Oi Bike Bell from Knog

Oi Bike Bell 

from Knog

Bike bells can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, I still remember the simple tin bell I had on my bike as a child, to the Hi Tec multi coloured and rubberized bells cycle shops sell today, which makes this Oi bike bell from Knog a breath of fresh air as it is a very discreet bell.
Knog sent me a Black Oi which is nothing like anything else on the market, it has a completely unique design that blends in very well with the black on my handle bars and at first look you would not even know it was bike bell!

Easy to fit.
Simply unscrew the Hexagon bolt and open the Oi casing and slide it over your bars, position the gear and brake cables as required and retighten the bolt after placement.
Knog have various designs of the Oi,  I have is the Large one, it fits size from 23.8 to 38.8mm

The designers at Knog have even thought about the placement of the brake and gear cabling on your bike and designed a neat little cable slot on the underside. So if you have any brake or gear cables in the way, simply slot the Oi around the bars to incorporate the cable run, it will also make them look much neater and  keep them safely out of the way .
Classic Oi bike bell also comes in various colours, Silver, Copper, Black, Brass.
Oi bike bells come in various sizes, so check and measure where your going to place it on your handle bars, so as to order the correct size.

If you want a Bike Bell then make it an Oi Bike Bell
It has to be the Sweetest Sounding bell noise ever.

Prices from £9.99

Thanks to Knog for The Best Sounding and most Uniquely designed Bike Bell I have come across in a long time.

Fits all bar sizes

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