Rubena Gripper Cycle Tyres 29er 700X40cc

Rubena Gripper A strong tyre with a low rolling resistance designed for touring and trekking.

700x40cc Size on review here

I came across a vast selection of Rubena tyres, at the Press day of the London Bike Show earlier this year, I got chatting to the lads on the stand, about Company Rubena and where and how they started out, and it appears there is a long line of tyre inventions from Rubena dating back along time! 

The History of Rubina, I feel it is a important link to share with you all as it tells you a bit of how long the name has been around and the changes the company has gone through over the years.

The Review I am doing is on a set tyres that goes by the name of "Gripper" and with a name like that you would expect some sort of muscle tyre, well basically it is a tyre for a 29'er!

That is right! you have read that correctly a tyre with a "Low Rolling Resistance Designed for Touring and Trekking"on a 29'er!

There are a lot of  29'er riders out there and they love the ride and roll of the 29'er, the handling, the steering and the chunkiness of the MTB tyres fitted, the look of the hard tail designed by the man himself Gary Fisher (in the case of Trek) the list could go on and on, but I have found that when fitting a new set of off road tyres my speed on the road decreases vastly, which is all down to the rolling resistance of the MTB tyre, I feel there are a lot of people out there that could utilize their 29'er as a kind of training bike, simply by changing the chunky off road tyres and fitting a tyre with a Low Rolling Resistance Designed for Touring and Trekking, and this will increase the speed on longer rides, so we have just that tyre on review for you today!

Rubena Gripper 700x40cc as delivered.

Just had to share this with you, I found it wrapped around the set of tyres holding the paper work,
 I liked it so much just had to photograph it!

 The Gripper is a solid tyre which basically means you cannot fold or tie these in a knot!

When you purchase yours from your local bike shop/stockist the Rubina Grippers will not
 come in wrapping as seen here. 
AH! The tread at last!
 The Name "Rubena" 

 Label attached round the Rubina Gripper tyre

 Notice the "Stop Thorn" On the label along with the size 

 A closer look at the tread of the Rubena Gripper 

 Looks to me like there is plenty of tread there to handle Towpaths and Cycle paths
along with grip for the rain on the road

For details on the Side wall construction etc check out the link below.
"Tough Tyre TT"section for what goes into the Gripper
Click on the above link, then on the "Construction" tab, put in the name "Gripper" and a Adobe box will come up, scroll down to the " Tough Tyre TT.
Details on the Gripper tyre 
Carcass : 29TPI Drum technology
Tread : Long Lasting Compound (LLC)
Sidewall : Reinforced Aramid bead
Characteristics :Higher resistance against punctures
3-times longer service life to a tyre type classic
Higher loading capacity
Usage : Long distance bicycle touring under extreme conditions

How easy to fit to your 29'er ?

Note the White Wall tyre this is in fact a RS (Reflective Stripe with 3M technology).
So it will glow in the dark when light hits it
(Will be able to bring you more on this later) 
 The New and the Old!

 Even compared with the old Bonrager tyres, there is a considerable difference in width

 Once the old tyres were removed it gave me a chance to clean up the rims with a bit of Ducksmart (see my review on the Ducksmart range)

Before the clean

and then After, rim is gleaming

29'er rim all ready to be fitted with the new Rubina Gripper Trekking tyre

 I found no problem at all in the fitting of the Gripper,
I used the same inner tube that had been fitted into the tyre that I had replaced

 Place the Gripper on one side of the rim, and feed the inner tube inside the rim

 Rim spun over to allow the inner tube to be inserted

Insert the valve in the valve hole

 Feed the tube in making sure no parts are trapped by the tyre

Keep feeding the tyre on the rim then check for the other side just in-case it comes off

Nearly there

 Last part you will need your tyre leaver to pop the Gripper on to the rim

 And there we have it one Gripper fitted, now for a bit of air!

Thats the front wheel all done!

 Nice 3m reflective strip all way around the tyre.

 Nice 3M strip

 around 30psi

Rear tyre removal and replacement

 Dirty rear wheel from our last tow path ride out.

 Remove tyre set it aside and clean up the rim 

 Wipe on the Ducksmart

 Finish off with a Micro cloth 

 Job done! 

 Lovely tread pattern on the Gripper tyre from Rubena 

 Same as before place the Gripper on and feed the inner tube into the rim.

Feed it in carefully

 All done!

 Nice bit of new Rubber! 

New and the Old 

 The Name Trek ominous in the 29'er field 
This is one review I am really looking forward to doing,
  to see how well the Gripper will handle the trails we ride on out here.

 Nice tread pattern of the Rubena Gripper 



 And here it is fitted to the 29er

 Tyre width has been reduced a great deal, this should mean easier riding and great for training rides, if you only have the one bike.
For the longer rides put on the Grippers, when you need to play in the mud swap them back, best of both worlds! 

 You can see the 3M reflective strip stands out 

A Ride out wit the Gripper
Found the ride much easier to do, had no problem along gravel tracks, even tried it off road as well! 

 Gravel ride, no problem with the Gripper. 

 Rough surface to ride on, no problem with the Gripper.

  The Gripper performed well over all types of track, well worth considering for your 29er training tyre!

  UPDATE 23/05.2015 

Ride Out to Woods 

Went on a short ride that turned out to be a bit longer through the woods on the 29er with the Gripper tyres fitted, at the time of setting out had no intention of going to the woods at all! but rides like this happen!
Did not need to worry about the handling of the Gripper tyres from Rubena they went over everything I came across!

 You do not need to worry about the Gripper letting you down! 

 Gripper can handle anything in it path! 

 A Ride through the woods was a bit unexpected, as I did not plan this ride out! 

 No problem with tracks like this! 

 Member the Gripper is not meant to be a MTB tyre! 

 Not a single Puncture!

The Gripper is a all round tyre! 
Can handle the woods, the Tracks with stones on it, nothing seems to stop the Gripper! 
And not a single puncture Yet! (Fingers Crossed) 

If you have a 29er, treat your self to a set of Grippers ! 


RS (Reflective Stripe with 3M technology).
So it will glow in the dark when light hits it

 Here you can plainly see how well the 3M reflective strip works,
Bike on the left normal tyres, bike on the right fitted with the Grabber.

These Grabbers still have not had a puncture, and I have been treating these to harsh rides !

UPDATE 14/06/2015

I have come to the conclusion theses Gripper tyres are Bullet Proof!

After a clean up the tread is just as good as when it was first put on the 29er.

(Taken from Rubena Cycles UK Website)
For City, Touring, and Trekking. With high antipuncture defense, and Optional APS (Anti-Puncture System) and RS (Reflective Stripe with 3M technology. The Rubena V84 Gripper is designed for all around use. The medium profile tread has plenty of grip to handle well on gravel or wet pavement but not so much that it slows you down. And, with above average puncture resistance, the Gripper will keep you on the urban trails for miles.

The Gripper comes in 700x40c as well as the size I have here, and believe me when I say  "If you ride your Hybrid on Tow Path, Gravel Tracks,you wont find a better Puncture resistant tyre than The Gripper"

*Foot Note*
If you do need to change or the Gripper make sure you have a "Good Quality" set of tyre levers, that is how tough the Gripper side wall are on theses tyres, dont mess about with a cheap set!
(See my review on Tyre Levers)

 One Set of cheap tyre lever for the Bin!

Thank You Rubena UK for the chance to really test theses Gripper Tyres out!

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Rubena

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