contents of the box
                                                             LED Roll
                                                          Battery compartment
                                                       Small instruction card
                                             Small instruction card
The main instructions are printed on the inside of the box, to be able to read these, you have to cut the box up! this is not as complicated as it sounds, just follow along the dotted lines cutting with a sharp pair of scissors, this then will allow you to open the box, so as to read the instructions.

                                          Photo here of the inside instruction to come later

First thing to do in the fitting is place the battery's [3AA battery's not included] inside the battery compartment, undo the Velcro strap clip off the two clips and open up the lid, then insert the battery's right way up, and close clip's, I pushed the button to make sure they were working, and was extremely impressed with the light show!
Next was to strap the battery box to the inside of the rear spokes, (as this was the red set, these went on to the rear wheel ) and was then secure with the Velcro strap

                                                          Battery compartment

I made the mistake of fitting the box to the Derailleur side of the wheel, I then had to change this to the brake side of the wheel, as I later found out whilst out on a ride, that the light kept switching itself off,  I then realized, that every now and again the switch would hit the plastic cover of the cogs, and would turn it self off,  after which I moved it to the other side of the wheel, and it worked fine with no switching problems.

Next thing was the wrapping of the lights around the wheel, the easiest way is to have the bike mounted in a bike repair stand, of course if you do not have one, turn your bike upside down that way you can slowly turn the wheel as you feed the wire around the spokes, and the light trunking around the wheel, I kept the wire from the battery compartment tight around the first spoke, as I felt the cable may possibly get snagged if off Roading.

                                                    Lead wire from battery box

                                                   Feeding the LED trunking

 To put the LED trunking in place on the wheel is quite simple.
All you need to do is to simply wind the LED trunking in and out of the spokes, whilst slowly moving the wheel bit by bit, feeding the trunking in and out until you get to the end, then simply hold it tightly in place with a cable tie.  (these are supplied in the box)
Make sure that nothing is hitting the battery box, test this by moving the wheel around, when you think all is well, push the On button and spin the wheels for a great light show!
 Repeat this with the front wheel, which are White Led lights. Fitting time was under 10 minutes, and we found it very simple to do!

 The lights in action.

The above video shows where the lights have just been fitted to the bike, for the first test!

                                              Front and Rear CycleLights fitted

This video will give you a rough idea on how good they are, not a very good video, but you will see how good the visual effect can be with the CycleLights


The CycleLights are the best wheel lights we have tried, they are easy to fix to your bike wheels, and they come in some great colours, if you are going on any Night rides or you just want to jazz your bike for fun you need to get your hands on these! Great not only for Adults but also great for Children. If your only going to buy one set of Wheel lights make it CycleLights.

Ideal for
Critical mass rides, Last Friday of the month normally, find a ride near you

The Dunwich dynamo. July the 4th this year, a 120 mile night ride starting from Hackney in London UK

Night ride London.

 Ride The Night (Australia @ridethenight ) Ride the Night: fun starts at 10pm Saturday 31 January 2015. Ride begins at midnight, Sunday 1 February 2015.

The great news is.... at the moment CycleLights have got a sale on! Find them here on the web at

Twitter feed is at  @CycleLights

So what are you waiting for, get those light fitted to your bike and go and have loads of fun!

This video sums it all up, Have fun with your CycleLights

A Great Vide here on the CycleLight bike wheel light

Foot Note

This is Not  a Paid Advertisement....for Cyclelights


  1. Putting colored lights around the bike wheels is a really good idea. Might prevent a few accidents read this article

  2. Thanks for the comment, glad you think its a good idea, also they seem to be water proof as well!
    Had them on road bikes, MTB mikes really sturdy,Ideal for the Charity Night rides etc or Criticalmass rides, maybe the Dunwich Dynamo night night ride...

  3. Your bike look awesome at night when you have lights with wheel. I also have some led lights with my bike wheel that makes it beautiful.Visit our Homepage


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