Slik All Weather Chain Lubrication Review

 A New Kid On The Block

 Premium Grade Lubricants from Slik 

 A Bit about how Slik came about!

Oil is Oil!
Well not anymore the days of a rusty can of 3in1 that sat on the shelf for 10 years or more and only used when things started to look a bit on the rusty side have well and truly gone, the mechanics of modern day bikes have moved on and now so has oil and this has become synonymous with the name of Slik, at one time or another we all needed oil of some sort on our chains and drive trains. I have used several different makes over the years from some great manufactures, so why am I bothering reviewing more, well thats a easy question to answer, "New Technology" but I hear you say "surely Oil is Oil" well actually no it is not, there is a whole host of modern technology out there, think of it just like a car, you wouldn't use engine oil in your brake servo, likewise you wouldn't use gear oil in your engine, then there is all number of oils 20/40 30/50 silicon oil the list goes on and on, what is right for one moving part is not necessarily the right for another.

The faster you cycle your bike the more friction it creates, so you need to oil the chain on a more regular basis, most cyclists I have found like to use a light lubricant on their chains and this again is dependent on the type of riding you do and the conditions you ride in, eg rain, mud, dry and dusty conditions. I found a light oil is best for my drive train in dry conditions, it is also good at getting into the links of the chain to minimize the amount of wear.  A thin spray lubricant like WD40 is not recommended on chains as they are often too thin and the solvents simply act as a degreaser, getting rid of any lubricant that had previously been applied on to the chain, so this in theory increases the amount of wear on the drive train, which is not only bad for your bike but also to your pocket, as new drive trains are not exactly cheap.

Types of lubricant

Dry Bicycle Chain Lube 

Best for: Dry, dusty conditions

If you cycle along dusty towpaths in the summer I would recommended to use a Dry lube, as not to risk dust sticking to your chain and then being able to work its way into your drive train. 

Wet Bicycle Chain Lube  

Best for: Wet conditions

Ideal for wet conditions, best for muddy rides and out and about in the wet and windy months.

Ceramic Bicycle Chain Lube Best for: Dry or slightly damp conditions

Ceramic lubes are ideal for equally damp and dry conditions, it contains many technically advance additives that can help to reduce friction, and reduces wear to the drive train, it also helps repel water and mud from sticking to and grinding the chain.


The clever people at Slik have been in their laboratory testing many different combinations of additives and thus, have advanced the technology of modern day lubricants and wherein they have come up with their Silk range of lubricants for all weather cycling.

Slik Lubricant classic chain lube is a clear oil which is perfect for all weather conditions as they say on the tin! well the bottle actually, as it is in fact comes in a plastic bottle with a screw cap and nozzle attachment. I like the "Superb anti-corrosion" factor of this product that is mentioned on their website, sounds like a good development to me. 
A really handy thing that did impress me, which I viewed in their website shop, is that they have a small saddle bag version of this lubricant, I thought that was a very good idea for weekends away or on really long rides, it is always a handy thing to have. 

Benefit of using Slik All weather Lube

Simply put, if it is as good as they say it is and you can use it all year round, it will save you from changing from Wet to Dry as the year goes on and the weather conditions change, and would be a money saver in the long run.
If you want to be only be using one kind of lubrication use Slik, they also do a Extreme Range of Wet and Dry lubes, but the All Weather is the one on review here priced at £7.99 for a 100ml size bottle.

How to use

Clean your chain and drive chain, see our other review on Drive Train Cleaner... 

Treat the Drive Train with the Slik All weather chain lube, wipe away excess oil with a clean cloth and your good to go.... its as simple as that.

We will be reviewing this over a course of a few months and we will be updating this review as the weather conditions change. I plan to just use the Slik on the drive train and I will be finding out how well it attaches on the chain and cogs, how often it needs lubricating and I will be keeping a eye on the wheels of the rear derail-lier as well as on the front cogs for any sign of anything sticking or wearing around that area, so watch this space!

Slik oil is the highest grade chain lube perfect for all weather conditions.
The unique formula provides unmatched durability, superb anti-corrosion and is 100% clear to stay cleaner for longer.
Manufactured 100% in UK.

Ideal for wet and dry conditions, MTB and Road cycling.

After a 50 mile ride out.

 Pictures to show how dirty the bike was after the 50 mile ride out 




I have tried the Slik Oil on a mtb bike.

 Very dusty ride out.

 On closer inspection after the ride I notice there was not much dirt and dust on the rear cog's! 

Very impressed at the way Slick have managed to keep the grit from sticking to the chain and cog's.

