WIND-BLOX Focus Ear Covers and Sound Reduction


Ear Covers From Wind Blox

The Number One Attachment for Sound

Wind Blox have developed a pair of Ear Covers that do a great job of keeping out the wind resistance noise when out on your ride.
 They were delivered in a sturdy box delivered directly from Wind Blox, inside there were two Ear warmers and a instruction sheet.
Fitting was straight forward it was "child’s play" you simply pull the Focus ear covers apart and place your cycle helmet straps through the middle of the opening,  adjusting them to the right position. Once they are in the right position, the Focus covers will stay in place, thanks to the Velcro in the inner section of the covers.
I was lucky or unlucky enough depending on which way you look at it to test them out on a Cold Windy day, luckily enough after fitting the Focus ear covers the Noise was reduced to a level that I was able to hear cars from behind and ahead a lot clearer,  I also found my ears were warmer and the ride was a lot more pleasant.  I soon forgot about the chill factor and enjoying the ride more than I previously have without the Focus on my cycle helmet.
Another great benefit is I will not need to remember to fit them every time I go out, as they are  attached to my helmet all the time now, excellent work by Wind Blox.
The material they have used has a soft feel that also keeps you extremely warm.


Inner view of the Focus on the cycle helmet.

The Wind Blox name stands out at night
due to a reflective materiel used for the name.

Price for the Focus £15.60 (at todays exchange rate)

Order from Amazon.
AMAZON USA Focus Windblox

Wind Blox have been testing the Focus in a wind tunnel with great success and they have Paten-pending technology which blocks out 80% of noise, which after using them I can believe.
I could not give any test results as I’m not an engineer, but its a very easy thing to test them for yourself, by simply finding a safe place to ride and listen to the change in noise when riding without them attached and then with them and listen to the difference yourself, I much preferred it with the Focus Wind Blox attached to my cycle helmet straps.

My Verdict on the Wind-Blox Focus:

Easy to fit.
Comfortable on the ears.
Works well even if your wearing a hearing aid device.
Cuts down the wind noise making the ride more enjoyable.
Light in weight.



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Kitvision HD10 Edge Action Camera review.......

Kitvision Edge Action Camera Review

I have the pleasure to review another prouduct from Kitvision, this time we have a Action Camera,

Kitvision Edge Action Camera .

Whats in the Box... : 

1 x Kitvision Edge HD10 Action Camera.
1 x Rechargeable Battery.
1 X Waterproof housing case.
1 x USB Cable.
Variuos Mounts fitting  for surf and board. 2 x Flat, 2 x Curved, Mount connector, Vertical connector.
1 X Instruction manual.
Not included in the box is a Micro SD card. (Micro SDHC Card above class 6 up to 32GB needed)

Kitvision Edge HD10 Waterproof case Detachable TFT screen Rechargeable battery and USB cable Various mounts: 2 x Flat, 2 x Curved, Mount Connector, Vertical Connector.

What gives this camera the edge (Edge get the pun) over the competition is that it comes with a wide range of essential accessories, including mounts to attach it to a board or a helmet and a detachable TFT screen so you can monitor exactly what you're filming. What's more, an included waterproof case means you can record water-based activities like scuba diving, surfing and Kayaking, the case make's the Edge waterproof down to 100m!

Easy Set Up:  Simply follow the instruction on fitting the SD Micro card (Not supplied) and charge the battery up and you are ready to go!
Be carful on removing the TFT Screen from the rear to access the rechargeable battery, I found it a bit tricky to start with as the instruction was not all that clear, but once it is sussed out and you practise the On/Off a few times it begins to sink in how easy it really is to remove.

Above is a quick out the box and shoot video I did with the Edge, hand held as I found none of the mounts were not compatible with the ones I have, I will try to find a cycle mount that will fit the case for future ride videos for you all to check over.

Camera: The Edge has a really easy to use single shoot mode, as well as a timer shot mode.

Video: Kitvision has made the Edge a  high definition video recording in 1080p at 30FPS,  170 degree ultra-wide angle lens and 4 x digital zoom, so the Edge really does have a Edge!

The 8 MP camera has single shot, triple shot and timed shooting modes, there's full high definition video recording in 1080p at 30FPS so you can jump back to the adventure: And you will know you didn’t miss a thing with the Edge’s 170 degree ultra-wide angle lens and 4 x digital zoom.

