Lezyne Alloy Tyre Levers Review

First I will be using the levers from the Lezyne range, the Alloy Levers are priced at around £10.00, so not a cheap option, but then you do pay for a quality design, constructed of polished aerospace-grade aluminum, for a high strength-to-weight ratio. Lezyne states it has an "aggressive hook geometry which provides ideal leverage when dealing with difficult tire beads,"  I will find out if this is the case when it comes into play on the tyre change.


 Lezyne Alloy Levers comes with a nice pouch to keep them together, also will help stop them rattling in your tool bag.

 With the Lezyne Alloy levers I had no problems with the MTB tyre removing or refitting, but on the Road bike tyre, the levers did seem to have a feel of  harshness against the rim,  I also noticed it was  slightly harder to get a grip of the lever when running it around the bead, hence a little bit more fiddly. 

 The tyre on the 29er rim is a 700 x 40cc size, so you can see it is much narrower and it is also a solid tyre, which means you can not fold it, thus making it a tougher challenge for any lever! 

 Getting the Alloy Levers to get in and under the rim was a bit of a challenge with this tyre, the levers did not seem to be big enough to get a real grip on it to force it into the bead, I did manage it finally but it felt as if the levers could be scratching the rim.

 Another problem with the Alloy levers were, they could not be tucked between the spokes for placement, handy when you need a free hand for a moment.

 The Alloy levers certainly had no problems holding out to the force on the 700x 40 cc tyre

 Found it hard to get a good grip on the Alloy levers when running it around the bead to break the seal.

 I did not like the feel of the Alloy against the rims, but this might just be down to the fact I have not used Alloy levers before, only resin ones.

 Refitting the 700X 40cc Tyre with the Alloy levers, I found the extra strength came in handy when getting the final bit of tyre onto the rim.

Road tyres were no problem for the Alloy Levers.

Verdict on the Lezyne Alloy Tyre Levers.....

1 : Ease of use.
I found it hard to get a grip of the Alloy levers, due to of the narrow body of them. Points awarded 3
2 : Quality of manufacture.
Extremely well made, they come in a great sleeve to hold them together, but it did not include a spoke hook in the design.  Points awarded 3

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch.
Felt on the very tough tyre that it could possibly mark the rims over a period of time, would think twice about theses on a carbon rim to be honest. Points awarded 3

4 : Value for money.
I have checked out several websites and they are all priced around the £10.00 mark which tends to make them high end cost, they certainly would not break easily if at all. Points  awarded 2

 Total score 11 out of a possible 20.

Main benefit of the Lezyne Alloy Levers  is there "Size!, this alone makes them a well worth investment for your saddle bag, you wont break them, they will get you out of trouble on any ride,

Theses are the Tyre Lever I will be taking on the Prudential Ride 100 this year!

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