Oi Bike Bell by +Knog   

A while back +Knog reinvented the good old fashioned bike bell! 
And we are lucky enough to have one on review for you from +Knog in Australia. 
Whats in the box: Packaging comes in a really neat sleeve with a clear front displaying the Oi bike bell, simply cut through the two ends of the sleeve where it has been stuck down and push the inner sleeve out to access the Oi bike bell.
Inside remove the Oi and remove the grey insert to reveal underneath fitting instructions, a small Hex key supplied along with a warning "Do Not Over-tighten Screw" piece of paper.
Large Spacer.
3 M Rubber tape for bars are 23.8, place this inside the larger spacer when fitting to smaller bars.
Available in other colors, Black, Brass, Copper, Silver.

Oi. (Brass) 
Fitting: Fitting Instructions supplied, plus +Knog have a really great " How To Fit" video on @youtube, so take a quick look, it will help you all a lot, for those who do not have access to Youtube, the Oi is very easy to fit, simply remove the Hex screw and set aside, open the Oil and place on the bars in the required position, you will notice slots for your cables, so if your placing in a position around cables simply move them to the required position on the recessed slot, refit the Hex screw and tighten up, but "Not to Tight", and "Hey Presto" your all set to "Tink Away" !
For smaller bars you just simply need to fit the spacer ring first, then fit the Oi bell.

23.8 to 31.8mm Bar Size.

Brass Bell.

Hexagon Srew.

Close up of the Mini Springs holding the Oi outer ring.

Spring used in the Oi trigger.

Oi trigger.

My very First listen to the Oi bike bell from @Knog, first impression counts! 

Conclusion: I just loved the sound, the feel of the Oi, the look of the Oi, it sits on the bars discretley, easy to fit,
Fitting is straight forward, you will find a Spacer ring to help with fitting to a smaller bar 23.8 to 26mm located in the rear of the grey inner.

Oi has a recesses within the bracket that allow for cables to sit underneath it.

It’s a slim design that wraps around the handlebar and doesn’t protrude or take up much space. It’s so small that you will hardly notice it on your handlebars.

For handlebars measuring 23.8 - 26mm in diameter +Knog  have supplied a spacer to help the Oi fit snugly and securely to your bars. This can be found discretely tucked into the reverse of the grey packaging insert.

Contact Details: 

Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/Knog
Facebook Feed: https://www.facebook.com/knog.peeps/
Instagram Feed: https://www.instagram.com/knog/?hl=en 
Or your Local Bike shop.
Uk Disturber: http://www.moorelarge.co.uk/about/
Twitter Feed:  https://twitter.com/moorelarge?lang=en

Knog Oi Bike Bell on YouTube

A Very Big Thanks to the Guys at @Knog for getting the Oi bike bell out to me from Australia, so let me wish you all a "Merry Merry Christmas" to you all..
Add this to your Christmas Stocking Filler list, there is still time!

Thank you.

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