Lezyne Saber Tyre Levers

 A Tyre Lever with added bonus! 

Saber levers from Lezyne.

Next I am testing the Lezyne Saber Lever, sold as a pair and with a neat sleeve to keep them together, priced around £13:50 to £22:99 so I recommend you shop around if your interested in these.

 These Saber Levers are large! Length is 165mm so you should get plenty of grip on these  ones! 
Very well made and has a "Bottle Opener" along with a 15mm pedal wrench built in as well, very handy if your out on the trail some where.
The weight of these are 64g

 The Saber Levers are a neat design, they have a profile design on the tip of the lever to act as a guide for the rim and tyre.
 I found there were no problems with the Lezyne Saber Levers on the starting of on any of the tyres I tried, they simply slipped in under the tyre nicely.

 I was a bit worried at first in case the Saber Levers scratched the rims, but found no evidence they had done so, on both the road and MTB rims.

Strong as anything! 

The Saber does not come with a spoke hook in the design, but I found it was large enough just to hook the top end under a spoke, as long as it does not ping off and hit you, so take care if you do try this method.

Found the Saber Levers nice to work with, plenty of grip with a nice thin strong tongue, great for getting into any hard bead.

On the 700x40cc tyre there was no problem getting the Saber in and around the rim,

Nice thin guides on both sides for the on and off motion.

Verdict on the Saber Levers by Lezyne priced from £13:50 to £22:99

1 : Ease of use. Found the Saber levers to be a good set of levers, they got into the bead easily and once there, they stayed in the rim until the end. You need to take care the tip does not nick the inner tube. Points awarded 5

2 : Quality of manufacture. Top marks for the design for the Sabers. Points awarded 5

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch. I found the Sabers did not feel like they were going to scratch the rim, but not too sure how they would be on a Carbon Fiber wheel. Points awarded 3

4 : Value for money. I just have to give these a big 5 points here, just cannot see how they would break under normal use, bonus in the bottle opener and the pedal spanner, maybe to large to fit in your saddle bag. Points awarded 5

 Total Score 18 out of a possible 20

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