Hutchinsons Tyres review on DZO mtb tyre


  Hutchinson's Tyres DZO Review 

My review this time is on a MTB tyre from Hutchinson's called the DZO Enduro 

The DZO is Hutchinson's supreme MTB tyre for Mud and Mountain conditions

 Real grip in the most slippery conditions

 Design : High central and lateral knobs assure a perfect grip on most slippery conditions,  mud shedding with ease and strong braking.
 Note the high knobs, a two knob system used here will grip in the muddiest conditions

  29er designed to be used as a tubeless tyre, for my review  I used an inner tube system, as it made it easier to change the tyres for my review.
Tyre pressure was around 30 to 35 psi.

DZO has a direction indicator printed on the tough side wall

Two-ply casing technology to increase puncture resistance

How easy is it to fit ?

 Remove the old tyre and inner tube if fitted

 Offer up the DZO to the rim

 Place one side of the DZO on the rim

 For review purposes I use a inner tube, this
is now placed in the wheel as normal
 Place the side of the DZO all along the rim

 Then use tyre levers to place the DZO onto the rim

 It may feel a bit tight so take it easy and make sure the DZO is in place on both sides of the wheel.

Add air and fit it to your bike and you are ready to go! 


This is the type of riding we do in the HCPG MTB Club ride outs

Typical muddy track.

Even the worst of the mud the DZO never lost it sure footing out on the trail.

Make contact with Hutchinson Tyres vie Web, Facebook, Twitter. 

Outstanding Grip from the DZO MTB tyre.

Would recommend this to any serious off road rider out there!

  UPDATE 07/02/2016

Serious grip, never let lose.

Went all the way!

  Great for getting out of trouble!

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Hutchinson's Tyres


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