Lezyne Saber Tyre Levers

 A Tyre Lever with added bonus! 

Saber levers from Lezyne.

Next I am testing the Lezyne Saber Lever, sold as a pair and with a neat sleeve to keep them together, priced around £13:50 to £22:99 so I recommend you shop around if your interested in these.

 These Saber Levers are large! Length is 165mm so you should get plenty of grip on these  ones! 
Very well made and has a "Bottle Opener" along with a 15mm pedal wrench built in as well, very handy if your out on the trail some where.
The weight of these are 64g

 The Saber Levers are a neat design, they have a profile design on the tip of the lever to act as a guide for the rim and tyre.
 I found there were no problems with the Lezyne Saber Levers on the starting of on any of the tyres I tried, they simply slipped in under the tyre nicely.

 I was a bit worried at first in case the Saber Levers scratched the rims, but found no evidence they had done so, on both the road and MTB rims.

Strong as anything! 

The Saber does not come with a spoke hook in the design, but I found it was large enough just to hook the top end under a spoke, as long as it does not ping off and hit you, so take care if you do try this method.

Found the Saber Levers nice to work with, plenty of grip with a nice thin strong tongue, great for getting into any hard bead.

On the 700x40cc tyre there was no problem getting the Saber in and around the rim,

Nice thin guides on both sides for the on and off motion.

Verdict on the Saber Levers by Lezyne priced from £13:50 to £22:99

1 : Ease of use. Found the Saber levers to be a good set of levers, they got into the bead easily and once there, they stayed in the rim until the end. You need to take care the tip does not nick the inner tube. Points awarded 5

2 : Quality of manufacture. Top marks for the design for the Sabers. Points awarded 5

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch. I found the Sabers did not feel like they were going to scratch the rim, but not too sure how they would be on a Carbon Fiber wheel. Points awarded 3

4 : Value for money. I just have to give these a big 5 points here, just cannot see how they would break under normal use, bonus in the bottle opener and the pedal spanner, maybe to large to fit in your saddle bag. Points awarded 5

 Total Score 18 out of a possible 20

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Salice 012 CRX - Photochromic lens Review.


Priced at £74.99p  





Brand New from Salice 

 CRX - Photochromic lens with light reactive technology allows the lens to adapt to changing light conditions.

 The Salice glasses come in a superb case.

Open the zip to reveal a pair of 012 Smokey lens cycling glasses! 

The name Salice stands out in Orange on the arms.

Stream lined glasses from Salice on the 012 range.

Integrated front air vent.

Megol® rubber nose pad.

Comfortable and stream lined.

Nose pad is a perfect fit and feels great, I didn't need to adjust or move the Salice 012.

Comes with Clear and Smoked lenses.

 A really well designed pair of cycling glasses from Salice yet again! 

Salice have managed to trump the competition with the design on their New 012 range of cycling glasses. The 012 range is for those of you who are really interested in the weight side of them, and I can tell you these are light, not just light but exceptionally "LIGHT"!
Take a look and you will see the 012 were designed to be streamlined, so the wind will just roll over and around the contours of your face.
The Salice 012 have great ventilation slots built into the top of the lenses, these then fit neatly into the frame helping to stop the fogging and misting of the lenses.
 The frame Salice have made on the 012 is constructed out of Grilamid TR90, a lightweight material that is also very flexible, making the frame very sturdy yet light and strong, that gives you the feel of a high quality frame.
The lenses that Salice have produced have scratch resistant IDRO lenses that will simply repel water and dust, to make your vision clearer, a very well thought out idea and helps make cycling a lot safer.

The 012 comes with a interchangeable Megol® rubber nose pad.
I found the nose pads easy to fit when changing the lenses, simply offer them into place and
then just push them all the way on until you hear them click.
I had confidence to not even worry about them ever falling off as they are designed to stay in place, again an excellent touch.

Salice have made the arms to be very comfortable, I have to admit that when I fitted the clear lens,  I did forget I was wearing the 012's after a time! Honest, they were that comfortable, if you expect to be in the saddle for a long ride the last thing you will want to do is to keep adjusting your glasses!

