Weldtite Dirt Wash Review

 Dirt Wash from Weldtite 200ml 


 I grabbed a 200ml bottle of dirt wash when I paid a visit to Weldtite's stand at the Press Day Cycle Show NEC earlier this month, to be honest a nice young lady gave it to me!

So here I am to tell you all just how good it is........

One Dirty Bike 

The usual dirty bike after a ride out, we have all been there! 
Caked on grit and mud all over the place! 

I set about the Specialized Camber with the dirt wash, simply spray it on and leave it for 30 seconds then either brush off or work in with a sponge like I have done on this occasion.
Spray it on.
Leave for 30 seconds.

Work in well with a Sponge.

Under side.
Very heavily caked with mud! 
After the Sponge spray down with clean water.

 After a while I noticed streaks were stating to appear! 
I was surprised to see this.

I gave the bike a polish up with a Micro Fibre Cloth and the results speak for them self's! 
What a difference.
Frame work came up with a great shine! 
Really took me by surprise because of the dullness and smearing just before using the Micro Fibre Cloth! 
Just look at this! 
Well impressed I must say! 

 First class job done.

 Proof is in the photos! 

 Dirt wash even bought the wheels and tyres up nice.

 Front forks looking great! 

The underside, remember how caked that was with mud and grit, I had to use a stiff brush on this part, but you can see the results are pretty impressive!  

Verdict on the Weldtite Dirt Wash.

Managed to bring the bike up with the minimum of effort, no more that any of the other bike cleaners I have used, all doing a similar job, the dirt wash brings the bike frame and wheels looking vet nice, only problem I had was I run out just before cleaning the rear cassette and derailleur, so have not posted any photos on the clean up in this area, but if it is as good as the rest then the Dirt wash should be very good.

I used up the whole of the 200ml on cleaning the Specialized Camber but could not clean and give a opinion on removing oil etc.

Shop around if you feel the Weldtite Dirt Wash is for you, using the 200ml bottle made me feel as though I had used more of it than other bike cleaners on the market,  which could turn out to on the dear side in the end!

Good product well worth a try out. 

Priced at around £4.89 to £7.99 for a 1Ltr bottle


 Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Weldtite

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