Specifications:Micro SD/micro SDHC cards above class 6 - up to 32 GB (not included)4x digital zoom in 720p @ 30 and WVGA modeBuilt-in high quality microphoneHigh capacity rechargeable battery: Up to 2.5 hours continuous recordingWeight: 65 g (110 g with TFT screen and battery) Box Contains Kitvision Edge HD10Waterproof caseDetachable TFT screen,flat mount (board) and curved mount (helmet)Rechargeable battery USB cable

 Edge HD10 Introducing the Kitvision Edge HD10 Action CameraAdventure knows no bounds - capture more, go further and relive the action with the Edge HD10. Discover full high definition video, a wide angle lens and a range of accessories including a waterproof case to take you down to 100 m, go further and record more than ever before.Built for the Specially DesignedEngineered with the apprehension, adrenaline and excitement of adventure in mind, the Kitvision Edge action camera will take you further, so you can relive every moment and share more of your world. Whether you are scuba diving at 100 m or skydiving from 15,000 feet, the Edge is the must-have accessory for adrenaline junkies, extreme sports enthusiasts and anyone seeking a taste of adventure.Take High Quality Videos and PhotosFrom abseiling down a mountain to potholing through a cave, some experiences are too good to be forgotten. But with the Edge HD10 action camera, they won't be. The 8 MP camera has single shot, triple shot and timed shooting modes, there's full high definition video recording in 1080p at 30FPS so you can jump back to the adventure: And you will know you didn’t miss a thing with the Edge’s 170 degree ultra-wide angle lens and 4 x digital zoom.Compatible Accessories IncludedYour Edge HD10 comes with a wide range of essential accessories, including mounts to attach it to a board or a helmet and a detachable TFT LCD screen so you can plan every shot. The included waterproof case enables you to capture footage deeper than ever before, so take your Edge up to 100 m and record all of your water-based activities: Scuba diving, freediving, surfing or wakeboarding, the choice is yours.About KitvisionKitvision mission is to inspire real people to say yes. To getting out there, having a go and letting that adventurer inside you break free. To try the things you have always wanted to try, experience the new, embrace the past and say yes to facing fears – big and small.Cameras and accessories are always being developed and improved through experience. With the help of the real people who use products and ambassadors, Kitvision continue to refine products so can keep up with every kind of adventure.

Specifications:Micro SD/micro SDHC cards above class 6 - up to 32 GB (not included)4x digital zoom in 720p @ 30 and WVGA modeBuilt-in high quality microphoneHigh capacity rechargeable battery: Up to 2.5 hours continuous recordingWeight: 65 g (110 g with TFT screen and battery) Box Contains Kitvision Edge HD10Waterproof caseDetachable TFT screen,flat mount (board) and curved mount (helmet)Rechargeable battery USB cable


Record full HD 1080 p video

  • Detachable TFT screen for more creative shots
  • 170 degrees Ultra wide angle lens
  • Shoot 8 MP photos with Single Shot, Triple Shot and Timed Shooting modes
  • Waterproof up to 100 m with included case

  • Prouduct details 

    Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 12.2 x 52 cm ; 64 g

  • Boxed-product Weight: 780 g
  • Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number: KVEDGE10

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    Oi Bike Bell from Knog

    Oi Bike Bell 

    from Knog

    Bike bells can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, I still remember the simple tin bell I had on my bike as a child, to the Hi Tec multi coloured and rubberized bells cycle shops sell today, which makes this Oi bike bell from Knog a breath of fresh air as it is a very discreet bell.
    Knog sent me a Black Oi which is nothing like anything else on the market, it has a completely unique design that blends in very well with the black on my handle bars and at first look you would not even know it was bike bell!

    Easy to fit.
    Simply unscrew the Hexagon bolt and open the Oi casing and slide it over your bars, position the gear and brake cables as required and retighten the bolt after placement.
    Knog have various designs of the Oi,  I have is the Large one, it fits size from 23.8 to 38.8mm

    The designers at Knog have even thought about the placement of the brake and gear cabling on your bike and designed a neat little cable slot on the underside. So if you have any brake or gear cables in the way, simply slot the Oi around the bars to incorporate the cable run, it will also make them look much neater and  keep them safely out of the way .
    Classic Oi bike bell also comes in various colours, Silver, Copper, Black, Brass.
    Oi bike bells come in various sizes, so check and measure where your going to place it on your handle bars, so as to order the correct size.