Salice has made the 012's to be very clever!
 These are not just another pair of cycling glasses with interchangeable lens, that can be swapped from clear to tinted etc, Salice have gone one step further in adding the CRX - Photochromic lens with light reactive technology, which allows the lens to adapt to changing light conditions, its like having the Polaroid Re-act-alight type lens on your cycling glasses. Out on the road it stops glare by  re-acting to changes in light conditions making your vision a lot clearer, depending on the amount of light during your ride depends on how the CRX-Photochromic lenses react, this is something I would not expect to see in a pair of cycling glasses for the price that Salice charge!

The Salice 012 Cycling Glasses.

Simply stylish!

Soft Rubber nose pad.

Smokey lens, easy fit, just a pull and they come out of the holding slots.
The Photochromic lenses with light reactive technology allows the lenses to adapt to changing light conditions.
Lenses go dark on a light day!
Salice 012 Smokey lenses.

The fit is really comfortable,
I will be finding out how well they stay in place on a rough ride around the woods!

Harlow MTB Club Woods.

The bike I used was a full suspension Specialized Camber.
Riding on the Common the wind was quite strong, wearing the 012's I found at no time did my eyes begin to water with the wind blowing around my face, I was most surprised at how well they diverted the wind away from my eyes.

On entering the woods the Salice 012's Smokey lenses had a dark tint to them, on a normal pair of cycling glasses I would have had to remove them to cycle safely around the woods.

 Once in the woods the Salice 012's lenses became lighter which made the ride so much safer and more enjoyable as the wind was away from my eye's.

You all may think it is a bit of a "Sacrilege" to use such a fantastic pair of glasses in this way, but I am sure there are a lot of you reading this thinking "I only need one pair",  but how many time's have you been out riding, and the evening has drawn in before you get home and you have to remove your glasses to see where your going, at which stage your eye's start to run due to the wind , or even worse, a fly or a bit of mud hits you in the eyes! 
Don't think it can happen, it does and often.

Here is the proof! 
 Not a small bit of mud, but a very large lump, now if that had gone in my eye, I dare not think about it!
The Salice 012's saved my eye! 

Notice the tint has also changed due to the diminishing light, as the afternoon was beginning to draw in.

Here's to Mud in your Eye! 

My verdict on the Salice 012 CRX cycling glasses.

What is there not to like! 
Great frame, light and comfortable, even forgot I had them on.
The Smokey lenses Salice have on the 012's are exceptionally clever, the  Photochromic lens with light reactive technology allows the lens to adapt to changing light conditions and they work a treat!

With the 012's you will only ever need to have one pair of glasses! 

Priced at around £74.99p
Salice have managed to make a whole host of colour frames and lens to pick from, all with the great quality of the 012's  that I have.
Well worth checking out there website.


Check out the Pro Bike Kit website for some great savings on the 012 CRX


A worth while investment I would say, the lenses are scratch resistant so they will last a very long time, and if you intend to only buy one pair of glasses make sure they are Salice.
The Salice 012's come with a 2 year guarantee.  

Lens refitting instructions (Borrowed from the Salice Website, I hope they don't mind)

Can you ride with the Salice 012 CRX during the Day and Night? 

Smokey lenses fitted for the MTB Night ride test around a wooded trail.
 The "Answer" is a big "YES YOU CAN" 

The Smokey lenses are amazing,
Its 7pm and dark out, and I am still wearing the Salice 012 CRX in the dark!

In the Woods Photo!
The picture above was taken deep in the woods, notice the lenses have gone from a dark Smokey colour to clear, that is the beauty of the Salice 012's Photochromic lenses! by this stage the normal cycling glasses I wear have had to be removed, but not the 012'S. On leaving the woods it was raining slightly, enough to get the rain spots on the lenses, but I could just keep wearing them and the rain just ran off the lenses, making the ride that much more safer and a whole lot more enjoyable!

Harlow MTB Club Woods during the day.
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Facebook feed    https://www.facebook.com/SaliceUK/?fref=ts

If you only have one pair of glasses, make it the 012CRX from Salice, well worth the investment.


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