Bootylicious Coffee Review..........

Bootylicious Coffee Review. 

A Great New way to Serve Fresh Ground Coffee:

 From a VW Beetle! 

Bootylicous fresh ground coffee from the boot of a VW Beetle ! 
A Very clever way to make and serve fresh Lavazza  ground coffee, that tastes absolutely the best I have ever tasted,  which could be served from any mobile stall, at a event, anywhere! 

How do they do it? 

Simply read on.......

Bootylicous has a Fresh Ground Coffee machine in the boot of the VW Beetle! 
They can make any kind of coffee you can think of, the list is endless and the taste is great.

I spoke to Vanessa the lady who came up with this great idea and straight away, I just knew that she loves what she is doing, making and serving great freshly ground coffee..
Vanessa asked me how would I like my cup of coffee, mild medium or strong etc, she also knows her machine like the back of her hand and will give you the right grind level for your taste buds!   

                                        Lavezza Fresh Ground Coffee machine

My favorite cup of coffee.
Taste was great, just the right strength, and made to perfection! 

Loving hands! 
Cafe Latte.
Not my regular style of coffee when I go out, but I must just say this went down very nicely! 
The milk was steamed just right and the smooth taste was wonderful! 
The right texture strength, I would recommend this one to any coffee lover!

The Best thing about Bootylicous is they can come to your door! 

Garden Party, Street party, family fun-day, charity event any time any place! 


VW has the Fracino machine fitted into the boot all hooked up with its own Water and Power supply

Great for any event!
Check out the Bootylicious website for more details on how to book them for your next event.

If you want to have Great Coffee at your next Event, give them a call!


Bootylicious  now accept contactless payments, including all new Apple Pay 🍏⌚ Now that really is espresso coffee


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Bootylicious Coffee.

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