 Chain and main wheel are in great condition after the dusty ride out.

 Now you can see the condition of the wheel and compare it to the dust sitting on the bike frame.

Good all round protection for you cycle chain..


UPDATE 07/02/2016

A Very muddy ride out! 
Mud Glorious Mud!

There is a Chain there some where!


Muddy bike! 

First thing: When I got home I washed the bike! 
Second Thing: Was to treat the chain drive to a bit of Slik All Weather Chain Lubricant! 

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Slik Oil

Review : Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Front cycle light

Review on the Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Cycle Light 


I have previously done a review on the Knog Arc Blinder 5.5 and must say a thank you again to Knog for letting me have their Knog Blinder Arc to do a review and test.

550 Lumen's of light power from the Blinder Arc 5.5

What parts are in the box! 

 Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 Light
Instruction sheet
USB Lead
2 x Velcro strips 
1 x Rubber Strip
Allen Key
Cycle Helmet mount
Silicone mounting straps 25-30mm and 30-35mm (1 already fitted to the light)

Anyone who is familiar with the Knog brand, will know about the rubber strap and link system that Knog use, and it is again used on the Arc but this time with an added touch of a magnet on the clasp.

 Magnetic strip for added safety
550 Lumen's
4 Light Modes 
1. High Beam
2. Medium Beam
3. Low Beam
4. Flashing Beam
  1.8 hours in High Beam
3.5 hours in Medium Beam
 7.9 hours in Low Beam
 17 hours in Flashing mode. 

Metal front for heat dissipation is integrated with a rubberized back for good grip and ergonomics.
It has the USB charge point at the rear.
Easy on/off  just hold the button down to power on and to change the settings just press it again. To turn it off keep the button held down a few seconds longer before releasing.

 Turn on for High Beam

Press again for the lower setting
Press again for Low

 Press again for the Pulse mode

 USB Charge plug is waterproof so no need to worry about getting caught out in the rain, along with the rest of the Knog Blinder Arc which is a 100% Water Proof Light!

Simply plug in the lead as supplied, connect to a PC and charge for approximately 7 hours

To change the strap from [25-30mm to 30-35mm] you will need to use the Allen Key provided, unscrew the locking bolt, which is in the center of the strap and remove, replace with the other strap and lock in place, it can only be fitted one way so no problem.

Replacing the strap 

Replace the bolt and tighten up

 You will notice there is not a clasp on the spare strap, do not worry it is just a case of just swapping the clasp over.

 There is a art to doing this I am used to it as I have reviewed other Knog lights with the same clasp, you will get used to it after a few tries, simply stretch the rubber mount through the slot in the clasp and pull it through.

 Take note of the way the clasp has come off the strap and simply reverse the procedure on to the strap of the Blinder Arc

 Start it off in the slot and simply pull it through

 Once its completed make sure the strap is straight in the clasp
Job Done! 

To fit the Knog Blinder Arc 5.4 simply offer it up to your handle bars and secure with the clasp, you will feel the magnet catch as the clasp attaches to the clamp, that is thanks to Knog adding a small magnet to keep the clasp in place.

Fit clasp into place and close up

Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 secured onto the bike 

It fits nicely on the bars with the right size strap fitted, if you find your Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 moves when you are riding, try using the smaller strap.

 Knog says on its website that the Blinder Arc is "Equipped with one of the latest high-intensity XM-L2 Cree® LEDs" and this is why it makes it so bright! 

Knog Arc sits nicely on the Morsa mount.

The Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 comes with a choice of  two interchangeable Silicone mounting straps – 25-30mm and 30-35mm

                                                               OUR VERDICT

A Superb light only to be expected from a company that produces some of the best cycle lights in the world today, and you won't be disappointed in this addition to their range, sometimes it is not only the new technology that improves a product, but also some little touches, such as the added magnet onto the strap. Well done once again to Knog, outstanding product.
Bright long beam.
Easy to swap from bike to bike.
Easy to switch from low to high beam.
Battery last as stated.

 Arch pointed slightly downward

Long wide beam, plenty of brightness to show you the way.

Low Beam

OUTPUT : 550 lumen's
DIMENSIONS : 32 x 32 x 100.5mm.
WEIGHT: 150g
MATERIALS : UV-Resistant Industrial grade silicone. Polycarbonate housing and PMMA Lens. Hard-anodized aluminum fascia.
BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

Check out Lee Valley cycles as they stock Knog Lights.

Arc 5.5
Lihjys the way ahead on a narrow bridge section making visibility a lot safer to ride.


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Knog

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