Knog Party Combo Lock Review

Party Combo!

No this is not something you would order from your local off license or take away but a real handy cycle lock from Knog, and it is a little gem!

I would recommend this lock as an "extra lock" or one to secure your bike whilst in a local shop [picking up you take away maybe!] I class it as a short time lock for pit stops at the cafe, or for a toilet break when out and about.
It is not long enough to go around your front and rear wheels together, the length of the one we have on review here is 620mm and the weight is a nice low 250g.
The Knog Party Combo even comes in a range of great colours as well Black, Grape, Indigo, Lime, Red, Rose, Turquoise, and White, although I could see the White getting a slightly more dirty than the rest, but it is very easy to clean.

The great thing I found is that it is kind to your bike, Knog have covered it in Silicone! which means the braided steel cable with fiber core is covered in an industrial grade UV stable Silicone, meaning that it is gentle on your bike frame, less scratches no pressure marks.

10.000 Customizable combinations

 Fiber Core Technology

 Nice and strong 8mm steel shackle

 The Best Part!
It is Silicone overmoulded a really cleaver idea from Knog

It is a Combination lock so you can set any code number you like its very easy (but don't forget to jot the code down somewhere safe)

Setting the code 

Do not throw away the box before you have taken out the instruction sheet

 The default code is set to O-O-O-O
It really is a very simple to change the combination to the one of your choice

Out of the box the Party Combo has a plug in the end remove this plug and then

 follow the instruction to turn end cap 90 degrees

at this stage set your Combination Number on to the barrel

 After you have picked your code simply return the end cap back and there you have it, don't forget to write the code down.

 To re-lock the Knog Party Combo, put your code in the line and that will open the inner clasp to let you insert the Steel Shackle end

 Play about locking and unlocking to get a feel of it and to get used to the position of the code, it will be worth while and could save you an embarrassing situation later!

 Enter your code to unlock the Knog Party Combo 

 Very low maintenance

 Party Combo by Knog

Knog Party Combo locking around two bikes, notice how smooth the Silicone is nice and gentle on your paint work.

Not a very good way to keep the Knog Party Combo on your bike, it can flap around a bit when your peddling

A Much more sensible way to stow the Knog Party Combo if you have not got a back pack to put it in.

A way to secure the bike as recommended by Knog

Enough length for frame and wheel to be secured with the Knog Party Combo.

Not recommended if you still want your frames!

Our verdict


Easy to Lock and Unlock.
Great second type Lock.
Just love the way it is covered in Silicone.
Easy to change the combination.
Easy wipe clean.
Light weight for carrying


As with all combination locks Security is time limited
Length could do with being a bit longer 


Knog Facebook page 


Knog Twitter feed 


Knog Google Plus Page 


Check out your local Cycle shop 

Remember to keep the end of the lock in the right place, if it moved the combination can be changed! 



Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Knog



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