Ducksmart Earth Mover Bike Cleaner

Ducksmart earth mover

         It is thanks to Ducksmart that I do reviews!
They were the best when I reviewed them a couple of years ago and after reviewing other cleaning products they are still the best.

One empty bottle of Ducksmart earth mover!

 One big container of Ducksmart earth mover!

 A closer look! 

 Lid off funnel ready! 

 "Hey Presto" a new bottle of Ducksmart earth mover!

Thank you Ducksmart for being the best cycle cleaner on the market!

 Looks like we have some bike cleaning to do!
Dust no problem for the Duck!  


Time for a Bike Clean! 

In order to clean your bike, you first need to get it muddy! 
And that is what I have done! 
Epping Forest UK.

 Let us Spray! 

 Spot the Duck! 

 A lot of dirt here! Get ride of any loose dirt by brush etc.

Tyres were well caked in mud stuck to the tred.

Make you wonder if these will come up clean! 

 First wet the bike down with water and remove any loose mud debris etc, then spray the Earth Mover over the bike, this is where I get a soft cloth and work it in, I have found this to be the best way for me!

 Rinse off with clean water and dry with a Microfiber cloth.

 Front wheel normally takes a lot of mess, but thanks to the FR Mudhugger mudguards not a lot of dirts around the front fork area, just mostly on the tyre.
(Link to Follow soon)

 How about this then! 
After the wet down, and quick removal of any lose dirt, I applied the Earth Mover by spray bottle and worked it well in with a soft cloth, then gave it a spray with clean water followed by a dry of with a microfiber cloth and you can see the results is amazeing! 

 The Tyres have come up lovly! 

 Rims are shining like new thanks to the Ducksmart Earth Mover.

 Front wheel and forks are now shining like new again! 

 Front frame work is looking great! 

 Drive train rear wheel frame is looking great! 

 Topeak Aero Wedge seat bag even come up like new! 

What else could I clean? 
Well how about the Topeak Aero Wedge Seat bag from Topeak and ExtraUK (Review Link here) 

 The usual dirt cling to your rear seat bag! 

 Will the Earth Mover bring this up looking like new again! 

 First thing I did was to wet down with clean water.
Spray the Earth Mover on and rub in with a clean soft cloth removing any grime.
Next spray off with clean water and dry with a microfiber cloth to bring it up looking like new! 

 Underneath looking like new! 

 Right side like new! 

Left side like new! 

 Looking like new again thanks to the Earth Mover by Ducksmart.

What else get dirt and muddy on your ride out! 


On a ride out through the woods your shoes are going to get coverd in mud at some stage of the ride, weather you end up going through a muddy section or just simply putting your down in the dirt to stedy your self, sooner or later the shoes will get full of dirt! 

Lets try the EarthMover on my MTB shoes as a tester! 

 Typical dirty shoes after a ride out.

 Caked on mud! 

 Same as the bike and seat bag, I gave the shoes a light spray with clean water to dampen them down.
Then a light spray of the Earth Mover, worked it in and gave the shoe a good rub to remove any grime, dirt, mud etc.
Then a spray with clean water followed by the dry off with the Microfiber cloth to bring up the shine! 

 Spot the Ckean shoe! 

 B=Nice and shinney! 

 A Clean pair of MTB shoes again thanks to Ducksmart.

Like brand new!

See your local bike shop for a stock of Ducksmart.

One just like 
In Harlow or visit the Ducksmart website at 

You can find them on Facebook 

Twitter Feed 


 Get the foam action of the Ducksmart to make your bike, car, van, truck in fact anything looking like new! 


Earth Mover will clean anything! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews, I hope it makes it a lot easier to choose cycling products that suit you.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below, and also share the review blog for others to read vie the Twitter Facebook, and Google+ easy share buttons.



Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for  Ducksmart

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