TF2 Lubricant Dry Wax Review 

Came across the Weldtite stand at the Press day of the London Bike Show, managed to grab a free sample, a small handy tube, just right to have in your kit bag if you have one.

Weldtite TF2 Dry Wax

A nice neat bottle it comes in, a quick twist of the cap will expose the small tip of the nozzle, place the cap back on to seal the nozzle, nice and easy to use.

 It says on the label it has Teflon Surface Protector
Made in the UK
Before going for  a ride out on a wet morning, my chain was treated to a wet lube treatment before I went from a well know manufacture, so it should have been well protected through the elements that I had to ride in, drizzle and more drizzle, so gave the chain no real thought after the ride, just did the usual wipe over and put the bike away, to my surprise the next day when I went to clean the bike more throughly I noticed a spot of light rust on the chain!

Ideal Time To Use The Weldtite TF2 Dry Wax

I set about cleaning the chain, and getting any grit out etc, as recommended by the chain cleaner I was using....
After a dry down, I then  set about adding the Weldtite TF2 Dry Wax Lubricant to the clean chain.

A really nice pointed nozzle, easy to direct where you want the TF2 to be placed

Before the treatment with Weldtite TF2 Dry Wax

 A Nice Blue colour, you can see where it goes to on the chain
TF2 Applied 

 Not a spec of grit after the clean!
Handy for the tight parts 

 Work it well in and then take off the excess with a cloth
Leave to soak in over night

How did I find it to apply, very easy, a great nozzle that allows you to have full control over the speed the TF2 comes out the tip, TF2 does not seem to drip every where like other thinner liquids I have used to lube up chains with.
On Weldtites website there description of the TF2 says"  Dry Wax lubricant for cycle chains working in tough exposed environments" so I am presuming it is great for the muddy rider on his mountain bike, I am using this on my Ribble road bike, I have a long ride planed soon and this will be the perfect opportunity to do a proper review on the TF2 from Weldtite.

Where can I get Weldtite TF2 Dry Wax

Try you local cycle shop, most stock the Weldtite brand,


 My local cycle shop stocks it along with a whole host of other Weldtite products



Our Review

Having applied the Weldtite on the Ribble drive train, it was time to take it for a spin!

First ride was along the usual cycle paths dotted around our town, I then went along the dry towpath, this is where if anything was going to get pick up and cling to the chain, it would be here!
On completing the first 10 mile ride on part cycle path  and towpath I can report that the drive chain is as good as when the TF2 was applied, in fact I even had to touch the chain because it kooked like there was no lube on it! but I was wrong, there was a coating of Weldtite on my fingers, so it must still be on there, protecting the drive chain, first impression is this is good quality.

Next ride will be a 50 mile road ride, so will be reporting back on this one, hoping to see no grit on the cogs or drive train, I will update you all once I have finished the ride and checked the bike over.

UPDATE 11/03/2015 19:00pm

Condition after 95 miles..

 No sign of any grit
 No build up of  anything nasty here.

 Result on a chain not filling up with grit any where!

Reapplied the Weldtite  TF2 

 Added some more TF2
Worked it in well.

 Plenty on the front teeth.

Got it on to both sides of the chain.

Wipped off the excess with a cloth, and let it soak in for the new ride out soon! . 

More photos to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews, I hope it makes it a lot easier to choose cycling products that suit you.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below, and also share the review blog for others to read vie the Twitter Facebook, and Google+ easy share buttons.


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Weldtite


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