Knog Blinder MOB Review


Blinder MOB Eyeball.

Wink Wink! 
I have on review here a Knog MOB Blinder Eyeball cycle light. 
A small 42 by 42 by 62mm light that only weighs in at a amazing 35g! 
How Knog have managed this is beyond me! 
Surely a cycle light this small can only be any good for for the odd cycle ride out! 
Well think again and read on! 
This is after all a Knog light!

 DIMENSIONS: 42 x 42 x 62mm 
 Called Eyeball.

 Comes with a spare straps for bars 22-27mm / 27-32mm
Made from Silicone. 

 Tough USB Plug.
 Knog have Designed the plug to be exposed to the elements, the plug is waterproof and will not be damaged by exposure..

 Easy to mount to your bars.

 Easy on button, hold it down for a few seconds and you will be well lit up! 
 A short press of the button to scroll through the light phase.

 Always a easy charge option with the Knog MOB Blinder, simply insert the USB end in to your USB slot on your PC laptop.

 The Knog famous black Silicone strap band.
Easy change of the strap, no tools are needed for this task.

 The Knog instruction sheet, a bit small, but you can always down load the manual from the website. 

 Fitment shows you how to refit the strap and clasp.

                Knog on Youtube     

The video here shows the flash sequence of the Knog MOB Blinder.

Out on the road.

 Once the Knog MOB is all charged up you are ready to go! 
Attach it to your bike bars and have fun!
The flash sequence is the hard one to chose from, fast, slow, pulsate etc, so this will be up to the individual rider.
I personnaly found it easy to switch from setting to setting, but did find it a bit more difficult with full finger gloves on.

The Knog MOB Blinder packs a punch for it's size! 

Well worth considering! 

Will be updating this review so look out for the new updates soon.

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Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for KNOG

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