Eazy Gliders Balance Bike Review for Twins!

 Eazy Glider Balance Review.


My work college Simon is the father of 18 month old twins, Simon loves cycling it looks like his twins may be chips of the old block!. It seems they are crazy about all his bike gear, so I suggested to him  about doing a "Balance Bike Review" for my blog.

Cycle show 2015 NEC:  
On Press day of the show we visited many of the Balance Bikes stands, we had a chat with a few but after a bit of corresponding it all came to nothing, so I set about my Twitter feed to get a Balance Bike supplier interested in us reviewing their product, and thankfully a company called "Just Balance Bikes" came to the rescue, and has promised  His and Hers Eazy Glider Balance Bikes for the Twins to learn on. 

Eazy Glider: 
 A quick look at the Eazy Glider bike promised for the Twins by "Just balance bikes", and as you can see it looks like a great Balance Bike, not just a wooden frame bike but has the look of a real BMX bike and ideally suited to be put through the tough pace of 18 month old Twins! 
As soon as the bikes get delivered I will be looking to update this review blog, not too sure how long this will take [hopefully before it snows!] I am hoping to take them from their first ever bike ride and to see how they graduate to a full bike with pedals!

Find out how the Twins get on with the updates 

Here you will find a video on the Eazy Glider Balance Bike


 UPDATE 24/11/2015

Just balance bikes said the Eazy Glider for the Twins  would be with me today, and it was! 
They use UK Mail, I had a tracking number emailed to me by Just Balance Bikes, and the email link took me to the UK Mail website where I entered the code on the email to track the Eazy Gliders, and they arrived right on time! 
So a thank you to all involved for making this delivery a Eazy Glider one! 
Find UK Mail here.

Eazy Glider come in a nice sturdy cardboard box.

Love this Idea! The box once opened up can be made in to a racing car! Simply follow the instructions on the box!

The Eazy Glider come's neatly packed in the box.

Front forks had light cardboard wrapped around them, along with the frame.

Nice bright yellow! 

Eazy Glider comes with a rear brake, handy if you live near a hill.

Great easy to read instructions.

PVC Bush, Slip rings Clamp, cover,

A nice safety feature to keep the wheels attached, when fitting follow the instruction sheet.
Correct position.

PVC Bush PVC Slip Ring, Clamp, Clamp Cover, (Right to Left)   Following the instructions sheet, I found it straight forward, I feel any one competent with a spanner could safely put the Eazy Glider together, but if your not sure take it to your local bike shop to put together.
Seat looks and feels OK to me, how a young child will find it we will see.

Eazy Glider looks a nice bike, no sharp edges I can see to harm the small child.

Soft tyres to make the ride more comfortable.

Rea brake lever, like the way they have set this up to be a easy pull to stop.

Only hard part I found was putting the two PVC Bushes, they needed a hard push home.

PVC Bush top and bottom fitting.

Front fork Baseplate and PVC Slip ring.

Instruction booklet.

Any problems just contact Customer support.

 All I need to do now is to  box it all back up,  and pass it on to the Twins father to build up the Eazy Gliders for the Twins. 

UPDATE 1/12/2015

The box has been passed on to the Twins Father, now it is time for him to check it out and find the time to put them together and give us all a update!
Looking forward to this one. 

UPDATE 13/12/2015

How To Measure Your Child Guide: Take a few minutes to check the Eazy Gliders Website out on How to Measure Your Child, the link is here..

Well worth the read, and very nice information from the Balance Bike Team!

UPDATE 16/12/2015

The Twins Dad has now had the time to put the bikes together, (Well Twins are a full time job).
Reported no problems and was a easy build up of the Eazy Gliders, the box they came in was a "God Send" Simon tells me, take a look at the box photos.....

Hi There!

Simon tell me the boxes only lasted them both 30 minutes with Sophia winning to smash hers up first!

Sophia raring to go!
Simon tells me that  Sophia won the race to destroy the box first The bikes were really easy to assemble and the idea of using the box for another purpose after assembly is a fantastic idea albeit they lasted 30 mins! they sat in them for a while watching toy story and drinking their juice then after a while they got bored and decided to go mad and destroy them! (Sounds Like Great Fun To Me!)

Charlie on his first "Bike" a Eazy Glider Balance Bike from Just Balance Bike UK.

You alway remember your "First Bike", well some might, I can remember my first one, and hopefully Charlie will rember his, he will have the photos to show!
Simon managed to find some time to get the the twins out for there first ride and the weather was warm enough and also dry enough, Sophia is a bit small at the moment for her Eazy Glider so we may have to wait a while till she is comfortable with the balance bike.

Simon will update me some more on how the Twins got on, so look out for the updates soon..
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UPDATE 12/01/2016 The twins are raring to go out this weekend coming up, so fingers crossed the weather is OK and not raining!
Hope Dad can find the time to take the twins out, and get them there first real ride! Fingers crossed, as soon as I get the photos and any input will be updating as and when!

Charlie Mad about bikes!

More updates soon on how the twins get on with the Eazy Gliders .

Easy Gliders Update: 26/11/2017. Have the pleasure of catching up with the Twins Dad Simon and get a update on how the twins are getting on, the twins have grown into the Eazy Gliders Balance Bikes nicely, perfect to sit astride and go for a Balance bike ride, Simon passed me a few photos and a video on the twins. 

A Video of Charlie out for a ride. 

A great photo of Sophie on her Eazy Glider. 

Give us all a "Wave" 

As you can see the Twins love there Eazy Gliders from Just Balance Bikes, at the moment they have a "Black Friday Deal " on so check it out now at the link below

The Twins wil be 4 years old in March 2018.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Just Balance Bikes.

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  1. Hi,
    That is such a cute bike. I should check it for my niece.

    1. Hi Audrey, did you get your Niece a Balance Bike, just updated the review blog on the twins, take a look, @JustBalanceBikes have a Black Friday Sale on at the moment, just a idea...


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