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          GARMIN EDGE 510/520/800/810/820 BAR MOUNT


RaceWare sent me a bar mount for my Garmin GPS cycle computer and its an Orange one!
You maybe thinking what’s so special about that then, well its a colour match for the Orange bar tape on my Gravel Bike and it also matches the Orange Louri Frame Strap I have on my bike.


3D Printed Tough Nylon.

Garmin Mount.

One of many great designs and colours from RaceWare.

Made out of a 3D printed nylon which is extremely strong, it comes in various colours and sizes.
RaceWare make them in a range of colours to suit your bike frame, or in my case the orange bar tape  on my handle bars.
RaceWare have designed this particular bar mount to hold the Garmin centrally on to the handle bars just in front of the stem.
Fitting is so simple, due to the mount being able to be opened up to clamp around your bars, then simply tightening up the clamp to close.

Orange bar tape. 
RaceWare Garmin bar mount
it will also fit any other devices that have the Garmin mount design.

Holds the Melian GPS out front.

The Orange mount matches the bar tape.

Solid construction.

Looks great on the bars.

Easy fit.

RaceWare make many combinations of size and colour, so if you have a device that you need fitted to your bike, or anything else! Check out their website...… and if its not listed on there, simply give them a shout out on their Twitter feed or drop them an Email, and they will help you out.

Contact details for RaceWare.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/racewarecomponents/

Twitter :  @Racewaredirect

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raceware_components/

Thank you RaceWare Custom Cycle Components for the Garmin Mount to review.

In my opinion the RaceWare mounts have to the best bar mounts there are, I love the style and the way they are made to fit to your bars easily.
Next time you need something mounted, think of RaceWare and give them a call or visit their web page.
They also have designs especially for those of you who want something a little different and who also want quality fittings.

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