Lezyne Flow Caddy

Lezyne Flow Caddy review 

  A great idea, it's a tool carrier in the shape of a drinks bottle!

 The Flow Caddy has a screw on lid, wide enough to drop your tool pouch in the container, or even a small mobile phone.
Inside is a roll labeled organizer.
                               The labeled organizer seemed like a good idea at first,  I thought that was a really good touch but I soon found out it took up a lot of room in the Flow Caddy, that could be used for other things.
With the labeled organizer rolled up it fits neatly in the Flow Caddy, one thing we could not fit in was a spare inner tube, so I feel that if you needed to take a tube with you, it would be advisable to have a seat bag as well.

As you can see the Flow Caddy will comfortably hold your tyre leavers!

There it is, seated in the bottle holder, you can fill the Flow Caddy with anything your heart desires, as long as it fits inside! 

Tyre lever's, 2 x threaded Co2 cartridges, AV 11 Multi tool will all fit in there pockets of the Organizer.

The Multi tool AV 11 Fits like a glove in the tool holder of the organizer, along with the Co2 canisters and tyre levers (Thanks to https://www.leevalleycycles.co.uk/ in the making of the photos here )

All fits in nice and neat, a handy strap is incorporated in the design of the organizer, we found this very good to leave at the top of the opening, it will allow for easy withdrawal from the Flow Caddy


Nice wide lid.
Fits the bottle holder nice and tight.
Extra capacity for longer rides.
Weight 60g, so a light unit.
Water resistant. 
Personally I found the labeled organizer not great for me as I prefer to utilize the inner space with other items, but for some people it will be ideal. 
It keep items dry in all conditions, be it roads, mountain trails, or woods.
Also an ideal place to keep a bit of loose change for a glass of something refreshing!

*Foot Note  Since using the Flow Caddy we have got to like the Organizer, we were in two minds weather this was a good thing to have in the Flow Caddy, we thought it would take up room, the latest thing we have found is it keeps the items nice and neat, stops them from rattling around on harsher rides, our Verdict now on the Organizer is it is well worth adding to the Flow Caddy!

Nice idea Lezyne.

Priced around £6.99p to £11.99p with  organizer

Check out your local Lezyne stockist 

 Harlow's local stockist


The flow caddy keeps your tools completely dry! 
As per the photographs below, see it is a well worth while accessory to have along with you on real muddy rides.

Stays nicely in the bottle holder, keeping all you place into the Flow Caddy dry!


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Lezyne

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