Mobile Solar Chargers "Power Stick Power Bank review

Mobile Solar Chargers MSC "Power Stick"  Power Bank 2600mah Review 


A Power Bank

I went to the London Bike Show Press day a couple of weeks ago, and as I was walking around looking at the vast amount of displays I came across a stand called "Mobile Solar Chargers" on their display stand they had a great looking item hooked up to a light. Intriguing I thought and I wandered over to find out more about what it was all about, and what it turned out to be is a "Power Bank" which is a stick roughly about the size of a lady's lipstick that holds "Power" so you can boost or recharge your mobile phone, I-Pad, Cycle Lights and anything else that can be charged using a USB Lead.

 77 g out of the box so will not feel to weighty in your bag or pocket.
On/Off switch and charge indicator in LED lights (which indicates the charge left in the Power stick)

A very simple In/Out type set up.
To charge the "Power Bank" inset the small micro USB Cable (Supplied) into the "IN" slot, and then plug in to your USB point on your laptop or PC.
 I Pod mini connector USB lead  (supplied)

How long does it take to recharge your mobile phone

I did a test to find out how long it would take from a 60% charged phone. 

 The Power Bank connected to the mobile 

 70% 4.10pm (Just a time check)

 85% at 4:27pm
 95% at 4:35pm
99% charged at 4:50pm


Technical Specifications

Samsung 2600mAh battery (And you all know how good Samsung are)
Input   : USB DC 5v/1A
Output : USB DC 5v/2A
Cycle Life > 500 Full Charge Discharge
Charge by mains 2.6 hrs (1A)
Weight 77g
Operating Temperature : -10c - +50c

Supplied in the box

One Mini USB cable
Instruction sheet

1 Year Warranty 

How easy was it to use?

The simple answer is Very easy! just plug in and watch as the stick powers up your selected item, you can also power USB lights from the Power Bank, so if your torch light/cycle lights start to dim or power down, simply plug the light in and you will have an instant boost, enough to get you out of trouble. Mobile Solar Chargers also sell a USB high power torch, ideal to keep in the glove box of your car, cycle bag or handbag, the light has a very simple slider action so you can adjust the power and focus very easy, even with gloves on your hands.

USB High power torch from Mobile Solar Chargers, (More on this later)


      USB High power torch with flexible stalk 

What are the uses for the Power Bank 

The uses are endless!
When was the last time you went out and your phone died, just when you needed to make a call or find out something! or at the airport when you can't find a plug socket to charge up the mobile or tablet to check your tickets for a flight!
When was the last time you went out and your phone went flat, because you took too may photographs! or you went out and your Garmin or lights went flat because you forgot to charge them!
And the list goes on and on whether Camping, Hiking, Riding or just out and about.

It is also very durable! It is made out of  Aircraft aluminum Alloy, making it very compact and robust. The Samsung battery will hold a full charge for months, so you don't need to worry about it not being there with a charge, just check every now and again on the charge counter, which is located on the side indicating how much charge it has left, it also has Auto shut off for those of you like me that use things and forget to switch them off!

MY Verdict on the Power Stick

Excellent build quality

Ingenious piece of back up equipment  

Packaged in a portable stick that is extremely user friendly

Would recommend to all my members and friends


So where do I get one from!


Check out there Facebook page at


Twitter feed at


Google+ page at


Price on 


£14.95 inc VAT plus delivery   

10% discount code on any order over £30  'MSCHC' on checkout. All above only available through the website, all have 1 year warranty.


We have managed to get anyone wanting one, a discount so check them out. Mention Harlow Cycling Page Group for your discount! 


Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews, I hope it makes it a lot easier to choose cycling products that suit you.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below, and also share the review blog for others to read vie the Twitter Facebook, and Google+ easy share buttons.



Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Mobile Solar Power Chargers


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