Acros Silicone Wrap Handlebar Tape Review.

Acros Silicone Wrap 

Handlebar Tape 

I have a Giant Toughroad gravel bike, which I purchased approximately 14 months ago, while I was cleaning it last week I noticed a couple of small rips in the handlebar tape on the side and top, so I knew this would need to replaced as soon as possible.
The biggest problem I had was that I needed a tape that had a soft comfy feel and one that would be able to absorb the road buzz vibrations of the front wheel and frame and it would also need to have more padding than the average road bar tape.
The tape I needed had to be between  2.5mm to 4mm thickness but also strong enough to take the rough handling of pot holed roads and off road tracks, and also tough enough to stand up to the rough handling of everyday use, i.e:  propping the bike against rough brick wall's, trees etc [which we are all guilty of doing] for quick pit stops!
As I liked the comfortable feel of the original bar tape that was fitted to my bike, I wanted to find a replacement that was equal to the original, but I knew this was not going to be a easy task, as my local bike shop only supplied thin flat type that was not of the same quality, and buying online without being able to feel the thickness and quality can sometimes be a bit of a gamble or so I thought, that was until I came across the ACROS Silicone Handlebar Tape from Oxford Cycling Product's.
As luck would have it whilst looking online I came across their website, which I found very informative and seemed to be completely what I had been searching for.

Rip on the inside of the bars.

What's In The Box

Content: 2 Rolls of Acros Silicone tape supplied with 2 end plugs and finishing tape

Dimensions: 31 mm (width) 3 mm (thickness) 1850 mm (length)

Weight: 175g including end Plugs

I will be reviewing the Orange Tape, but there are many other colours to suit all tastes.

Colours Available : Black   Blue   Pink   Red   White   Yellow  Orange 

Because Acros bar tape is made out of Silicone, it enables the tape to have a great feel and reduces the impacting road vibration and road buzz.

Acros bar tape has no backing adhesive which is great, as you are be able to remove it and re wrap the Acros with no problems, [ which is great for someone like me who does not always get it wrapped onto the handle bars perfectly the first time or even the second time, actually this took me several attempts before I got it placed to my satisfaction ] this I would not have been able to do more than once with ordinary sticky tape!
Acros also stats that  it is non toxic and has passed the EN71-3 & PAK for Chemical testing making it a safe product.
Acros also states it is heat resistant, non slippery, and ideal for the wider handle bars and as a bonus is washable, especially if you have a light colour tape.

100% Silicone
No backing adhesive needed
Washable & re-usable
Non-toxic (passed EN71-3 & PAKs Chemical Testing)
Heat resistant
For wider handle bar
Description on the Acros box.


I'm no expert but after doing the usual trolling through the YouTube "How To Videos", I found one that I felt had the information I needed.
This link below is to the Park tool Video which I used to help me… (Thanks to Park tool for permission to use the "How To Video")

First thing I did was to remove the old bar tape [ which was easy enough ] I then recorded the way it was wrapped just in case I ran into trouble later,

Original bar tape removed.

Direction of wrap can be found on the rear of the Acros box.

Note the Wrap directions for the Left and Right handle bars.

Orange Acros Silicone Bar Tape  

Nice pattern on the Acros.

3 MM Thick.

Starting the wrap.

I found the tape was a bit tricky to star off with
 So it was a good thing there was no adhesive on the Acros tape
and after several attempts got the Acros started and got the end plug in place.

Its beginning to look and feel great on the bars.

Right hand side done
after a few wraps and unwraps  
Looks great.

The Acros Silicone bar tape in Orange really does make the 
Toughroad bars look great and
also very visible.

Wrapped nice and tight.

Left side wrapping.

It really does look very smart in Orange.

Stand back and admire! 

The Acros Silicone Wrap has a nice feel to it,
 but tough enough to handle the knocks.

My Verdict

My verdict on the Acros Silicone Wrap Handlebar Tape is  Fantastic, 5 Star.

When The tape first arrived my reaction on the Orange Handle Bar tape was
Oh My "It's Orange" !
It won't look right !
It will make the bike look silly!
It' not right along with loads of other emotions going around in my head,
But and I say a "BIG BUT" its Fantastic and I absolutely "Love" it!

The look was great once the bike bars had been finished, and I stood back and looked at the overall appearance, the added bonus is the look of style it added to the Toughroad Gravel bike.
 But more important was out on the road, the feel and comfort was even better than I first thought when I was wrapping it, the Acros absorbed a lot more road buzz than the Original bar tape in my opinion and the feel to it was great.
If your into Cyclocross, Gravel Bike riding, Off Roading or just wanting more comfort on the Roads, then the Acros Silicone wrap should be on the top of your list of bar tapes to replace your old tape, or even to replace you new tape!

There use to be an old saying " Never mind the quality feel the width " you could never say this about this tape as it has it  Quality with a capital  "Q " .
 Being able to wrap and re wrap is such a bonus, being able to take it off wash it and replace it is sheer magic and has to be good value for money in the long run.

Love the look
 The way the Acros soaks up the road Buzz is impressive.

Oh No! 

I have got a Dirty mark on the Acros Silicone Wrap Bar tape!


Dirt came off easy enough, with no problems.

Makes the bike stand out 

Check out the Oxford Cycling Product's Website for more colour options and details on the Acros range Link below.

Should you have any question contact Oxford Products on Facebook here:

On Twitter:

On Instagram:

Its been a total pleasure doing this review on the Acros Silicone Wrap Handlebar Tape. 

Thank You Oxford Products for giving me the opportunity to review on this Product.

11/06/2020 I still have the Across on the handle bars of my Giant Toughroad Gravel Bike, I have had to clean the bar-tape on occasions with various bike cleaners, the colour of the Across has not faded, and the bar-tape has not perished either, the Across still makes the bike stand out from the crowed, I have totally absolutely abused the tape on my rides, and it has held up very well, a slight peeling on the point where my hands have gripped the bars with full gloves on, but apart from that very happy, well. Recommended, 

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