RIUT Rucksack bag Review

 Revolutionary Rucksack

RIUTBAG #Ipredictariut

An Amazing Bag and a Amazing Story! 

let me tell you a bit about the Riut Rucksack


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The creator of the Riut Rucksack is a lady called Sarah Giblin, so what makes this the Riut back pack so special then? 
In simple terms this is a rucksack where there are no external zips! which means if you are in a crowded area your valuable belongings are going to be kept safe, and will not offer the temptation of getting dipped by a pickpocket/thief  when out and about on the tube, the train, in a sporting arena, or even in a shopping center. 

A look at the Riut Rucksack 

At first glance you will notice that there are no external zip's visible, to gain access to the compartments! and that is the beauty of the Riut Rucksack.
So where are they?

 The clever part of the Riut rucksack is in the placement of the zip openings.
When you take the Riut off, you will then be able to gain access to the zips to open it up and get inside!
Making it hard for a thief who after finding there is no entry will move on and find a easier target.   

The front flap contains a three layered compartment, one is fitted with a double zip, the second one will hold documents and the large compartment is padded for protection of your laptop or I-Pad etc.
 This is extremely well designed.
 I-Pad and room for A4 Paper etc in second compartment.

There are yet more internal zip compartments big enough to keep your mobile phone, house keys etc.

The Name is Riut. by Sarah Giblin

On each side of the Riut Rucksack you will find pockets big enough for a drinks bottle, the one thing I have not yet had time to try before releasing  this article on the review blog, is this idea that I think the two pockets will help to keep your drinks bottle cooler on hot journeys,
 (will be testing this as soon as I can, weather permitting!)
If you dont want to use the compartments as a drinks holder you could try to storing something else in there, maybe a magazine,  an umbrella, or mini speaker maybe, list is endless! 

You will find two quick access zip compartments located on each of the shoulder straps, small but practical for change, house keys etc, or just something you may need instant access to. without the need to remove your Riut Rucksack.
Rear padding is soft for your back for a comfortable feeling as well and did not to dig in at any time.
No Zips to dig into your back.

At the top of the Riut Rucksack is a great heavy duty handle, soft to touch and comfortable to grip, ideal when going through a security area or for the times you get shopping, and you need to carry it.

Thats Handy! Riut

There is a nice amount of padding in the shoulder straps, one concern I did have was the cross strap seemed to be a little high at times,  but I am hoping this will feel better as time goes on.
 On each side strap you will find the Zip compartments for the quick access for your change or even a travel card,  by using these you do not have to keep items in your pockets, another great design feature from Sarah Giblin.

 The Invisible Strap!
 On each Riut shoulder strap you will find a adjustable strap just pull this to make an adjustment or to loosen the buckle.

 Yet another great design from Sarah Giblin is the way the straps tuck away when adjusted.

Adjust the strap to length, then fold and  tuck the strap in side the end piece, no loose end flapping about.

 Neat and Tidy! 
There is a great video on the invisible strap on Sarah Giblin's website 

Strong buckle
 TPU = Thermoplastic polyurethane - that's the base material. 
It's an anti-abrasion material normally found in phone covers, so I have been told by Sarah Giblin.

Quick Click Clasp 

Clean design.

Bottom of the Riut Rucksack.
 Waterproof material base and outer shell with foam lined for comfort.

The reinvention of the rucksack is in safe hands with Sarah Giblin, the quality and the design are first class, and the fact that it is user friendly on all levels makes this a must buy for travelers and commuters. I will be recommending this bag to all my friends and family. 

Links to find out more on the Riut Rucksack


Here you will find some great tips on using your Riut Rucksack, including the Invisible Strap! 

If you wish to purchase the Riutbag then please click on the link below


Talk to Sarah on Twitter/Facebook/Google+

If you would like to stock a selection of Riut rucksack's in your shop contact  Sarah Giblin on any of the above media links.

How did I get on with the Riut Rucksack. 


Great to have larger inside compartments for Laptop etc
Nice quick access zipper pockets.
Good padding for the straps and protection of contents.
External pockets are a great idea for drinks etc

Not a pen pocket in sight! 
Front top width strap could do with a clip to stop it from flapping about, as incorporated into the Invisible straps, and that is all there is to dislike about the Riut Rucksack! 

Well done

  Sarah Giblin



On using the Riut rucksack I have found out the front strap is adjustable! It moves up and down to adjust for comfort!

 Positened under the front strap you will find the fastener strap is adjustable! 

 Simply move it up or down to the right loaction that is comfortable for you.

Fold back the cover and continue wearing your Riut in comfort!

Riut out and about! 

Big enough to get in a case of Pepsi Max!

As a test on the Inner padding of the Ruit bag, I had a box of Eggs I carried about for the day!
Did the usual sling the bag down, throw it on my back, and not a single Egg was broken!
Proof that the Padding is up to the mark to keep your I-Pad, Laptop safe!
(Not a single Egg was harmed in this test)

Bus ride time!
The Riut rucksack deserves a seat all to its self! 

Riut is pronounced "riot" and stands for Revolution in user thinking

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Ruit 

Photos by A.Burns 


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