Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution Cleaner

 Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution Review

Some of you out there in the world of motorcycles will have heard of, or even used Scottoiler on your motor cycles, and will probably know all about the history of the company. To be honest with you I had never heard of them until recently when I passed their stand at the Cycle Show in September, I stopped to have a chat with the guys at their stand, as they had bike wash product on display and it was this that attracted me to them, and wondered what made their product different to the tens of other products on the market!

Ultimate Bike Solution is a revolutionary new bike lubricant and maintenance spray

Bike lubricant and maintenance spray all in one! 
Takes a bit of getting used to I know, but that is the Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution Cleaner.

How does it work.

 Spray it on after your ride or after you have washed your bike. You will notice it makes cleaning the bike super easy next time!

Before the wash.

Scottoiler applied.

Scottoiler sprayed on to the rear cassette.

Soaks in well.

I will be doing updates over a period of time on with the Scottoiler.

I have done a few miles on the Ribble road bike with the Scottoiler Ultimate bike solution sprayed on to the frame and drive train, and I found the chain looked as though it had oil on it, even though I had removed all the old chain lube from the chain previously, and then as a test, I removed the Scottoiler and cleaned the chain again to get it back to the original look,
I then applied the Scottoiler again

Chain after the clean.

Drive train needing a clean! 

I used a Drive Train cleaner and then washed it off using clean water as directed, the Drive Train came up looking like new!

I then reapplied the Scottoiler.

 I have cleaned the Drive Train off with a cleaner and resprayed with the Scottoiler to see if it will act as a chain lube as they state! 
The chain was black and looked as if it was covered in oil, next time I will know it is the Scottoiler  working as a lubricant! 
So far it makes the frame look great.
It takes a bit of getting used to cleaning wise! 


Update 04/11/2015

Here is a photo of the Drive Train with the UBS having been sprayed and soaked in, no other oil or lubricant was added, just the spray with the UBS!
 Drive Train before a wet ride out.

Looks like there is no UBS on the chain, but run your finger along the chain to and you will find
it is lubricated! 

Here is the Scottoiler after a 26 mile ride around country roads going through puddles and dirt tracks etc.

Very surprised on how little the cogs had picked up dirt!

I was very impressed with the way the UBS kept the drive train clean!

If you have a local bike shop pass this link on to them for more information on Stocking the Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution,

UPDATE: 24/06/2017.
Since the launch of the Scott Oiler range there have been a change read here for more details ...

 Ultimate Bike Solution is now GUARD by Flaér
The ultimate protection for your ride!
As our cycle business grows we have decided to combine our products under one brand including our award winning Scottoiler products, Ultimate Bike Solution and Ultimate Bio Cleaner within the Flaér brand under the new names of GUARD and REVIVE respectively.
Follow the link below to check out our products and for more information on where you can buy GUARD.

Check out the Name change, still as far as I know the same product as reviewed here on my Blog..

Check out there Twitter Feed here...

Facebook feed here...

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Scottoiler

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