Monkey Mirror Review

 Monkey Mirror


What is a "Monkey Mirror" I hear you all say! 
Well it is a simple piece of mirror stuck onto a metal arm that attaches to your cycle helmet.

 The Monkey Mirror in the packet as it arrived from the United States Of America

 "Made in the USA"

 You can have any design you desire printed on the rear of the Monkey Mirror, it would make a great publicity gimmick, to be able to give to customers, advertising your cycle shop or cycle product, or just a personalized gift, check out there website for more details on the link below.

 The Monkey Mirror comes attached to a slim piece of metal bent in a configuration to allow it to be fitted on to your cycle helmet.

 To find out how to fit the Monkey Mirror, look at the video [link below] it will be a lot easier to watch the video than for me to try to explain how to fit it! 
It is that easy! 

A brief instruction on fitting
Guaranteed for one year

 What can the Monkey Mirror do for you!

Take a look at this video, at the present time it is being posted onto the Facebook platform and other sites.

Recognize it!

The video is the reason I did this review,  if the cyclist could have seen what was coming up behind him, things may have been different.

My experience with the Monkey Mirror

I went out with a group of  mountain bike cyclist for a ride the other night, at one point we had to come off the cycle path to join a main road, we had to wait for a break in the traffic before turning right and carrying on, what came to my attention was a few  of the cyclist were shouting out a warning of "Car Behind". I had the Monkey Mirror fitted to my cycle helmet and I could see the traffic from a long way back well before any one could hear it!
All round it was a lot safer.

A Towpath ride out

A ride had been organized along the towpath, and again the Monkey Mirror came in handy to see if any riders fell behind, or even if faster cyclist were going to pass you. 

My Verdict on the Monkey Mirror

Once you get used to it being there you can see a fair way behind you, giving you advance warning as to where vehicles are.
A very clever and simple design.
Once fitted it stays there.
Stays on your cycle helmet even after going over rough ground.

Check out Monkey Mirrors on their Facebook page

Twitter feed post here

"One Day You May Thank Me For This Review"  Now go and check them out! 


This is so "Cool"
The Monkey Mirror can have your company Logo printed on the back surface, take a look at the photo of the  Special Monkey Mirror I had sent to me, great for prize draws, publicity, hand outs etc.

Quality finish from Monkey Mirror, it looks great to have out Twitter feed photo on the rear of the Monkey Mirror.

 Looks superb! 

Send Bob at Monkey Mirror a message and let him see what he can do for your publicity Monkey Mirrors.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Monkey Mirrors

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