Hikari Bike Halo Bike wheel lights Review.

 Hikari Bike Halo Bike Wheel Lights Review

Priced £39.99 free P&P

 One x Red and One x White, front and rear wheel.

 Bling your bike with the Hikari Halo Bike Wheel Lights.

Whats in the box: 
1x WHITE 2.7m 25-piece 8EHD LED cable (front)
1x RED 2.2m 20-piece 8EHD LED cable (rear)
2x USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery (up to 30 hours battery life)
2x Wheel hub battery compartment
30x Custom zip ties
Installation guide
USB rechargeable
100% rainproof (IP65)
Two modes – flashing (30 hour battery life), steady (15 hour battery life)

 Take a quick look at the video to see the Halo How to fit Youtube from Hikari, but do come back to find out how I get on with the Halo Bike wheel lights.


 Fitting: In the box you will find cable ties, a rubber strip, the first thing I did was attach this to the main battery unit, it is there to help keep the Halo firmly in place on your hub.


Secure the USB battery unit to the hub and secure with the tie wraps supplied.

Battery unit, LED lights, Cabel ties.

Sticky pad.

Pad in place.
Front Hub.

Place the USB battery on the front hub and secure with the tie wraps.

Now its time to feed the LED lights around the spokes and secure with the tie wraps. 

Simple to do.

Keep feeding the Halo through the spokes.

Once secure cut the ends of the tie wraps off to make it neater.
Halo fitted and out on a ride test!

I found the Halo front light great to use during the day.

Gets you noticed.

Hikari Youtube video makes it more clear than I have done here, so check it out to see just how easy installing the Halo Bike wheel lights.

Just need the dark nights to come now! 
Ideal for the Night charity rides, or even the Critical Mass rides on the last Friday of the month, but most of all as soon as it starts to get dark the Halo Wheel lights come in to there own! 
Bright front and rear lights on your bike, makes you stand out more to other road users.

Halo in place.

 The Hikari Halo will fit more or less any wheel size, it is also totally waterproof, so ideal if you have a MTB bike and love playing in the mud.

Come along on the Dunwich Dynamo 120 Mile night ride from London to Dunwich  on the 16th July.
I will have the front and rear Halos fitted for the ride, so look out for my updates.

Want to know more: 

Website: https://www.hikari.bike/halo-bike-wheel-lights/

Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/hikaribike

Facebook Feed: https://www.facebook.com/HikariBike/?hc_location=ufi

Youtube Feed: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCExwXbv8oP2iftDUa36BYJw

For the BEST set of wheels you need to contact Hikari!

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