Pedros Tyre Lever Review

On the hunt for the" best out there" I had asked other cyclist what there favorite levers were and I had lots of replies stating the "Pedros"  are the best! 

 Pedros are Priced from £2.99 to £3.99 so it pays to shop around.


Pedros's are made out of a molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend so they reckon they are unbreakable, but it says on there website "As long as your riding buddies don't steal them from you, we are confident the Pedro's Tire Levers will be the last levers you buy.  Do yourself a favor and give them a try.  You will love them! If you ever, somehow, manage to use your gorilla strength to break them, our levers are backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty, and we will happily replace them for you"..... 
Well I have never heard of a clam like that!
So lets test theses ones out! 
 They come in a multitude of colours, Pink, Blue, Green etc. 

 Nice design with the tip slim enough to get in to the tyre bead, easy on the road wheel and even better on the MTB tyre.

 MTB Tyres are no problem for the Pedro's, the only thing I found was the lever popped off the rim when sliding it around, no real concern but this is something that a few of the other levers have not done.

 Strength is the Pedro's forte as they say! 
The tip is nice and thin to get into the bead easily. 

 On the 700x 40cc tyre the pressure was on for the Pedros's to perform, and they did! but yet again they lost grip on sliding the lever around the bead.

 Strong Box design, with a life time guarantee!

Twin spoke hooks, makes it a lot easier to use, but it does not have a valve deflater for a Schrader inner tube valve, so it is just a case of trying to get the corner of the lever to do the job of releasing the air.

Verdict on the Pedro's 

1 : Ease of use.  Found the Spoke hook a great idea, easy to hold the lever on the bead with the hooks. Several times the lever did come out of the bead rim when trying to remove the tyre and had to re enter the bead to carry on. No Schrader valve air release, so had to use a corner of the lever to release the air out of the tube. Great grip of the lever for the harder tyre removal. Points awarded 4 

2 : Quality of manufacture. Manufacture was excellent, tough as nails as they say!  Points awarded 5

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch, At no time did I feel the Pedro's were going to scratch the rims.  Points awarded 5
4 : Value for money. At around £2.99 to £3.99 terrific value, also come with a Life time no Quibble guarantee!  Points awarded 5

Total score 19 out of 20.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Pedros

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