In the year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing of the First Man on the Moon and the Apollo space program, I remember with excitement what the future would hold, we watched programs such as "Tomorrow’s World" these were full of futuristic ideas, which held us spell bound all week until the next episode, we would go into school the next day with excitement to discuss with our friends the inventions of the future.
Tomorrow’s World had some incredibly futuristic stuff such as a Watch with a LED light, a big screen TV that was only two inches thick [TV's in those days were 2 foot thick] and a pen that wrote upside down!  These were just a few of the exciting new things the future would hold.

NASA was founded in 1958, and have been experimenting with things in space that would in time be found on planet Earth. Apollo Program · Space Shuttle program · Project Mercury · Project Gemini · Voyager Program · Mariner program · International Space Station program · Discovery Program · New Frontiers Program · Mars Exploration Program · Lunar Orbiter program · Small Explorer program · Mars Surveyor '98 program · Mars Scout Program, we are Now and have been benefitting from the research from these space programs since this time.

I am doing a  review on a Space Technology Chain Lube called "Tungsten All Weather Lube" made by a company called Tru-Tension.

As featured on the "BBC's Dragan Den" program, and which caught the attention of one of the "Dragan's", so the future is looking good for Tru-Tension, as they now have the funding required to take this to the next level, which is good news for us as you will now find Tru-Tension sold in High street shops like Halfords etc, at great prices that will not rob the "Bank"...…..

The Special Space Technology bit.

On the Tru-Tension website there is a very interesting description of the way that their Bananaslip lubricant reduces the friction compared to product lubes with Teflon and Graphite Ceramic. Taking it one step above all the other lubes out there on the market.
Tru-Tension are saying that their lubes are more durable and they also say that the Tungsten will smooth out the surface of the metal to minimise surface imperfections, which could cause up to 40% less friction than against a Ceramic lube, up to a massive 50% compared to a Teflon Lube, and as much as up to 60% against a Graphite lube. The BananaSlip creates a atomic layer on the surface which in turn, will reduce wear on the drivetrain on your bike and protect all the moving components which it is applied to.

The first Tungsten infused lubricants 
Bringing space grade lubricants to the cycling industry! 
All weather durability 
Silky smooth running no noise and extensive endurance

Impressive list.

Perfect for anything on your bike.

50ml volume of lube in a bottle 105ml size
this is due to the product needing space to mix before application.

Next Generation Lube.

Tungsten Lube.

All Weather Lube.

Which chain lube is best for you?

My personal preference is a all weather lube, simply because it can be used all year round, where as some lubes are classed as "Dry lubes",and hence are not water resistant. If your inclined you could just simply use a Dry lube in the summer, and a Wet lube in the winter, each one has it up's and downs. 

So much has been written on the subject of "Chain Lubes" but this review is about an All Weather Lube called BananaSlip.

The BananaSlip comes in a handy 105ml bottle [ the content is 50ml volume, this is due to the lube needing to have space costing  £10.00 so for the technology not an over the top price. 
Like any good chain lube reviews, the first thing that has to be done is to remove all existing lubricants and thoroughly clean the drive train, and that is exactly what I did.

Time for a clean up.

Bit of build up noticed on the chain.
Clean Chain.

Jockey Wheels all clean.

Nice and clean.

Well constructed quality bottle

Screw Cap.

Before use remove cap and remove the foil on the top.

Replace Cap and shake.

After a real good shake apply.

Rear cassette.

I noticed the jokey wheels had been coated as well with the Bananaslip Lube.

Instructions tell you to leave on for five minutes
and then remove the excess.

My Verdict:

I found the BananaSlip to be a perfect chain lube for my bike chain [I have a Giant Gravel Bike] which I use On and Off road.
It is white in colour and has an almost creamy texture to it. Once I had shaken the bottle for a few minutes, it was then one of the easiest lubes to apply, it never dripped from the chain when applying and on the rotation of the wheel it also covered the jockey wheel.  I then simply left it for 5 minutes and then removed the excess with a clean cloth.
Whilst out on a ride the gear change seemed smother up and down the cogs, the noise reduction on the road was most impressive and the best part was my wife not moaning at me for getting oil all over my clothes, result all round!
I was extremely impressed as to the simplicity of the application and as to the resulting smoothness of my ride. I shall be applying some to my pedals at a later date.
I will certainly be adding this product to my Christmas List for use in further applications, although I only used about half a bottle so that means I still have more than enough for the foreseeable FUTURE!!!!

This product is sold in a 105ml bottle although the actual volume of lube is infact 50ml, the reason for this is the lube needs space and air to mix before application. So don't think the bottle is only half full, there is a scientific reason for this.

Caution as stated on the bottle keep away from BRAKE components.

The first Tungsten infused lubricants, bringing space grade lubricants to the cycling industry! All weather durability, silky smooth running, no noise and extensive endurance.

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