Hutchingsons Tyres review on Toro mtb

 Bike tyres we all need them! that's if you ride a bike!

As the cold and wet days are upon us, our attention has turned to tyres, and in particular to Mountain Bike Tyres.

The topic of mountain bike tyres can go on for a long time, this is all depending on which part of the world you live in, we are here in the UK and we have rather wet seasons with the odd couple of dry weeks [ this we call summer], so generally we seem to have an endless supply of muddy woods for most of the year. We also have to contend with tree roots hidden under fallen leaves, and large pot holes full of water which are of an unknown depth! so we need a tyre which can handle the heavy going on the forest trails, as well as out on the road and footpaths. We are often told you can't have a fast road tyre on a mountain bike and then expect it to grip in the mud in the forest. Until we came across a range of tyres from Hutchinsons Tyres from France, so we thought give them a go!

                                                       Toro 29er by Hutchinson


                                  HUTCHINSONS recognize the name!

                                                    TORO Tubeless ready

The Mountain bike tyre we will be reviewing in this blog, is the "TORO" 29inch tyre made by Hutchinsons for mountain biking, it has a real nice deep cut tread, ideal for mud!
Lets find out how well it coped with a lot of mud, and we didn't have to go far to find a great amount of bog like mud.

Here it is! a great long track of lovely mud, if I had tried to ride over this with the set of Bonrager tyres, [previously fitted to my bike,]  from prior experience I know the wheels would spin and the 29er would stop, causing me to lose my balance and put my feet down into that mud! [wet feet and soggy shoes].
The Hutchinsons just went through the lot! it picked up a lot of mud in the tread, but they kept their grip, I was totally amazed that I got right to the end of the track without once coming to a stand still or even coming of the pedals, the only thing I got was a bit of splatter on my clothes and shoes!

As you can see it was deep, but I went through the mud with no real problem's at all!

Here you will find a video I made just after the mud ride, as you can see it was bad, the tread was filled up with deep mud and leaves, but it still kept great traction, and I managed to get all the way through  the ride without putting a single foot down into the mud.

Seems that there's not a lot that will faze this tyre, the Toro from Hutchinson, very impressive for the ride quality and at a mid range price, you can't go wrong.
We will be changing to another set of Hutchinson tyres soon, so keep a eyes open for our next review. 

10 out of 10 for the Mud run!

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Hutchingsons Tyres


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