Morsa Cycling Mount Just one mount for all your devices


One mount for all your devices

Made in USA.

One mount for all your cycling devices, sounds a bit far fetched? well it appears to be true, thanks to the designers at "Morsa Designs" they originate from the USA and seems like they have been around bikes for a long time according to their website.

Under the Spot light the Morsa Designs Garmin and Light cycle mount

Looking at their web site Morsa seem to have sorted out any problems right from the word go.

When you end up having a few gadgets on your handle bars it tends to get a bit full at times, for example lights, Garmin, Go Pro etc, the Morsa mounting system can offer you a far greater flexibility on how you mount your gadgets, it works very simply with one bar out front with an attachment system, of different mounts off to the sides.

Simple packaging, no staples.
 Joint to allow the clamp to open

 Once open it can then be clamped to your bike handle bars secured with a Hex screw.

 Garmin mount

Notice the Cup washer, make sure that it sits with the Hex head the right way around.

Open up the clamp and place onto the bars in the position you want it to be, and tighten the Hex screw

Morsa recommend torque setting on there instruction sheet

Easy fit

The Morsa all set for the side mounts, just a case of deciding which side you want your Garmin, Lights etc.

Nice Quality feel to the Morsa Mount.

Offering up the Garmin mount
Morsa recommend to have the Garmin mount out in front which makes sense to me.

Once fitted the Garmin mount can be adjusted  to any angle to stop glare, height etc, just a case of  adjusting to the angle and height that feels right for you.

Note the Blue anodized screw cap, make sure you have this the right way around so that the Hex screw sits in the cup.
The round Universal adapter
In this instance it will be for fitting a Knog, Lezyne, Orp Smart horn to name but a few.  The fitting has a small oval shape that fits into the slot, this will help to keep the attachments in place...
 Gamin fitted in place then adjust and add the other mounts you wish to have, in this case it is the Universal mount.

 Garmin and Orp Smart horn fitted

 Even room for the Knog Blinder 3.

The Knog Blinder Arc sits very well on the mount

 Lezyne KTV Pro, a great light to have up front, solid mounting as well, ideal for this type of mount.

 Looking down from the saddle, the Garmin can be adjusted to any angle.

 Garmin and Lezyne KTV Pro light sits at a perfect angle once set up.

This is a great mount from Morsa, neat well designed and solid with no fuss fitting!
There a thousand and one combinations with the Morsa mount, you do not have to have it out front, you could have it pointing towards you, lower down in the front or even higher, to the right, the possibility are endless it is up to you.

Morsa out on the road.


The Morsa designers have made a excellent job in the design of this mount, the mount did not jolt move or come loose, as I was testing this on the road for 50 miles and most of that not on smooth roads, that was quite an achievement! 
The Garmin stayed solid on the mount for the whole of the ride, a great set up, the Lezyne KTV Pro stayed on the Universal mount and never moved at all, not even tipping forward a bit.

I will give you more updates on various light as the weeks go on, but from what I have tried with the Universal mounting system I cannot see any problems arising.

Morsa mounts are made from Carbon composite Nylon, so it should stand up to a lot of knocks as well.

Weight of the arm is just 29g, so it will be light weight on your Carbon Fiber road bike.
Weight of the Cycling Garmin adapter is just 8g
Weight of the Universal Adapter is just 12g.

The great thing with the Morsa is you can change the accessory around to suit your ride, for example, if you are out on a Sportive ride, you can add or remove the Go Pro mount, if you need to have your phone along then add the Phone mount, need Go Pro and Garmin, then swap them around to suit your need, the combinations are endless.

Sorry to say I do not know who their UK Distributer is, that's if they need or even want one! 
If you fancy getting your hands on one of the Morsa mounts you can have a word on their Facebook page, Twitter feed or Google+ page the links are below.

Facebook link

Twitter Feed


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Morsa

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