Topeak AERO WEDGE Saddle bag review


The Topeak Aero Wedge saddle bag comes in four sizes 

The bag we are reviewing is the small version of the Topeak Aero Wedge, the size is approximately
  • Length: 180mm
  • Width: 85mm
  • Height:110mm
  • Weight: 100g
 Although it does not look like a great size, believe me it can hold many cycling items from spare inner tubes to tool's, lights, tyre leavers etc.

3M Scotch-lite reflective safety strip
 Tail light strap
Not another review on a seat bag! I hear you say, well the biggest problem I have is getting across to all of the review blog readers, is just how high quality this seat bag is. When I first got it out of the box and removed it from the plastic bag the Topeak was wrapped in, I realised straight away it was not just a run of the mill seat bag. What initially caught my eye was the very nice 3M Scotch-lite reflective safety strip, that has been neatly sown into the rear section and which is positioned above the tail light strip, this is a tough Denier Teflon strap [it is not often I come across a rear light strap that I would mount an expensive rear light on] but the one fitted to our review bag certainly changes my thinking, I tried it and it holds my light a treat, so much so I completely forgot it was fitted to the rear of the bike bag!  [will be trying out other lights on the light strip in due course]

 Tail light strap, I was very impressed with this feature on the Topeak Aero bag  

  A well placed 3M Scotch-lite reflective safety strip

Material is 1000 Denier Teflon coated fabric, which is an extremely hard wearing fabric.

 Seat post strap 

  Locking QR buckle 

Zip tag has a nice feel and gives a good grip to the zipper, when wearing your cycling gloves.

Zip feels first class, with a nice open and close easy glide feel to it.
The Topeak has a wide opening to allow easy placement and removal of items.


 "Very Easy"
The first thing I did was to just offer the bag up to see if anything attached to the seat post needed to be removed or even repositioned, I then attached the rear strap to the seat post and fastened the Velcro strap.

 The Topeak has two straps attached to the bag, one sits to the right, and the other one to the left, these need to go under your seat frame, so you need to feed the strap with the male end of the clip over the metal frame and bring it down to clip into the female clip
 Male clip

 Once the strap is passed over the seat frame clip it into the male end then do the same for the other side of the bag.

Once fitted in place simply pull on the straps to tighten the bag up, position neatly under your seat.

 Nicely tucked in under the seat with
light attached.

 Time to fill it up! 
Mobile goes in.

Tyre leavers

Multi-tool fits in nicely

Puncture repair kit also fits in nice and snug.

 Large Aero Wedge saddle bag

Brilliant for road bikes and any off road adventures you may have on your MTB bike.

 Large Aero Wedge on a road bike.

This Aero is a few years old, and it is still as good now as the rider first bought it, plenty of room, and keeps contents dry. (S.Griggs )

How is it on a full suspension MTB!
Small, compact, and a great bag to take along on any ride!
 The Aero Wedge sit under the saddle a treat! Plenty of room for the rear lights etc.

 Neat and compact, that's the Topeak Aero Wedge.

 Bargain high end quality seat bag, well worth considering for your road or MTB ride.


 Twitter: @ExtraUK

After a hard wet muddy ride, your Topeak Aero Wedge is bound to get wet and muddy, it Happens!
Well you will all be pleased to know it comes up clean with just a wipe over with a damp cloth, and the inside I can tell you  was dry ! 

 Typical ride out we have done! 

 First just a wipe over to remove lose mud, then a damp cloth to remove any mud splashes letft over.

Very clean and the inside stayed dry on the ride!

More Aero Seat bags from Topeak

UPDATE 30/08/2015
Having filled the Topeak Aero Wedge Saddle bag many time the zip is still as good as new!
This bag gets changer from bike to bike!

Aero Wedge Pack, large

Looks "Massive! 
Link for the Topeak Aero Wedge Pack, Large.

UPDATE 21/11/2015 

After 7 months of hard use both on and off the road getting the Topeak Aero Wedge saddle bag very mudy, how did it come up looking at my last MTB trail ride!
Take a look at the photos here.

I took off a lot more mud to reveal the Topeak badge! A quick wet down then applied a bike cleaner and brushed.

It is the same bag "Honest" its not a new one, after the brush and bike cleaner gave the Topeak Aero Wedge bag a polish up with a microfiber cloth.

A superb saddle bag, well worth checking out your local bike shop for stock!  
My loccal bike shop can be found at The Stow Harlow. 

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Topeak


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