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 BTR Handlebar Storage Bike Bag With Removable Shoulder Strap 

Water Resistant

The review I will be doing this time is for a Handlebar Bag from a company called "BTR" Direct, which are based in East Sussex, [do have a look a look at their website, it has many other cycling accessories at really advantageous prices!] well on with the review of the Handlebar Bag, this bag sits on the front handle bars of your bike and depending on your brake cables this will determine how well it is placed on the front bar.
This bag is made from a Strong Shell Polyester construction, which they say "will offer a decent amount of water resistance" and as it sits up on the front of the bike, it will need to have.
The BTR Direct Handlebar bag is secured to your front handle bar by 3 Velcro straps which are fitted to the bag, two fit around the bar, and one (depending on type of bike you have) around the front stem/cables.

Velcro strap for the top bar.

Velcro Strap 

BTR has allowed plenty of opening space with the use of a top zip that opens up to reveal a really spacious compartment that will take loads of items, ideal for snacks and energy bars for the longer ride, a small jacket, tools, first aid kit etc it also has two side pockets, one either end for your mobile phone or even a puncture repair kit.
It even comes with a shoulder strap should you need to take the bag with you.

  Side pocket.

Zip is of good quality and works smoothly.

On the BTR Direct website it mentions "Three zipped compartments and front mesh pocket for easy access whilst cycling" personally I would not recommend this, I find it much safer to stop first before removing items from your bag.
 Front mesh compartment, ideal for items you may need to have instant access to.

Size of the BTR Direct Handlebar bag we have on review is a impressive L32cm x H16cm x W11cm 

 How easy is it to fit. 

To find out how easy it was to fit, I first tried it on a drop bar design road bike.

Drop bar road bike, (Ribble) I needed to keep the Garmin mount to be able to track my rides etc,        I also needed room to be able to fit lights for a night ride. (Garmin Mount by Race Ware Direct) 

  There are also two elasticated straps on the top of the bag for carrying larger items that won’t fit into the bag.

  I didn't need to change the position of the Race Ware Direct Garmin mount and the light's I ride with will still fit as well.

 It's a good secure fit and should not cause any trouble out on the road.

 Just fits nicely.

 Elasticated top straps, ideal for newspapers or anything that is to long to fit inside the bag.

How easy to fit it to a Specialized Allez

Very easy to fit although I did find the middle Velcro strap was not quite long enough to go around the stem of the Allez.

The BTR Direct Handlebar bag sits a bit higher on the Allez due to the cables.

 BTR Bag sits nicely on the Ribble road bike with the campagnolo gear system and I had no problem with the brake levers.

 BTR Handlebar bag sits just right to still have your Garmin and Lights fitted.

There is enough room with the BTR Handlebar Bag fitted to still be able to grip the top bars whilst riding.

You could pay a lot of money for a Touring bag that fits onto your handle bars, but at BTR Direct they make a great range at a reasonable price, Superb Quality regardless of the price, I have not reviewed a better value range than the one from BTR, so if you need a bit of space for those items whilst out in the saddle, you could do a lot worse than the BTR Handlebar Bag.
10 out of 10 for Quality and Design!

I will be trying this out on other makes of bike as soon as I can.

  UPDATE 03/04/2015 

Pedal For The Js Charity ride 

On a very wet 50 mile charity ride around the Essex country side, I had the pleasure to use the BTR Direct Handle Bar Bag on my Ribble bike, and it held a lot of gear as well, rain mack, tools, Gels maps. power bank food and a few spares lights and still never managed to fill it up! 
Stayed in place and never gave me any problems what so ever!

Worth checking this one out if you bike a lot! 

If you would like to stock any BTR Direct bag drop them a Email.

Here is one fitted to a Trek road bike.

A few words from Kay, from Harlow Cycle Page Group

I used my new handlebar bag for the first time today. I bought it for when I do longer rides on my road bike and want to take some sustenance with me and not have to use a backpack which I find uncomfortable when riding.
As you can see it fits well and doesn't interfere with any of the cables or the brakes which is obviously very important.
I fiddled with the strap that goes around the stem as it does come up a tad short but as you can see I got it there.
I can't comment on it's waterproof claims as although the skies were threatening it didn't actually rain; of course now that I am home the sun has come out!

Used with kind permission from Kay Douglas HCPG




Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for BTR Direct

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