BD BDBikesTM - Locking Tilt Bench Mounted Bike, Bicycle Repair Stand Review - Locking Tilt Bench Mounted Bicycle Repair Stand

 Our review on a bench mounted bike repair stand. 


I was given the chance to do a review for B D Bikes on their bench mounted repair stand, at first I must admit I was a little bit skeptical side about doing this, for the simple reason like most people I am limited with the amount of room I have in my shed, it is a bit limited to say the least. 
I really thought it was going to be a nightmare trying to review a bench mounted stand, as I usually use a free standing bike stand, which I have to put outside in the garden to do my bike maintenance / cleaning, due to lack of space so I have never really looked at this kind of stand before, but I was extremely surprised and I think for the price I would have been very tempted if I knew then what I know now! 

Lets start at the beginning... 

A nice sturdy box arrive from two days after it was sent out, the box contained a very sturdy quite weighty  Bench Mounted Repair stand.

 In the box, Base, Arm, Clamp as simple as that! Oh and a Hex Key!

 Lets start at the Claw! Nice solid feel to it, great grip and a very nice lock lever.

Solidly made I was very surprised at this as the last time I saw a quality clamp like this one supplied was on a very expensive cycle work station, so I was very surprised to see such high quality for the price BD charge! 
The Base comes just wrapped in a plastic bag with the top tied up, and this applies to all the contents of the box, as I went over the Base, Arm, Claw I expected a chip or a scratch somewhere, but everything was in perfect condition.

Here it is out the plastic bag, the paint and finish is "Top quality".
 and the weld seams are very well done.

The bottom plate has been well painted with a nice sticker telling you who has supplied it,
with four holes for the bolts to fit into it.

Quick clamp lever feels solid as does the collar.

The Arm is also very well finished with good weld joints yet again, no chips or scratches on this part.
The lever at the top is made from solid plastic, along with the black ring band. 

Time to make a bit of room if this mount is going to fit on here somewhere! 

The idea behind this bench mount from is to bolt it to your work bench, so a bit of forward thinking would be involved here, for example where would be the best place to fix the stand, of to the right or to the left maybe, I found the easiest way to do this was with the help of a G Clamp! 

G Clamp is fixed to the base so I could move it
 around to check for any obstacles in the way etc.

 Once I had the Arm in the base, I then found the right place for the mount, before I drilled the holes I offered up my bike to check for clearance on the pedals etc and only then once I was sure the base was in the right place, I removed the arm, marked the holes, and set about drilling the four holes.
Holes drilled and cleaned! 

 The Mounting plate should be fitted with the flat piece nearest the edge, but due to the fact I have a bench mounted Vice not far from where I had to mount the base plate, the only way I could get enough clearance was to turn the base plate around, I can't see this being a problem with the way the bench stand will hold any bikes.

All bolted down time now for the arm to be fitted.

The arm is simple to fit I just had to open the clamp a little with a screw driver to allow the arm to slip into the clamp.

 Offer the Arm up to the base unit.

 Note the line on the arm, just make sure this is below the quick release clamp.

 On the Claw you will notice on the inside there is a raised section you will see it at the rear of the mounting part, make sure this is lined up with the slot in the top end of the mounting arm.

 Push home the claw all the way and then tighten with the Hex Key supplied.

Raised section of the rear of the Claw.

 Once the claw is placed on the arm, then tighten up the nut using the Hex Key from the other side of the claw.

 Nice fitting nut and hex bolt

So easy to put together.

 The way you get the bench mount to change angles is a very simple case of releasing the handle at the rear of the arm by moving it side ways, and then re-lock the handle once the claw is in the right position.

Once unlocked you can then move the claw.

 Lock to keep the claw in one position

 Unlock to move claw.

 Nice fast locking lever arm

 Note the black ring to the left, the teeth are separated this will let the claw move, lock the teeth with the arm to make it secure.
 Once the mount was checked for tightness, it was time to offer up the bike, started with a slightly heavy Specialized road bike as a first test.
The Bd bench stand held the Specialized very well, the claw clamped the seat post well and it did not lose grip at anytime.
 The quality of the Bench repair stand is exceptional and the one I have on review totally amazed me at the quality of the finish on all the parts of the stand.

For the money it is top class in strength, finish and use ability I would be very surprised if you could find better even at a higher price! and I should know as the free standing bike stand I paid quite a lot more for is not in the same class as this and I dont think this has been picked out just for this review, I expect every other Bench mount they produce is of the same high quality and from what I have seen their other stands this goes for them as well.
"Top Quality" does not have to cost you the earth. Check out the website from BD Bikes, they have plenty of other great value cycling products on there and if they are as good quality as this you may find yourself a Bargain! 

And the Price for this High Quality Repair Stand



Quick release clamp
Locks the bike at any angle
Height adjustment
Off set foot plate
12 Months Warranty with a no quibble guarantee! 

The best thing about the Bench mounted stand is the space and time it saves, no more unpacking a box and putting together a free standing repair stand, then cleaning it before packing it back up again, then having to find storage space for it until the next time you use it.  
I will be updating the photos with more in the future, really impressed with the high quality, the way it came to me, the packaging, and especially what your getting for the Price, how BD do it I have no idea, so check out their web page, Twitter feed, Facebook page for more products.

 You can buy the BD Bike stand from Amazon.

Bd Bikes Twitter feed can be found here 

Facbook link can be found here 

Google+ page can be found here 


The BD Bikes bench mount has a great hold on the Camber!

Can not recommend this bench maintenance stand enough! 
Sorry about the mess in the photos, but that is just me! 

UPDATE  20/6/2015

I tried the BD Bikes mounted repair stand with a bike that has wider pedals fitted to see if I could catch out the design of the BD Bikes locking tilt bench mounted bike repair stand.
When I first griped the bike on the clamp and rotated the pedal the one nearest the bench would hit the top of the bench making it hard to do a full cycle to test the gears.

The Giant Rock clamped in position using the seat post, this is usually the best way to hold your bike, I have seen this in many cycle shops so it must be OK! 
Trouble is the pedals keep hitting the bench top! 

Here you can see how I have made the adjustments to get the pedals clear of the bench, used the top tube, the clamps have enough room in the "V" groove of the claw to allow full adjustment still of the gear and brake cables.

 Bikes not all that level, no problem, just losen off the rear lever to allow it to be adjusted.

There, much better. 
And solid in position thanks to the Teeth design, allows the bike to stay in any position you need.

 Plent of room in the "V" groove for the cables to move.

Clamp closed up.

The high quality and design of the Bd Bike stand shines through yet again! 

Top marks for this one.

UPDATE PHOTO 08/11/2017

Check it out, I promise you will not be disappointed in this product!

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Bd



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