Twist Ties

 Great alternative to the tie strap!

Just a quick one on this review for a change I hear you all say!

Got given a pair of Twist Ties for Christmas and just got round to using them today on my bike rack as a tie down strap.
And they work a treat! 
Rubber coated Wire that bends and twist to the shape you need it,so you could tie up your hose reel, ladders, luggage on your roof rack, ideal for camping trips and the list goes on and on!

 Today though it is about tieing your bike to the bike rack!
And it works a treat, I spent less time trying to place the old length of rope I use to strap the bike to the bike rack, this time round I used the Twist Ties and it was done in a flash!.
 Held the bike safe and secure, not a wobble whilst out on the drive to the woods with the bike on the bike rack! 

 Soft rubber is also kind to your bike frame as well! 

Would just like to thank the Wife for such a great Christmas Present!

"Thank you Dear" 

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Twist Ties

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