Lezyne Road Caddy Review

 Lezyne Road Caddy Review

Lezyne have a vast range of cycle bags in their range, they label them as "Caddy's" but basically they usually fit under your saddle, have the usual zip and a strap with a fastener or buckle of some sort, that is their usual design criteria, but now Lezyne have changed the goal posts on the design of there seat bag range.

 We will be reviewing one of the smallest Caddy's they produce, it goes by the label of "Lezyne Road Caddy."

A small light weight saddle bag called Road Caddy, this Road Caddy fits neatly under your saddle.
The Road Caddy has a large nylon strap with Velcro on it, this will pass through the under frame of your saddle, and then will wrap around the Road Caddy to fit through the loop. It also comes with a very nice water resistant zipper which has a finger loop attached to it, very useful when your hands are cold, to be able to grip the zip, to open up the Road Caddy.

At first the Road Caddy caught me out....... I was trying to fit the Road Caddy with the zip on the out side,[ ie:  so it could easily be opened up when needed just like a normal seat bag], big mistake and
not that easy to achieve.  I did not look at the fitting instructions first on the Lezyne website, why I hear you ask, do you need to do that, it 's just a seat bag! it can't be that hard to fit!
It was the zip that caught me out, once I realized the zip is not fitted facing outward but in fact facing inward, it was a simple case of the usual strap under the seat and then around the bag and it was a really nice snug fit.

Road Caddy fitted to the saddle
What can you fit in the Road Caddy? this is where it can be a battle of which items do you put in the Road Caddy, and what do you leave out!  we show you here how we tried to fit in a spare inner tube, tyre levers and the compact Lezyne AV11 multi tool, (See our review on the AV 11 here http://harlowcyclingpagegroup.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/lezyne-av-11-multi-tool-review-with.html )

 Opening up the Road Caddy it has a great quality feel to the pouch inside
Feel of the material used is of high quality and is made of high quality durable nylon fabrics.

To access the Road Caddy you will have to slacken off the strap enough to get to the zip, or remove it completely from under your saddle.

 A 700C Inner tube fits in perfectly
 Next we tried to fit the Lezyne AV 11 multi tool in to the inner pocket, it fitted like a glove, as if it was made for it.
 Next was a set of tyre levers, I found the only way to store these was to separate them and lay them on top of the inner tube with the tabs facing up.
Then we tried to zip up the Road Caddy and refit it to the under side of our saddle.

Unfortunately we had to remove the AV 11 multi tool, as it was just a bit over filled to get the zip to close. Space wise it is very limited, but with  a bit of forward thinking we are sure it will hold a few other bits. I must just say this was just our first attempt at filling up the Road Caddy.

Inner tube and tyre levers are inside the Road Caddy

Fitted to the rear of the Road Caddy is reflective strip, this will allow you to clip a rear cycle light to it, we found the one on our Road Caddy a bit of a let down in this department, the strip was very small and thin and the chance of a rear light actually staying on there on a bumpy ride maybe taking a bit of a risk, I didn't try this as I was reluctant to fit my expensive light to it in case it detached itself from the caddy and either broke or got lost,  maybe it would feel securer with a thicker type material and the rubber strap attached to the light.

Rear Lezyne Pro light fitted to the Road Caddy, we found the reflective material to be very thin to hold the rear light safely.


One of the smallest bags on the market.
Fits really nicely under your saddle.
Enough room for a inner tube and leavers.
Good quality zip and a great loop added to assist in opening it up.
Durable mat√©riel used. 
Inner pocket has a first class feel to it.
A bit fiddly to open up the zip if your in a hurry.
Rear reflective strip does not feel thick enough to hold a rear light on to with confidence, so you may lose it before getting home.

With a bit of forward planning on what type of ride you will be on, the Road Caddy could be a useful weight saving bag for the saddle.
There are bigger seat bags out there, but do you really need them any bigger than this, inner tube and levers in the Road Caddy, multi tool and everything else in your shirt/jacket pocket! 

Priced at around £15.99

Try your local bike shop to see if they stock the Road Caddy.

 Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Lezyne.

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