Sporteer Velocity V6 Armband M/L 28-38CM review

Sporteer Velocity V6 Armband M/L 28-38CM

I would like to thank Viv for taking the time to prepare this review for Harlow Cycle Page.

Theses are Viv's own thoughts on the Sporteer V6 armband.

In the words of Viv
"Firstly I would like to say thank you as I have been trying to get back into running for a while but that first run just wasn't happening.  Being giving the opportunity to review the V6 armband phone holder was the incentive I needed.  A deadline by which I had to run by in order to write up a review.
Sporteer V6 Armband M/L

First test was in the gym on the treadmill where I wore the armband directly against the skin and the second was outside for a riverside run with it worn over a light jacket.

On both occasions I was very impressed with the comfort, I haven't used one before and expected it to feel heavy which it didn't.  The Velcro strap was very secure and although you have to watch you don't pinch the skin when you first do it up, once done it did not loosen at all.  This meant that it stayed put and didn't end up sliding down your arm.  It worked equally as well when I was carrying extra weight in the form of my small I Pod as well as my phone.

During the run in the gym the armband felt very warm directly against the skin but I think this was more proof that I was working hard and that the air conditioning could be better, anything was going to feel warm against the skin at that point.

Over clothing you were less aware of wearing the band and it was very comfortable in deed.

The size of this model is slightly larger than my Samsung S3 mini but because of the elastic strap inside it stayed still and I felt no movement as I ran and bounced it around. 

The Zips did not move (come undone) and are nice and strong so when I used with my iPod and had the headphone lead coming out through a small gap at the top I had no worries of loosing anything. 

Use of the phone through the clear cover was not impeded at all and you could easily swipe to unlock the phone and even type a text without having to remove from the armband.   I used map my run on the outside run and the GPS signal was not interrupted at all either.

Overall very impressed. The armband is very well made and the material on the inside very comfortable against the skin, good quality zip and nice design.  The small pockets inside discreetly hold a little cash or bank cards or for keeping a key safe and away from the back of the phone where it may have scratched it.  Although there is no small hole for a headphone lead to come out I managed fine without and actually the band is designed for a phone I Pod I expect anyway. 

There is an additional pocket on the very back of this model possibly designed to hold a key although a small mp3 player ( stick type or small I Pod shuffle) would probably fit in it possibly doing away with the need of a headphone lead hole but not sure just how comfortable using this pocket would be."

Thank Viv for your input.

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 Thank You.

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