Weldtite Cyclo Tyre Levers Review X3

 Weldtite Cyclo Tyre Levers Review X3

Weldtite have a classic shaped set of tyre levers called  Cyclo Tyre Levers x3

Priced from £1.95

Constructed in plastic and reinforced with glass fiber to give them extra strength, a classic shape that a lot of cyclist will feel comfortable with, they are slim, they fit easily into your saddle bag, stacking neatly together and are as light as anything!

 Neat combination
 Slim points to get into the tight bead easy.

 Glass fiber reinforced.

I found there were no problems getting into the bead, to start  the removal on a MTB tyre.

Neat spoke hook on one end.

Nice built in Schrader air removal tool 

 On the 700x40cc tyre they found it a bit hard going, the tip took several attempts to get into the bead and once in it was a case of using the spoke hook and inserting another lever close to try to start the bead off.
 700x40cc was a struggle, had no real problems on the normal road bike tyres.

There was no way the levers were strong enough to go round the rim in one go, but worked alright when doing it a section at a time. 

 Nice feature the spoke hook and Schrader air removal tool.

Verdict on the Weldtite tyre levers x 3

1 : Ease of use. On my road and mountain bike tyres I found there was no problem getting into the bead, but on the tighter 700x 40cc tyre they did struggle a bit, having to take it in much smaller sections  to get the tyre off. Points awarded 3.

2 : Quality of manufacture. Nice strong design, stood up to all I put them through, nice compact size.  Points awarded 4.

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch. Had no problems with any rim damage. Points awarded 5. 

4 : Value for money. High score for value for money. Points awarded 5.

 Total Score 17 out of a possible 20

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