LEZYNE KTV Pro New Range Cycle Lights Front and Rear Review

We start 2015 off with a review on a fantastic new range of lights from LEZYNE, these LED Cycle lights were released by LEZYNE in 2014, and a very impressive light range they have in the KTV range. The front light is a impressive 70 lumen, the reason I say impressive, is due of the size of the KTV, it's a small compact front light, and 70 lumen's is extraordinary for something of this size, the body is made out of a machined aluminum, which makes it a lightweight, robust and extremely weather-resistant light, the weight LEZYNE has it listed on it's spec sheet is at a measly 55g, so you will hardly notice it on your bike!

Model reviewed here will be the LEZYNE KTV Pro front safety light and also the rear 

The KTV Drive Front is available as a single front LED, or as a front/rear pair (KTV Drive Front and Rear). Plus it is available in other colours in the main body.Blue, Red, Silver, Black.

 Whats in the box.

There is good news and bad news !

The good news firstly, there is hardly any packaging, all the instructions and details re spec are printed on the cover, with a link to the LEZYNE website.


The bad news, [on a personal level!]

The bad news is on the charging front, but this does not reflect on the quality of the LEZYNE KTV light, the lights do not come with a charging cable, it is charged using a USB stick, [ I personally prefer a cable charger, different strokes for different folks!]
At the bottom of the light is a cover which encases the USB stick thus keeping the stick dry and secure, this cover gets removed to expose the USB stick, which you plug into your PC or wall mounted charger.  I had a few other items on charge, and not having a cable seemed a little odd to me at first, I had trouble connecting the two KVT's into the USB slots on my laptop,and I was unable to charge up two side by side, as they were to wide, luckily enough I had a spare cable so this got me out of trouble, it just seems a lot of messing about for something as easy as charging up, maybe it is down to price that a cable is not supplied.  With the light plugged into the laptop USB slot, there is no room to connect a camera, if you need to upload photos etc at the same time, [who said men can't multi task!] I did try charging the rear light on a four into one USB hub, but found it would not charge unless it was plugged directly into the laptop.

Hopefully the charge situation will not put you off the KTV Pro,  LEZYNE have options for wall type charges on their website.
The real plus side in not having a cable, and the KTV's are charged with there stick from the rear cover, you will always have a way to charge them if you need to for the ride home, a very handy thing to have, 

                                                    Lights, straps and covers

Once charged up, which took around 4 hours for the red lights to turn green, it was a case of switch on and test and what a great surprise I had! it was brighter than my house security light, fantastic light coverage and would inspire any cyclist in the knowledge that they could see and be seen in the dark.

Front light the Pro is very clever in the way it pulsates, it has three flash modes! This caught me out, even though it is written on the packaging! I was not expecting it to be this good, the way it works is a very clever way in which LEZYNE have done it, it will certainly get you noticed that is for sure.

Press the top button once for Economy mode, this should give you 30 Lumen's and last for 2 hrs.
Press the button twice which gives you Blast mode, 70 Lumen's and 1 hour of use.
Press the button again (3rd time) goes into Flash 1 mode 30 Lumen's this should last for 6 hours.
Press the button again (4th time) goes into Flash 2 mode 30 Lumen's this should last for 6 hours.
Press the button again (5th time) goes into Flash 3 mode 30 Lumen's this will last for 6 hours.
Press the button again (6th time) goes into Pulse mode 30 Lumen's this will last for 4 hours.

As you can see from the chart, it should be alright on a commute ride, the pulse mode seems to be the way to go with this KTV light, and should last longer that way, it should also get you out of trouble if it is needed for a darker ride, just bear in mind the short staying power on full 70 Lumen mode, may be worth packing a spare light, for longer ride outs just in-case.

Mounting the LEZYNE is a very simple thing to do,in a very clever and well designed way, it comes with the usual rubber type strap that hooks round the seat post or handle bars, the main body of the KTV swivels which allows the clipping in of the silicon rubber strap which is a lot easier than some other makes of cycle lights, and a great deal less fuss!

                                                     KTV swivel

The light uses a silicon rubber strap band  to attach conveniently to your bike, or can be mounted to a seatbag or backpack using the integrated clip on system
                                                 KTV side position

Simply swivel the KTV and place the silicon rubber strap into the mounting bracket, you are then done just adjust the KTV to any position you want to for your ride, plus side is the endless ways you can mount the lights, seat bag, rucksack,etc etc.

                                        Easy on off fitting to the handle bars
                                                    Nice and bright

Front light is also fitted in the same way.

                                       The LEZYNE KTV still worked in minus temperatures, always good to know, in those longer winter nights!
All in all, a terrific set of lights from LEZYNE, our favorite was the front one, with all its many settings, be crazy not to have one on your list for Christmas/ Valentines Day/ Easter/Birthday or just treat your self on Pay day!

If you have you any questions for the chaps at LEZYNE, Give there twitter feed a follow at


Facebook page


Main website with a lot more info etc


See your local cycle shop for a stock of theses great KTV lights

In and around the Harlow area, check out https://www.facebook.com/leevalleycycles?fref=nf for a set. 

Integrated USB sticks can be plugged into a computer or wall outlet adapter for convenient and fast recharging of LED lights.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for LEZYNE Cycle products

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