    If you want a Bike Bell then make it an Oi Bike Bell
    It has to be the Sweetest Sounding bell noise ever.

    Prices from £9.99

    Thanks to Knog for The Best Sounding and most Uniquely designed Bike Bell I have come across in a long time.

    Fits all bar sizes

    Knog Twitter Feed: 
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    RaceWare Custom Cycle Components Garmin


    Custom Cycle Components 


              GARMIN EDGE 510/520/800/810/820 BAR MOUNT

    RaceWare sent me a bar mount for my Garmin GPS cycle computer and its an Orange one!
    You maybe thinking what’s so special about that then, well its a colour match for the Orange bar tape on my Gravel Bike and it also matches the Orange Louri Frame Strap I have on my bike.


    3D Printed Tough Nylon.

    Garmin Mount.

    One of many great designs and colours from RaceWare.

    Made out of a 3D printed nylon which is extremely strong, it comes in various colours and sizes.
    RaceWare make them in a range of colours to suit your bike frame, or in my case the orange bar tape  on my handle bars.
    RaceWare have designed this particular bar mount to hold the Garmin centrally on to the handle bars just in front of the stem.
    Fitting is so simple, due to the mount being able to be opened up to clamp around your bars, then simply tightening up the clamp to close.

    Orange bar tape. 
    RaceWare Garmin bar mount
    it will also fit any other devices that have the Garmin mount design.

    Holds the Melian GPS out front.

    The Orange mount matches the bar tape.

    Solid construction.

    Looks great on the bars.

    Easy fit.

    RaceWare make many combinations of size and colour, so if you have a device that you need fitted to your bike, or anything else! Check out their website...… and if its not listed on there, simply give them a shout out on their Twitter feed or drop them an Email, and they will help you out.

    Contact details for RaceWare.


    Twitter :  @Racewaredirect


    Thank you RaceWare Custom Cycle Components for the Garmin Mount to review.

    In my opinion the RaceWare mounts have to the best bar mounts there are, I love the style and the way they are made to fit to your bars easily.
    Next time you need something mounted, think of RaceWare and give them a call or visit their web page.
    They also have designs especially for those of you who want something a little different and who also want quality fittings.

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    New Proviz LED360 Canopus & Vega Bike Light Set (front & rear)

    Review: Proviz Bike light set

    Priced at £59.99

    Proviz the company that makes the great Reflect 360 Cycling Jacket range, have now added to their range with a set of bike lights.
    The LED 360 Canopus and Vega bike light set which includes front and rear lights all in one box, and looking at the specification for these lights it seems Proviz have again thought out side the box.
    As featured in 'The Independent's' Top Ten Best Bike Lights for late-night visibility

    Canopus and Vega in the box,
     the Light instructions, rubber strap and the USB charging cord are to be found underneath.
    Instruction sheet,
    USB Cable, and rear light fitting strap on the underside of the packaging. 

    Proviz LED 360 Canopus specifications:
    The Canopus is the front light.
    Samsung make the battery that is installed in this range of lights from Proviz, so you can be sure they will be reliable, as these are from the Premium Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable range of batteries. 

    The 360 has a Low Battery indicator on the top which is incorporated into the On/Off switch.

    300 Lumens of power.

    With 300 Lumens of light power from the Canopus, I must admit I thought I was reviewing the Sirus model which has 600 Lumens of power, due to the way the Canopus LED light projected, this light is very Bright!
    Although it has a round lens, the LED's project an oblong beam pattern, very clever and well thought out.
    There are four light settings which is easily changed by using the switch on the top front of the 360 Canopus.
    The light settings are as follows
    High Beam
    Low Beam
    There are three slots either side these will get you seen at road junctions and traffic lights etc.

    Side Slots,
    lets the light be seen from the sides.

    The light body itself is made out of a range of materials including Aluminium, ABS (Thermoplastic Resin) along with PMMA (Acrylic) so it is strong and very light in weight, weighing in at 131g.
    The Canopus comes with just one USB Charge lead, making it impossible to charge the front and rear lights at the same time. This is not a real problem, it just means you have to be organised when  recharging the lights.

    USB Charge cover.

    Open it up to reveal the charging point.

    Plug in the cable and connect to your phone USB charger..

