Knog 640 Arc Blinder Review NEW.

 Knog 640 Arc Blinder Review.

The New and Improved Knog Arc Blinder review.

Knog tell me the Arc Blinder has been updated with a host of new features,  to be honest I thought why mess with something as great as the original light in the first place!

So what is new! .........The battery life has been extended, [which is good news, although I never had an issue with loss of power with the previous light] and the Cree light, Knog have introduced into the 640 Arc Blinder, with 640 Lumen's of power to the Knog Arc line up, and this is impressive from a single light unit of this size.
Out on the road the I found the High beam was just not needed to see the road ahead, I could see the road very clearly on just middle power, and that was more than enough to see every pot hole or road hump ahead. I found I used high beam more on unlit tow paths and trails through the woods, lighting the way ahead with exceptional clarity, couple this with a Knog Blinder on your cycle helmet and there will be no stopping the trail rider.
Adjustable straps are included, they are the famous Knog interchangeable silicone mounting straps  ranging from  25 to 30mm and 30 to 35mm, simply remove the securing  bolt on the underside of the light housing to change straps, but remember to check every few rides, just in case the bolt starts to  loosen, the Arc comes with the right size Hex key for this change over or adjustment
Quick change over of straps.

Arc 640 2x straps, Charge cable and Helmet mount with 2xVelcro straps.

Whats in the Box !

Spec: 640 Lumen's, 4 Modes. Elliptical beam.
 The beam is also a nice part of the Knog 640 Arc, Knog have managed to incorporate a very clever  elliptical beam pattern of 16° on the vertical and 24┬║ horizontal light, out on a completely dark country lane you will really appreciate this, it ensures the riders road ahead is correctly lit and not dispersed where you don't need it, you really have to see the Knog at work on a dark country lane to fully appreciate this fantastic design feature.

White LED, 100% Waterproof, Battery indicator, Weight 150 Grams.
IP68 Tested, so don't let being caught out in the rain worry you.

Arc is a light weight !

Run Times.
I found the Knog Arc 640 was correct in its battery life charge times.
Knog have come up with a very clever way to keep the light at the same brightness, they call this "Constant Bright Tech", basically it  keeps the Knog Arc shining at the same brightness all the way through it charge life, right up to the moment it runs out. Don't worry about being left in the dark, it also incorporates a Red warning light to tell you when its charge is diminishing, on couple of occasions I have had the Red recharge light come up on the Knog case, but found there was still enough retained power to get me home!

USB Charge stick, simply plug in to your PC to charge.

Not enough room on your USB Port, don't worry simply use the cable provided.

XM-L2 Led's by Cree

4 Settings..... High, Middle, Low and Flash,
 On/Off button, hold down to turn on
Push to change the mode setting
Hold down to turn off.

Sample of the Mode indicator lights on Medium setting.

High Setting.

Low Setting.

 The Knog 640 Arc Blinder comes with an informative booklet with all the information you may need on settings, charge times etc.

 If you need any more information than provided on here, check out Knog's Website and upload the Product User Guide.

Take a quick look at Knog's video on Vimeo, (But do come back please)

 After a charge up I went into the garden for a play with the Knog 640 Arc Blinder.
The Garden is just behind the Arc, total darkness!

High Beam.

Middle Beam.

Low Beam.

 You will find the light sequence to the Knog Arc Blinder on You tube on my review channel.

My Verdict on the Knog 640 Arc Blinder.


 The original Arc Blinder lamp did slip every now and again, but I found the new strap did not do that, in fact on a road ride it never moved from the original position, on the Old Arc I never really thought much about it until I tried them both, also the new Arc is a lot quicker and easier to fit.
The power produced is amazing from something this size, battery life seems to live up to the stated "Whats On The Box".
Charge times seem to take a while, but when you need to pack in the power of the 640 you can understand why, it didn't bother me that much.

All in all one very impressive light for the cyclist who needs to be out after dark.
The 640 Arc Blinder....... Superb!

 The Arc comes with different colour bodies, 

Priced at around £80.00 so it pays to shop around.

Will be adding more updates later.

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