Juin-Tech DB1 Hydraulic Disc Brake System

 Take a look at this Mountain Bike Brake Upgrade from 


The box the Upgrade brakes come in.

If you are after upgrading your Mountain Bike to a Hydraulic system, then you need to take a good look at the Quality and style of the Juin-Tech DB1 brake system, if you think they look good here, just wait till you see them on a bike!

I was asked to do a review on the brakes from Juin-Tech a while back now, and to be honest if I knew they were this good I would have been begging for them long ago! 
They are absolutely 100% 1st Class! 
Style wise they win on points alone! 
Quality of the caliper first class! 
Colour wise I just love them! 
Makes the bike stand out ! 
Stopping power is a lot more easier than the cable brake system factory fitted on the Trek 29er I have used for this review.

By now you will have gathered I am completely in love with the Juin-Tech DB1.

So whats in the box.
Instruction sheet x1
 Rotors x 2
Mounting kit x1
Brake Levers x2 
callipers x2

 Look at the finish of the Juin-Tech DB1 forged aluminum calliper .
 The brake levers just feel so right, Juin-Tech have done a great job on the design of the levers.

Brake pads come fitted to the Juin-Tech, replacements are the Shimano style  pads RWD 010
these come fully bled!

 Rotors are top class.

Comes complete with all new bolts.
 Edge Sports UK Stockists of the Juin-Tech brand check them out here

Pure Class!

How easy were the Juin-Tech to fit.

 Comes wrapped up nice and neat.

First thing I did was to place the Juin-Tech DB1 alongside the original brakes just to check for the placement of the cable and levers to see if there would be any problems, there were none that I could foresee, so it was on with removing the old brakes!

 Loosen front fork cable clamp and place to one side, just remember how the feed cable goes too and from the brake lever. (Handy if you take a few photos just in case you forget how the cable run went)

 Remove front wheel place to one side.

 Loosen off the bolts holding the front calliper to the fork and place to one side.

Remove the hand grips and also place to one side, loosen the bolt holding the front lever and slide off the brake lever from the handle bar,

 Bit of a difference! the old and new!

Place the front brake lever onto the handle bar and just semi tight the bolt up.

Not too tight as you may want to reposition it a bit later for comfort etc.

 Place the new front calliper in position and semi tighten the new bolts.

Looking good already!

Now time to replace the front rotor from the wheel hub.

Remove the bolts with the right tool.

 Nice and shinny!

 Start replacing the new bolts supplied by Juin-Tech

 Working opposite each bolt slowly tighten.

 Top quality bolts.

Tighten to the right torque setting.

 All tight, the wheel is now ready to be offered up to the front fork.

Remove the plastic lug inside the front calliper protecting the disc pads and place to one side.

 Looks superb!

 Once the wheel is fitted slight adjustment may be needed to the front calliper, then tighten and test the wheel for rubbing,  then re-adjust as necessary.
I had no problem setting the front calliper up correctly.


 Front lever has a nut that can be adjusted for reach, so will feel comfortable to all, once in the right position tighten up the bolt.
Once you are happy with the pipe feed tighten the front fork pipe clamp bracket.

Now for the rear.

 Same process as the front, but I will run you through the process.
Remove the front grips and brake lever.

 Loosen the bolts holding the calliper on the frame.

 Take a note of the cable run and remove any plastic ties holding the cable to the frame.

This bracket will not be able to hold the new cable, but no problem it will sit nice and neat in the cradle.

New cable will be held here with a new tie wrap once fully fitted.

 Remove the old brake calliper.

 Refit with the new Juin-Tech DB1 Calliper.

 Semi tighten the new bolts and line it up.

The colour is so nice!

 Great looking at any angle!

 Top quality finish on all parts of the Juin-Tech DB1 Brake system.

 Feed the brake pipe along the old cable route and fasten with new tie wraps.

 Tie wraps will hold the new brake cable securely.

Cable in place.

 Once the rear wheel is removed from the bike, you can now loosen the bolts holding the Rotor and remove it completely.

 Off with the old!
 on with the new!

 Tighten the new bolts to the correctly specified torque settings.

Looks nice.

 Once the wheel is placed back on the frame you can then adjust the calliper to the correct position.

All lined up with no rubbing anywhere.

Now that is a really nice!

 Nip up the bolts first to be able to adjust before the final fix.

Fit the rear brake lever and replace the grips.

One you are happy with the position of the brake lever and calliper, tighten to the correct torque setting.

 Colour coordinated now with the Juin-Tech DB1 Brake levers.

The finished article!

How do I rate the fitting of the DB1 Hydraulic Disc Brake System from Juin-Tech
and Edge Sports UK,
10 out of 10 for easy of fitting.
10 out of 10 for style.
10 out of 10 for sharp braking.

The Ride Out! 


At last he time has come to take the Trek and its new Juin-Tech DB1 Hydraulic brakes for a test ride, this is the time you normally find out that something that has not been set up just quite right, or a little fine adjustment is needed on the callipers ,but in this instance not a single thing needed adjustment. It was so easy to fit the DB1 From Juin-Tech, they worked a treat, stopped nice and sharp.
This is the first time I had ever done anything like this before, and it has given me the confidence to have a go at other things, I still have to give it a little time for the brake pads to bed in a bit, but no problems anywhere on the braking system, credit must go to the Juin-Tech designers.

