Charge Saddle Review on the Spoon range

Charge Saddles 

  Do you have an uncomfortable ride! 

After 35 mile miles riding on my new Trek 29er, I used to get pain in the posterior whilst sitting on the original saddle that had came fitted to my bike, it would start at around the 17/20 mile mark, so I soon realized I had to change something, firstly I invested in some new cycle shorts with a foam padding, this didn't help at all! then someone suggested I invest in a good pair of gel shorts, and I must admit this did help but it was really not the complete answer, what I really needed was a different saddle, as the one that originally came with the Trek was causing me problems on longer rides even with gel padded shorts being worn!

So which saddle to get!    

The Answer

I came across a review on the web about the Charge Saddle, the person writing the review seemed to have had the same problem as myself, which intrigued me some what, as I had already purchased several items in my search for comfort and I didn't particularly want to make the mistake of buying a new saddle and then it not being fit for purpose, therefore having to purchase something else [the only problem with buying off the Internet] he wrote about his posterior problem after the 17 mile mark, and the major pain after 50 miles [this sounded like my problem exactly] and he found the  answer to the problem was solved by buying a New Charge Saddle. Once he had fitted his new saddle, he was greatly impressed and said he could now ride for much longer period with no pain, doing 50/60 miles plus with ease.
The next thing for me to do was to track one down, which I then swiftly purchased and fitted to my 29er, amazingly I can now cycle much further without any pain during the ride, or even the next day!

 New Charge saddle fitted to my Trek 29er

 Not to narrow nor to wide

 Great Quality seat from Charge

 Easy to fit to your existing seat post

The underneath of the Charge Saddle

Cycling Reviews Do Work

Proof that some cycling reviews do work, so if you need a new saddle for a reasonable price, do check out your local bike shop for a stock of Charge Saddles.

If you live in the Harlow or surrounding area then check out Lee Valley Cycles as they have a range of Charge Saddles on the shelf. Try one before you buy one!

Need more proof! 

 New Spoon saddle from Lee Valley Cycles.
The guy who had this bike was complaining of a sore bum on rides, told him to check this review out, he went and bought one from Lee Valley and now the problem is sorted! 
A much better ride, more comfort! 
Thank you Daniel Raven for sharing the Story! 

Charge Website


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Charge Saddles or Lee Valley Cycles 

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