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 Bikes and Pedals!

 Bike owners will inevitably at some stage in the life of their bikes change the pedals, the majority of bikes will have the flat kind fitted as standard to the bike on purchase.  As time goes by they will realize that it is a lot easier to cycle using a set of  SPD Type pedals or cleated pedals as they are sometimes called.

 We are reviewing the Wellgo W-43 Clip-less pedals from BD Bikes
Priced at £19.99p

Thinking of upgrading, then check out this review on the Wellgo  W-43 Clip-less pedals from BD Bikes.

 Cleats are included in the box!

Whats in the "Box"!
2 x SPD Pedals
2 x set of cleats
Fixing screws
1 x Sticker
To use the Wellgo pedals you will need a pair of cycling shoes that the cleats can a fix to.

 SPD Side,  pedals are marked L/R.

Flat side to the Wellgo 
 The W-43 have a flat flip side ideal for a road bike or even for a MTB Hybrid.
The benefit of having a flat side to a pedal is that it will enable you ride with every day shoes or trainers.

A closer look at the connecting part of the Wellgo pedal.

 Quality finish with a solid feel.

The flat side has a raised studs to grip to your trainer.
The W-43 has a Aluminum Body frame making it a lightweight pedal, weighing in at 396 g/pair.

The Wellgo sticker!

How easy to fit.

If you can change a tyre then you most certainly will be able to change your pedals for theses W=43 Clip-less ones. The first thing to do is remove your old pedals from your bike.

  Old pedals have seen better days!

Note the markings for the Left and Right pedals.

Flat side.
Before fitting I personally treat the threads to a little bit of Copper Grease as this will allow a far better release if you would wish to remove them at a later date.

SPD Side,

The body is not to thick.
SPD to the Top.
Flat side to the Bottom.

The Wellgo W-43 Clip-less pedals fitted to a Trek 29er.

The test bike I am using on this review will be a 29er Marlin by Trek, the reason I have decided to  review the W-43 Clip-less pedals on a MTB, is simply because you clip in and out more on a MTB than you normally do on a road bike, making this the ideal test on the clip in and out side of the W-43 Pedals.

After first fitting the W-43 Clip-less pedals from BD Bikes I took the bike for a quick test run clipping in and out to see what adjustments maybe needed, in fact I did not need to make any adjustment to the W-43 at any time. I used them straight out the box  and whether or not they are set up this way, but I found them to be spot on, not too stiff and not too loose and floppy, so the first stage was perfect!

I am presuming that you have a pair of cleated shoes, if not you there are many different places to purchase a pair,  once purchased my best advice is to let your local bike shop set the cleats in your shoes as there is a right way and a wrong way of setting them up.
To clip in to the W-43 simply place your shoe on the SPD side of the pedal and line up the cleat with the front mount and push your foot down to lock, to release just twist your foot to the side, if this is your first time trying do this several times, first with one pedal then the other, it may help if you lean against a wall or fence. If you find it is too hard to release you may need an adjustment on the pedal.

 Adjustment screw.

 Shoe in the correct place.

Shoe out of line, so fiddle with your foot until you hear a click noise! 

Now we are all set for out first ride.

  This is a review on a clip-less pedal from BD Bikes so lets get stuck right in and go for a 19 mile off road blast, with plenty Clip in, Clip out situations!

We went across main roads where I had to clip in and out with no problems there at all, then we went along a Towpath, plenty of stop start there, so more clip in and out with no problems.
Cycling wise it is a lot easier with the clip-less pedals as you can use both up and down strokes of the pedal.
Then we headed on to main road and again no problems there, I always felt safe in the knowledge that the cleats could be removed any time from the pedals.
Now comes the fun Part!
Fields, woods, Fields, Woods, Steep hill descents bumps lost count on the times I had to clip in and out, but not once did the W-43 fail and send me off balance, unlike other clip-ins, so as far as I am concerned a great first test!

Some of the collection on the way!

A nice collection on the ride!

Well impressed with the performance of the W-43 From Wellgo and BD Bikes, if your thinking of, or even starting out on your first journey into the clip-less pedal world of cycling, then it is worth considering the W-43 because these are one really decent set of pedals!

 Shimano Compatible
 Aluminum Body
 Weight 396 g/pr
 Pedal size 90 x 100 x 32.5 mm
Flat one side Clip on the other side

Where to buy from check out the BD Bikes 

Thank you to BD Bikes for the chance to do this review.

You can find them on Twitter/Facebook/Google+

Check out there website for many great Quality products at great prices.


I  have been out for a ride around the woods wearing a flat pair of shoes to find out if the grips on the flat side of the W-43 would slip or let go of the shoe, and all through the ride had no problems what so ever with the feet slipping or losing grip on the flat side of the pedal, so for the mountain bike riders out there I can recommend this one from BD Bikes!

A Quick ride out on trainers, no problem, just use the Flat side!

 Great grip.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for BD Bikes


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