    Fitting to your handle bars is straight forward.
    The Canopus comes with a adjustable bracket, [Proviz have included two rubber strips to protect your bars from the bracket] to fit you just undo the clamp and pass it around the bars positioning it to the required angle, then insert the rubber strips top and bottom then clamp and adjust the tightness, if your using Carbon Fibre handle bars follow the guidelines for light fitting by your manufacture, making sure the clamp is in the right direction as the Canopus only fits one way.

    Front Light Clamp.

    Red Low Charge Indicator Light.

    Front Mount in place. 

    Canopus fitted onto the Front Mount.

    Canopus on the handle bars.

    Fits nicely on the bars.

    Only problem was my Garmin got in the way of the side safety lights,
      maybe a different case with straight handle bars.

    The Vega is the name of the rear light in the set.
    This is a nice compact light weighing in at 31g.

    On/Off switch.
    This also comes with a very easy range of light settings.
    Full beam
    Flash mode
    The switch is sited on the top, at the front of the Vega.
    This rear light has a recharge point which is covered with a weather poof rubberised cover.
    Both front and rear lights are waterproof to IPX4 rating [Protects from splashing water in any direction].

    USB Charge Cover

    The Vega has a neat looking 220 Degree wide angle projection, making it easier to be seen from the side.

    Vega Rear Light.

    The fitting of the Vega is very easy, it is supplied with a rubberised strap which you simply connect to the clips on the rear of the Vega, then loop it around your seat post, adjusting it to the required height securing it with clip onto the two remain clips.

    Quick release fittment.

    The Battery supplied with the Vega is also made by Samsung, it is a Lithium-ion and has a capacity of 180mAh, its run time is around the 6.5 hours.
    The Vega is one of the Lightest and Smallest rear lights I've come across, its a measly 72 by 45 mm in size, and made out of ABS PMMA.

     Contact Details:

    Amazon UK : Amazon Proviz Light set 

    Thanks to Proviz for sharing these Lights

     My opinion of the Canopus and Vega lights.

    What really surprised me was the power output and projection of the Canopus, it is rated as a 300 Lumens front light, but seems to put out more power than the 300 I think this is due to the clever Cree lens.
    The overall weight of this light is amazing I have never picked up a light with a spec as good as this one that only weighs in at 131g!
    I particularly like the simplicity of the switches just being able to quickly scroll through the light setting to get to the On and Off position.
    Easy fit mount clamp
    Although I found it a bit fiddly to remove the light from the front clamp at first, but I think this was due to the light being new, and will probably get easier the more I use the lights.
    The slotted side light on one side was blocked by my Garmin on its mount, so this is something I will have to look at and adjust, you may need to check side visibility on you own bike if you have other things mounted to your handle bars and then adjust as necessary.
    [Just make note to look at every now and again, on the front mount there is a small screw that holds the light clip, if this starts to get lose simply remove the clamp and tighten the small screw.]

    My opinion on the rear light, the Vega what is there not to like, this is a super little light in weight 31g, easy to fit and will fit any seat post, even a "D" shaped one.
    Easy on off.
    Simple to charge up.
    This light has a nice flash mode ideal when on a Night rides, or even for those of you who do the Dunwich dynamo.
    These lights are fantastic for commuters who perhaps have a fold up bike as the are extremely light, and also very bright on the winter nights when travelling home from the station.
    Safe for Epileptics.

     The innovation and simplicity of these lights have made Proviz the watch word in cycle accessories.

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    In the year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing of the First Man on the Moon and the Apollo space program, I remember with excitement what the future would hold, we watched programs such as "Tomorrow’s World" these were full of futuristic ideas, which held us spell bound all week until the next episode, we would go into school the next day with excitement to discuss with our friends the inventions of the future.
    Tomorrow’s World had some incredibly futuristic stuff such as a Watch with a LED light, a big screen TV that was only two inches thick [TV's in those days were 2 foot thick] and a pen that wrote upside down!  These were just a few of the exciting new things the future would hold.

    NASA was founded in 1958, and have been experimenting with things in space that would in time be found on planet Earth. Apollo Program · Space Shuttle program · Project Mercury · Project Gemini · Voyager Program · Mariner program · International Space Station program · Discovery Program · New Frontiers Program · Mars Exploration Program · Lunar Orbiter program · Small Explorer program · Mars Surveyor '98 program · Mars Scout Program, we are Now and have been benefitting from the research from these space programs since this time.

