Blackmore Cycling Apparel Flo Yellow, Flo Pink, Flo Cyan Duck Socks.

Blackmore Duck Socks

The Duck Socks come in three fantastic colour's.

Flo Yellow Duck Socks

Flo Pink Duck Socks

Flow Cyan Duck Socks

Priced at £10.00 plus p&p.

The Duck Socks come in three Bright colour's that will get you noticed on your ride, and that has to be a good safety feature, especially as the evenings are starting to draw in and the weather is still good enough to go out for a ride in the evening's.
Blackmore have Incorporated  Coolmax polyester in to the range of Duck Socks, which is  marketed as "moisture-wicking" and "breathable" ideal for the Duck Sock range, so it drys quicker than cotton socks out on the ride.
On the Blackmore Duck Sock description it says "Padded sole section above cleat contact point", and I must say this feels as if it has been placed perfectly to cushion the foot where the pressure point is above the cleat.
Blackmore say they are "Made In England" which is a bonus to buy home produced products supporting UK Industries.
The Blackmore website describes the Flo Socks as having an "Improved fit and performance" and I must admit I had not tried a pair from the previous range of Flo socks, so in all honesty I can't really say if there is any improvement on fit and performance, but what I can tell you is they all fitted my size 7 feet perfectly.  They were not too tight around the leg, they stayed up on the rides, they just felt really comfortable, I also liked the bright colours as well...When I finished my ride I must admit I forgot I had them on my feet! at no time did my feet sweat or feel wet unlike other socks I have tried.

Duck on the rear.

Check out the Blackmore website on the below link.

During today's ride I got caught in a very heavy downpour, the Flo Yellow Duck socks that I was wearing got absolutely soaked, but after a few miles I noticed that the Flo Yellow Duck Socks had dried out, other socks that I have purchased in the past have stay wet until I have returned home, making my ride uncomfortable and leaving my shoes damp for days.

Flow Yellow.

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