WIND-BLOX Focus Ear Covers and Sound Reduction


Ear Covers From Wind Blox

The Number One Attachment for Sound

Wind Blox have developed a pair of Ear Covers that do a great job of keeping out the wind resistance noise when out on your ride.
 They were delivered in a sturdy box delivered directly from Wind Blox, inside there were two Ear warmers and a instruction sheet.
Fitting was straight forward it was "child’s play" you simply pull the Focus ear covers apart and place your cycle helmet straps through the middle of the opening,  adjusting them to the right position. Once they are in the right position, the Focus covers will stay in place, thanks to the Velcro in the inner section of the covers.
I was lucky or unlucky enough depending on which way you look at it to test them out on a Cold Windy day, luckily enough after fitting the Focus ear covers the Noise was reduced to a level that I was able to hear cars from behind and ahead a lot clearer,  I also found my ears were warmer and the ride was a lot more pleasant.  I soon forgot about the chill factor and enjoying the ride more than I previously have without the Focus on my cycle helmet.
Another great benefit is I will not need to remember to fit them every time I go out, as they are  attached to my helmet all the time now, excellent work by Wind Blox.
The material they have used has a soft feel that also keeps you extremely warm.


Inner view of the Focus on the cycle helmet.

The Wind Blox name stands out at night
due to a reflective materiel used for the name.

Price for the Focus £15.60 (at todays exchange rate)

Order from Amazon.
AMAZON USA Focus Windblox

Wind Blox have been testing the Focus in a wind tunnel with great success and they have Paten-pending technology which blocks out 80% of noise, which after using them I can believe.
I could not give any test results as I’m not an engineer, but its a very easy thing to test them for yourself, by simply finding a safe place to ride and listen to the change in noise when riding without them attached and then with them and listen to the difference yourself, I much preferred it with the Focus Wind Blox attached to my cycle helmet straps.

My Verdict on the Wind-Blox Focus:

Easy to fit.
Comfortable on the ears.
Works well even if your wearing a hearing aid device.
Cuts down the wind noise making the ride more enjoyable.
Light in weight.



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