    I am doing a  review on a Space Technology Chain Lube called "Tungsten All Weather Lube" made by a company called Tru-Tension.

    As featured on the "BBC's Dragan Den" program, and which caught the attention of one of the "Dragan's", so the future is looking good for Tru-Tension, as they now have the funding required to take this to the next level, which is good news for us as you will now find Tru-Tension sold in High street shops like Halfords etc, at great prices that will not rob the "Bank"...…..

    The Special Space Technology bit.

    On the Tru-Tension website there is a very interesting description of the way that their Bananaslip lubricant reduces the friction compared to product lubes with Teflon and Graphite Ceramic. Taking it one step above all the other lubes out there on the market.
    Tru-Tension are saying that their lubes are more durable and they also say that the Tungsten will smooth out the surface of the metal to minimise surface imperfections, which could cause up to 40% less friction than against a Ceramic lube, up to a massive 50% compared to a Teflon Lube, and as much as up to 60% against a Graphite lube. The BananaSlip creates a atomic layer on the surface which in turn, will reduce wear on the drivetrain on your bike and protect all the moving components which it is applied to.

    The first Tungsten infused lubricants 
    Bringing space grade lubricants to the cycling industry! 
    All weather durability 
    Silky smooth running no noise and extensive endurance

    Impressive list.

    Perfect for anything on your bike.

    50ml volume of lube in a bottle 105ml size
    this is due to the product needing space to mix before application.

    Next Generation Lube.

    Tungsten Lube.

    All Weather Lube.

    Which chain lube is best for you?

    My personal preference is a all weather lube, simply because it can be used all year round, where as some lubes are classed as "Dry lubes",and hence are not water resistant. If your inclined you could just simply use a Dry lube in the summer, and a Wet lube in the winter, each one has it up's and downs. 

    So much has been written on the subject of "Chain Lubes" but this review is about an All Weather Lube called BananaSlip.

    The BananaSlip comes in a handy 105ml bottle [ the content is 50ml volume, this is due to the lube needing to have space costing  £10.00 so for the technology not an over the top price. 
    Like any good chain lube reviews, the first thing that has to be done is to remove all existing lubricants and thoroughly clean the drive train, and that is exactly what I did.

    Time for a clean up.

    Bit of build up noticed on the chain.
    Clean Chain.

    Jockey Wheels all clean.

    Nice and clean.

    Well constructed quality bottle

    Screw Cap.

    Before use remove cap and remove the foil on the top.

    Replace Cap and shake.

    After a real good shake apply.

    Rear cassette.

    I noticed the jokey wheels had been coated as well with the Bananaslip Lube.

    Instructions tell you to leave on for five minutes
    and then remove the excess.

    My Verdict:

    I found the BananaSlip to be a perfect chain lube for my bike chain [I have a Giant Gravel Bike] which I use On and Off road.
    It is white in colour and has an almost creamy texture to it. Once I had shaken the bottle for a few minutes, it was then one of the easiest lubes to apply, it never dripped from the chain when applying and on the rotation of the wheel it also covered the jockey wheel.  I then simply left it for 5 minutes and then removed the excess with a clean cloth.
    Whilst out on a ride the gear change seemed smother up and down the cogs, the noise reduction on the road was most impressive and the best part was my wife not moaning at me for getting oil all over my clothes, result all round!
    I was extremely impressed as to the simplicity of the application and as to the resulting smoothness of my ride. I shall be applying some to my pedals at a later date.
    I will certainly be adding this product to my Christmas List for use in further applications, although I only used about half a bottle so that means I still have more than enough for the foreseeable FUTURE!!!!

    This product is sold in a 105ml bottle although the actual volume of lube is infact 50ml, the reason for this is the lube needs space and air to mix before application. So don't think the bottle is only half full, there is a scientific reason for this.

    Caution as stated on the bottle keep away from BRAKE components.

    The first Tungsten infused lubricants, bringing space grade lubricants to the cycling industry! All weather durability, silky smooth running, no noise and extensive endurance.

    Tru-Tension Website:

    Facebook Feed:


    YouTube: Tru-Tension YouTube

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    Yogurt Tire Sealant Review by TY Bike Products

    Yogurt Tire Sealant Review Yogurt Tire Sealant  Priced at £9.00 for a 150 ml and £20.00 for there 500 ml size bottle.  Also available is a S...