Locksit Review

 Locksit Review 

 So what is "Locksit" ?

In simply terms it is a Cycle light with a Lock attached to it, this will allow you to lock up your cycle helmet instead of carrying it around when stopping and parking up.

 Whats in the box 
1x Locksit
1x Clamp 
4 Screws 1 of which is a security screw 
2 x locking keys 
  4 x coin cell batteries for the light unit

 Well thought out rubber backing fitted to the clamp

 Lock it and leave it 

The difference with the Locksit is in the way it get the power for the light this is by using  4 x coin cell batteries for the light unit

 Fitting could not be any easier
find a space on your handle bars and fit the bracket with the screws provided, only use 3 of the screws supplied as one is a security screw. 
Once you are happy with the location fit the last security screw.

 Nice fitting 

Locksit in place 

 Key cover and On /Off switch
 Security Key lock 

 The way the Locksit works 
Place the key in the lock to remove the front light assembly.

 Pull the cable all the way out and pass it through an air vent on your cycle helmet.

Feed it through.

 Place the cable back into its locking position on the rear of the light.

 And now remove the key and your cycle helmet is securely locked up.

20 Lumen's of light capable of 13 hours continuous use.

Bright enough for the commute home

Want to order one, simply check out  Locksit here for more information

Price at publication £34.95 plus £4.95 Postage and packing

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Our Verdict 

Its a lock with a light.
Saves you taking your cycle helmet into the cafe, shops or even on the train, perfect if you are on a solo ride and you need a rest room stop!
Light maybe a bit big for some riders but ideal for most.
A little on the pricey side but remember you are getting Two things in One, a Light and a Lock, separately they would cost as much if not more, plus you would need to carry around a lock.  

If your at a show well worth checking them out. 

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Locksit


  1. Thank you, I try to give a Honest review, I tell it as it is..


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