Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL Review


 Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL Review



Priced at srp £39.99

Lezyne Micro Drive 400 XL.

Did you all notice the "Price"?

Some thing's in life just get better, and this light is one of those, this the cycle light for the 21st Century!
Lezyne have come up with a light that should cost twice as much as their srp of £39.99  [when you read this review you will understand why!] which is the price that the Micro Drive is selling at! 

Read on to find out more.

Lezyne has this one rated as a 400 Lumen's front cycle light, and that is what surprised me! when fully charged and I started to play with the setting's, on the bright mode I had to double check to see if it was a 400 XL rated and not just a straight 400 lumen's because this one seemed a lot brighter than that to me!
The Micro Drive Light has a powerful uniform Power Beam called a  "MOR" (Maximum Optical Reflection) that makes the twin lenses kick out a very bright 400 lumen's on its brightest mode, and at the front the Micro Drive has twin LED'S that have a side slot cut out to make the light visible at a very acceptable 180 degrees from the side, that will keep you visible to other road users during the day and night, when coming out of the side turnings etc.
Talking of day, one great thing the Micro Drive has a super bright day running light setting, which uses the max lumen, high-visibility blinking mode which was developed to increase the user safety during daytime commuting, a excellent mode setting.

Twin Headlights!
 Whats in the box: Well nothing is in the "Box" because the Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL comes in a sealed plastic bag containing one 400XL light fixed to a card with the instructions printed on it. [less packaging less cost]
Instruction sheet is slipped inside in a small plastic bag sealed to keep it safe whilst in transit to the shop or your door! 
Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL attached to its display card.

As stated 400 Lumen's.

400 Lumen's.
Weight: 90g.
Charge Time: 3 hrs USB.
Battery: Li-Poly battery.
Run Times: Setting's: 8 modes.
Blast-300 Lumen's, lasting 1 Hour 20 min's.
Enduro-150 Lumen's, lasting 2 hours 45 min's.
Economy mode-75 Lumen's lasting 5 hours 30 min's.
Femto mode-15 Lumen's lasting 25 Hours.
Flash 1-75 Lumen's lasting 11 Hours.
Flash 2 mode-75 Lumen's lasting 11 Hours.
Pulse Mode-75 Lumen's Lasting 11 Hours.
Overdrive Mode-400 Lumen's lasting 1 Hour.

Features: New switch called "Femto" this setting will let you ride for around 25 Hours! ( I have put it here again in case you missed the point above!)

Memory Mode Switch: Very clever mode switch, it will return to the setting that you last used on the Micro Drive Pro, so you find a favorite and leave it at that, next time you turn on the light it will be at last setting used.

Safety: The Micro Drive has a clever front side light design which makes the light visible at 180 degrees, ideal for when you are approaching a "T" junction.

Mounting: Rubber type strap attached to the bottom of the Micro Drive with a Clip hook on the end to attach the rubber strap, works well I thought and had no problems with fitting.        

Status Light button: Top of the Micro Drive is the On/Off  button which incorporates the condition of the light in a series of colours depending on the power level of the battery.

Body: The Micro Drive is nice and solid, being made out of Aluminum for the body, making it nice and light.

There is a long list of features and settings for the Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL, but once out of the packaging charging was straight forward,  you simply remove the bottom rubber cap to expose the USB charge stick and plug in to your PC, it's as simple as that.
The Micro Drive is attached with a Tie wrap, be careful when removing, do not use a knife in case you cut in to the strap.

Remove carefully.

Micro Drive comes with the strap fitted to the body of the light.

Lezyne Micro Drive 400 XL printed on one side

I love the Lezyne name, it's a sign of Quality

USB cap removed to show the in built charge stick.

Attaching the Micro Drive is so easy, just place on bar and bring the strap round to hook on the front fixing hook.

Fits nice and solid.

Fits nicely onto the bars on my Specialized Allez road bike.

 The light can be twisted to the side to make fitting a lot easier.

I found I did not need to twist the light to one side to fit the fixing band.

Not too sure how long the swifle design of the fitting bracket would stay in the stiff mode, if the light was used like this on every ride, but it should be covered on the 2 year warranty.

Fit's just as good on the MTB bike bars,  but would love to see the name Lezyne on both side of the light.

Strap is a nice strong rubber compound.

Main On/Off button.

Video of the flash modes on the Micro Drive 400 XL. 


My verdict.

The Lezyne Micro Drive XL is light weight and sturdy with a machined aluminum body and concealed chargeable USB port, making it fully waterproofed against the great British weather, Super Bright "MOR" lens, a memory mode switch, with great easy fitting, and best of all is what you get for the Price, making this one from Lezyne the "Bargain of the Century"! The brightness is amazing for it's size. With the Clever little light on the top switch that glows to tell you the power level the light is in, check out the beam pattern, nice in front with a great wide beam to light the way ahead on your ride. So if your a commute ride, leisure rider or even the keen MTB rider, give this one a look over at your local bike shop, or give Up Grade Bikes web site a look to find your nearest supplier, well worth it. 

Love it,

Down side: Lezyne only printed on one side!

  Update 31/01/2016 : Is the Lezyne Waterproof, you bet it is! here is a photo of it being used all day on very wet ride!

Everything was drenched! 

On one of those rides where it just did not stop raining all day! and the Lezyne Micro drive sttod up to all the weather could throw at it, and me!

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