Find Juin-Tech here on Facebook


  Juin-TechUK distributor is Edge Sports UK


Check out there web page, any questions your not too sure about they can help you.

Juin-Tech also do Hydraulic Disc conversion for Cycle Cross bikes so check their website.


Last time I looked it was under construction, so any enquiries go to Edge Sport UK for help.

The difference these Juin-Tech DB1 Brakes made to the 29er was amazing, you can pull up a lot quicker than with a standard set of brakes, also I have noticed there is no rubbing or grinding noises anywhere and the wheels roll much smoother with these fitted.

If your after better stopping power at a great Quality and price, then you need to check out their range of brakes.


UPDATE 07/02/2016

The DB1

Since the DB1 have been fitted to the Trek 29er, I have found no problems with the system, no lose of fluid, still has the stopping power! 
100% Recomend theses from Juin-Tech, see there website or SportsEdgeUk for stock.

Feel free to ask me any questions on the Juin-Tech DB1 in the comment box below.
Thanks for reading if you have got this far in the review and please share the blog
Thank You !  

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Juin-Tech

Review blog update on the DB1 Brakes sytem.

Soft brake lever. 

08/11/2017: I have had the @Juintech BD1 Brakes on review now for over two years, and that is two years of COMPLETE trouble free cycling on the Trek 29er, but a couple of weeks ago the rear brake pressure went very soft on the Juin tech DB1, a quick check on the pads confirmed they were still OK with plenty of pad left, so that meant only one other thing, yes, the Hydraulic fluid needed a bleed, now I am not a bike mechanic in any way, so if you feel you could not try to bleed the DB1 Juin tech brakes it would be safer to take your bike along to your nearest LBS (Local Bike Shop) for a service, but to be honest I feel I can bleed the brakes on the 29er, ....... 
First thing I did was to approach Edge Sports UK on Twitter to ask advice, ( https://twitter.com/edgesportsukllp ) and they quickly told me the Shimano bleed kit is the way one to use, so off we go and get hold of a Shimano Hydraulic bleed kit as in the photo.

Shimano Basic Bleed Kit 

The kit comes with the funnel and syringe to do the job, or so I thought... (Remember I am not a bike mechanic), the next thing I did was to get back to Edge Sports on there Twitter feed to show them the bleed points that I thought were the ones on the brakes.

 Syringe and funnel.

 Rear Caliper Bleed Screw.

Brake lever bleed screw.

The problem I had was the Juin Tech bleed points had no bleed nipples as pointed out by Edge Sport UK and just my luck had got the wrong bleed kit, but no problem Edge  suggested to contact  Epic Bleed Solutions  https://twitter.com/epicbleedkits so a quick Email and tweet was sent and quick as a flash Alex got back to me with all the advice and help I needed, he suggested the Universal Bleed Kit http://epicbleedsolutions.com/products/bleed-kits/universal/ 
which consists of the following items... 
  • 2x Locking syringes
  • 1x EBT/aspiration syringe
  • 1x Bleed nipple vent tube
  • 1x Injection tubing with locking adaptor
  • 4x Brass bleed adaptor
  • 1x Shimano 2012-onwards master cylinder bleed adaptor
  • 2x Tube clamps
  • 2x Cable ties
  • 1x Elastic band
  • 3x Torx screwdriver bit
  • 1x Pair of nitrile (latex free) gloves
As you can see from the list there is a lot in the kit, but then it does say you can bleed most brakes Compatible with Avid, Formula, Hope, Hayes, Magura, Shimano & more......

Looking forward to giving the kit a try out, but in the mean time check out Epic Bleed Solutions website if you are in need of any brake bleed advice and kit, 

Review update 29/11/2017: Finally got around to bleeding the @Juin-Tech DB1 with the +Epic Bleed Solutions Universal bleed kit, review link here 



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Juin Tech contact details.
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  2. Hi I am planning to get these brakes. Did you already bleed them. And if so can you post a short how-to? Furthermore is it easy to swap brake lever without re-bleeding?

  3. Hi Thanks for asking, The Juin-Tech came fully bleed, the only thing I did was to measure the brake cable of the old brakes and then ordered the size from Edge, Since I have fitted these and tested them, I have not had to rebleed them as yet, think it will be easy enough, if any trouble ask your local bike shop to bleed them.

    Hope this helps, well worth considering.

  4. Can be compatible for ice pad technology?

  5. I was hoping to find time to get out and carry on with the review update, but unfortunately something has come up that will stop me from going to the shed and playing!

  6. Finally managed to get the review updated, just been so busy, but managed it so well happy, I had my doubt's about weather or not I could bleed the brakes, but with the help from youtube and @Epicbleedslutions I managed to do it, take a look at the review here http://harlowcyclingpage.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/epic-brake-bleeding-kit-review.html

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